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10 gestures that reveal that a man likes you

10 gestures that reveal that a man likes you

May 24, 2022

Non-verbal language is one of the main areas in which attraction is expressed. Therefore, to look at the gestures that a person uses to communicate voluntarily or involuntarily with another, is useful to estimate if there is interest or not.

In this article we will see a selection of gestures that reveal that a man likes you , although several of them are also fulfilled in women.

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Gestures that you attract a man

These gestures are not ordered according to a specific criterion. Read about them and determine if they adapt to your social relationships and conversations you have with men.

1. He leans forward frequently

The fact of keeping the body leaning forward, especially visible when the other person is sitting, is another sign that denotes attraction.

It is a physical expression of how much interest you have in the other person, because this position is the one adopted when you want to examine something or someone carefully , even in a disguised way. It is one more resource to keep short distances.

2. The hair is touched a lot

It is not just a sign that there is some tension or nervousness. Further, in many cases it simply obeys the desire to have the hair placed in the best possible way , and correct the small "flaws" that may appear with the passage of time and when moving, for example.

3. He looks at you from the front

It seems a minor detail, but it is not. It is relatively frequent that when speaking with someone we do it maintaining a position that is not directly frontal with respect to the person with whom we interact, but when there is attraction in between, the norm is that the torsos remain opposite each other, and not only the faces.

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4. The use of controlled gaze

In normal conversations, we practically do not pay attention to how we use the look: we simply look at the other person's face, and that's it.

However, one of the gestures that reveal that a man likes you is that he often takes conscious control of his gaze, and performs with it a tour of the parts of the face . This is noted by paying attention to whether there is a progression in the positions that the pupils adopt, instead of staying more or less in the same place or moving but not keeping a long time in a different place than where they were before.

In the field of attraction and sexuality men are very visual, and this is why this gesture provides a lot of information.

5. Show your arms

Regardless of whether they are relatively muscled or not, showing arms in a subtle way is one of the ways in which many men express interest caused by the attraction they feel for someone. The arms are not only a symbol of power and strength; they also express the ability to physically protect, something that has traditionally been associated with fatherhood .

6. The pupils are dilated

This is not technically a gesture, since it is an automatic reaction that can not be controlled at will, and it is also a typical phenomenon in both men and women, but it does not lose importance. Being facing something that attracts us, the pupils of our eyes tend to dilate, probably to be able to capture in greater detail what we are interested in .

7. It stays close

It may seem obvious, but we must not forget that proxemics, that is, the scope of distances in social relationships, is also part of what expresses attraction through gestures.

The truth is that contributing to the space that separates us from others is increasingly smaller not only communicates attraction. Further, makes it more likely that true intimacy is created between two people (although sometimes it does not go well and only serves to create uncomfortable moments, of course).

8. Synchronize your non-verbal language

Another typical fact that denotes attraction through gestures has to do with subtly imitating the postures, positions and rhythms of the other person. Also, the surprising thing about this is that most of the time it is something unconscious , which appears spontaneously and without having to do with a pre-established plan.

For example, if the other person adopts a style of communication in which there are many gestures made quickly, the other person will also, although perhaps in a more moderate way. The same thing will happen if the person who generates attraction supports the head in the palm of his hand, or if he relaxes in the chair, etc.

9. Shows expression of surprise frequently

Another of the gestures that express typical attraction of men it has to do with surprise facial gestures . When someone generates attraction, virtually anything that causes a slight impression is experienced with more surprise than would be normal.

And it is not something conscious or feigned; really the feeling of surprise is there; It is part of the feeling of euphoria that comes from being close to someone we like.

10. The feet point to you

The fact that the tips of the feet are oriented towards the other person is one of those basic gestures to establish if there is attraction or not. That is, that is not enough, but that it's important to rule out cases and see where there really is little interest .

The only case in which there could be attraction while not meeting this rule is one in which the nerves (or circumstances outside that have nothing to do with the conversation) make you want to end the dialogue as soon as possible.

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10 Body Language Signs He's Attracted To You (May 2022).

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