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10 daily habits that improve your emotional balance

10 daily habits that improve your emotional balance

June 15, 2024

For many years, the concept of Health as the absence of disease . But the World Health Organization (WHO), mid-twentieth century, defined it not only as the absence of diseases, but as a holistic state of well-being in which are included: physical, social and mental well-being.

The mental benefaction includes the emotional well-being, which consists of the ability to handle emotions. This does not mean that they should be repressed, but quite the opposite. Recognizing and accepting them, and feeling comfortable when unpleasant emotions manifest, is synonymous with emotional balance.

Love yourself, be flexible in the face of change, and resolve conflicts and tensions with others, they help us maintain emotional balance and enjoy life fully .

Will is key in emotional balance

In the world in which we live, maintaining emotional balance may not always be an easy task, because society is highly competitive, which can cause great psychological strain. In addition, the changes produced in recent decades (such as the presence of new technologies in our lives)or help to live and enjoy the present moment, or help us to find ourselves . We are always waiting to be what others want us to be. This harms the mental well-being and, therefore, the physical and social well-being.

Finding oneself is a priority for emotional balance, and in many cases this requires will d. In addition, to maintain emotional balance it is positive to adopt a series of habits that allow you to be connected with yourself. When you take your time to clean up your mental space, you avoid emotional fatigue.

These habits they help you to be in harmony with your interior and with your surroundings .

10 habits to maintain emotional balance

When the body and the mind work together to create a healthy environment, an environment conducive to maintaining emotional balance is built, that is, that an emotional and mental balance is produced, which makes you stronger . When you change your mind and your way of doing things, you change your world. To maintain emotional balance, you can adopt these habits.

1. Healthy body to have a healthy mind

It is necessary that you take care of your body so that your mind is also healthy. Regular exercise and balanced diet they will positively influence your mood and your energy level . You should consume little alcohol and not smoke. Healthy life always has a prize.

2. Take some time to reflect

Take a few minutes a day to reflect It can be good to help you minimize the problems that may arise in your life . For this, you can perform meditation exercises or simply take a few minutes before going to bed to review how your day has gone.

3. Connect with nature

Living in a big city can cause stress and can cause emotional fatigue. If possible, get in touch with nature whenever you can . Walking on the beach or in a large park can help you tune your own inner world to the outside world.

4. Breathe

Performing exercises that work the breath, such as yoga or Mindfulness can guide you to inner wisdom, oxygenate you, and provide you with greater well-being. Try to work this facet regularly and you will be rewarded with great calm and greater insight .

5. Express yourself

Find a creative escape route and practice it. Some people may find that painting is what keeps them emotionally balanced. It is not necessary that you have talent, the process of emotional catharsis is the real work of art (do you know art therapy?).

6. Identify and preserve healthy relationships

To maintain a healthy environment, far from bad vibrations, you need to identify and recognize the people who help you grow , and those that do not. Take toxic relationships away from your life.

7. Observe your words

This can be complicated. It is usual to argue with people, it is part of life. But be aware of how you do this. In complicated situations, better give yourself some time to breathe and return to the present . If you have to say something, other than hot. Always think about the golden rule: do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.

8. Set intentions

Every day is another day in our evolution. For evolution to be positive, Consciously identify the path you want to follow . Find a purpose in life and see if your actions go in that direction. Identify intentions on a daily basis to direct the power of the mind.

9. Learn to focus your attention

Just relax. Stabilize your consciousness in the present moment. Recognizes the clarity of the conscious moment . Repeat again and again. Mindfulness is a good way to do it.

10. Practice gratitude and compassion

This seems easy but it is not. The problems do not matter there is always something for which you can be grateful , even if it is simply: being able to walk, eat or live. This does not mean that we do not have to fight to live better, but we must be aware that the mere fact of being alive is already a reason for joy.

Find something rewarding and feel it with your heart .

Further, The attitude with which you face life will determine your emotional balance. As complicated as it may seem at times, you should practice compassion towards yourself instead of being so demanding.

HEALTHY HABITS: 10 daily habits that changed my life (science-backed) (June 2024).

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