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10 celebrities who have resorted to hypnosis, and their motives

10 celebrities who have resorted to hypnosis, and their motives

November 27, 2021

Over the years, hypnosis has helped thousands of people. In fact, in the early nineteenth century it was even used in a similar way to anesthesia to perform surgical interventions, and today hypnoanalgesia is still used, especially to relieve the pain caused by chronic diseases.

Clinical hypnosis is also effective in managing addictions, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and phobias. However, the areas of application of hypnosis are immense, they are not restricted to the clinical area. In fact, also famous people have turned to her .

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Hollywood and hypnosis

In Hollywood, for example, it's a fairly common practice; the actors not only use hypnosis to deal with psychological problems but also to improve their interpretative abilities. Hypnosis helps them to detach themselves from the characters they play by assuming an emotional distance that is fundamental when the story is too turbulent and negative. When the actors play a character, they enter a kind of hypnotic trance, through which they shed part of their personality to get into another skin. In those cases, hypnosis not only helps them to interpret the role better but also allows them to keep their psychological integrity safe.

Others turn to hypnosis to deal with the pressure of conflicts between what they really are and what others expect them to be. Hypnosis too helps them manage anxiety and stress that usually generates a world as competitive, while allowing them to stay focused.

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10 celebrities who have resorted to hypnosis

The actors are not the only ones who resort to hypnosis. Athletes, politicians and even great scientists also take advantage of it . In fact, it is said that both Henry Ford and Thomas Edison underwent hypnosis sessions. And this technique is not only used to modify some behaviors and relieve stress but also to maximize performance and eliminate the unconscious obstacles that weigh on our potential.

Behind the successful people are often hidden fascinating stories or, at least, surprising. The path of celebrities has not always been a bed of roses, so it is understandable that at certain times they need additional help to overcome certain obstacles or to let all their talent flow. Therefore, it is not surprising that many have used hypnosis. Let's see several examples.

1. Matt Damon

The winner of an Oscar for the script of the movie "The Indomitable Will Hunting" has resorted to hypnosis to stop smoking . And he does not hide it, in a television program he publicly acknowledged that "using hypnosis was the best decision of my life".

2. Jackie Kennedy Onassis

His life was marked by tragedy. In fact, his marriage to John F. Kennedy was not exactly a fairy tale but was plagued with ups and downs, to which was added the tragic death of this. Hypnosis helped the former first lady of the United States to handle the most traumatic events of your past .

3. Tony Curtis

This prolific actor, inextricably linked to the film "With skirts and crazy," needed to resort to hypnosis to overcome his fear of flying. Later he used this technique to improve his interpretive skills.

4. Sylvester Stallone

The actor felt that his career was at a standstill and, on the recommendation of some friends, he visited a hypnotherapist . From those sessions arose the idea of ​​"Rocky", a script that he wrote in just six months using self-hypnosis as a tool to enhance creativity and increase self-confidence.

5. Bruce Willis

As a child, the protagonist of "Die Hard" was the subject of ridicule and harassment of his classmates because he suffered from stuttering. Later, when he became interested in acting, he underwent psychotherapy and hypnosis helped him overcome this language disorder.

6. Albert Einstein

It is known that the physicist underwent hypnosis practically every afternoon, with the aim of developing their ideas and stimulating creativity . In fact, it is also claimed that the Theory of Relativity emerged precisely in a hypnotic trance.

7. Charlize Theron

The South African actress and model resorted to hypnosis to stop smoking. He confessed that from that moment he leads a much healthier life and that he has embarked on a path of personal rediscovery.

8. Winston Churchill

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was under enormous pressure during World War II. Then I used post-hypnotic suggestions to stay awake during long nights and avoid fatigue .

9. Tiger Woods

The American golfer uses hypnosis to block distractions and enhance concentration on the golf course. He has acknowledged that he resorts to this technique frequently to "stay in the area" and improve its performance, along with NLP and visualization.

10. Lily Allen

The English singer has gone into hypnosis to lose weight. In fact, she has lost 3 dress sizes. In this case, hypnosis was used to get him to put into practice healthier lifestyle habits.

Treatments with hypnosis in Spain: why is it so important to go to a professional?

Hypnosis is a very effective technique to treat different problems, achieve positive changes in lifestyle and regain inner balance. By providing access to the unconscious, it allows problems to be worked on from a deeper level and the changes do not take long to appear, with less effort on the part of the person. In fact, hypnosis is a particularly useful tool to shorten the duration of treatment and encourage therapeutic adherence . This also means that it should not be used in isolation but integrated into a therapeutic process that includes other techniques.

Unfortunately, the circus halo that has surrounded hypnosis over the years has made many people use this technique without having the necessary preparation. The statistics on professional intrusiveness in this area are really chilling, since it is estimated that around 70% of people who practice hypnosis are not actually accredited to practice it.

However, it is essential that people understand that the knowledge of hypnosis does not enable anyone to use it . Hypnosis is not a dangerous technique, but when it is not applied by professionals, it can have an iatrogenic effect. What heals or releases is not the hypnotic state itself, but the suggestions that are made, so it is essential that the professional has a deep knowledge of the human mind. Therefore, before submitting to a hypnosis session, it is necessary to make sure that the professional is part of an official school, be it Psychology or Psychiatry.

At El Prado Psychologists we have a team of psychologists who have extensive experience in the therapeutic use of this technique, both to treat problems such as anxiety, phobias and psychosomatic illnesses as well as to help people find more creative solutions or simply to improve the knowledge of oneself and lead a fuller life.

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