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10 characteristics of genuine people

10 characteristics of genuine people

May 25, 2024

Human beings are social beings, and having a sociable and active life improves our emotional well-being.

Unfortunately, not all of our interpersonal relationships are authentic, as some are complicated and can cause emotional damage. However, there is a type of person that really facilitates the way towards a healthy relationship, they are genuine individuals.

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Genuine people: a species in extinction

It is not easy to come across genuine and authentic people, those people who go head to head and who know they will not go in the back if they have a problem with you at some point .

Human beings are not very critical of ourselves when it comes to valuing us, and it is easier for us to blame others when something we do not like. To avoid this, we need to know ourselves, be objective and self-reflect.

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Genuine people have reflected on who they are and, therefore, know that they are not perfect. Nor do they try to show themselves as someone they are not, unlike some individuals who pretend to be what people want them to be. In addition, genuine people often say what they think without trying to offend, because being false trumps them.

Characteristics of genuine people

Surrounding yourself with authentic people is good, because they are people who know themselves and express themselves assertively. Whether at work, in friendship or in life in general, interacting with genuine people will allow you to connect with them quickly.

But, How are the genuine people? What habits or traits do authentic individuals have? In the next lines you will find a list with 10 keys to identify this type of person.

1. They do not care what people think of them

Genuine people are not worried about what others think of them . They are what they really are. They know that they will fall nice to some and bad to others. It's the law of life and it does not worry them. Also, these types of people make decisions based on their convictions, even knowing that they will not be to the liking of some. That yes, whenever it is necessary, after having analyzed the situation and to think that its decision is not harmful for other individuals.

Since genuine people do not care how others think of them they do not try to impress others, because they impress themselves, and that's fine with them. Genuine people see themselves coming, and that is appreciated.

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2. They are open minded

The genuine people is open-minded in the sense that he does not judge people and does not intend to make valuations of them based on prejudices and stereotypes. Genuine people always say their opinion, but that does not mean that they do not value the opinions of others.

3. They look you in the eye with sincerity

And of course, When someone takes your opinion into account but says theirs from the heart, it feels comfortable . Genuine people, as they do not pretend to show what they are not and need not please anyone but themselves, can look you in the eye with sincerity.

4. They self-develop

Genuine people fight for their personal self-development , because they are not only authentic with others, but they are themselves. They know each other thoroughly and, although they may fear fear at times, they face their problems with courage. They are individuals who do not like to lie to anyone and less to themselves. Also, since they do not need the approval of others, their strength comes from within and not from what others think of them.

5. They are generous

Authentic people have a good background and, therefore, they are generous and kind . When you have nothing to hide, you open yourself to the world, you care for others and you show your best version. Authentic people tend to be proactive at the social level, and are usually interested in issues such as politics.

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6. They are not motivated by the material

As has been said, authentic people seek their own personal development and, therefore, their source of motivation is internal, not external. Capitalism and materialism do not go with their values . His happiness comes from within as well as his pleasures. In other words, they enjoy simple pleasures and are not motivated by material things, for example, having a high-end car, the latest model mobile, etc.

7. Treat others with respect

When someone has reflected intensely on who he is and what he wants in this life, he is usually an empathic person. Because he does not want his suffering or that of others. Their behaviors are governed by values ​​such as honesty, respect, cooperation ... That's why real people, in the long run, keep their dignity intact.

8. You can trust them

If you are your partner or your friend, authentic people are undoubtedly a gift from heaven . You know that they will not be infidels, nor will they lie to you, unless it is to protect your emotional health. The values ​​that govern their behavior, and of which I have spoken in the previous point, are a solid base to trust them. They will never do what they do not want them to do.

9. They are mentally strong

By not needing the approval of others and basing well-being on their own inner motivation, these types of individuals are emotionally strong . When you are genuine and follow the path that your own heart sets, you are hardly offended by the criticism of others. This turns genuine people into emotionally strong individuals who enjoy high self-confidence.

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10. They are not hypocrites

They are people with a strong attachment to healthy values, and therefore, they are true to themselves . The confidence they have in themselves makes them say what they have to say, regardless of the opinion of others. They are people who speak clearly and who do not promise. They are not hypocrites.

10 Traits Of Truly Authentic People (May 2024).

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