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10 ideal breakfasts for athletes

10 ideal breakfasts for athletes

September 21, 2023

Expert nutritionists always claim that breakfast is the most important appetizer of our daily diet . Well, demonstrated by recent studies and dietary monitoring for athletes, it has been found that to have optimal results in the life of an athlete, food accounts for 70% of the entire process.

The breakfasts for the athletes are of great variety and of easy preparation, but very few users have this knowledge or are forced to resort to professionals that cost a lot of money. However, there are free alternatives like this article, where we will show you the best options for breakfast.

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The ideal breakfast for athletes, to detail

As mentioned in the introduction, the ideal breakfast is the ultimate priority to maintain a good balance between food and exercise. Then, we will expose the 8 most appropriate breakfasts for athletes .

1. Energetic

This type of breakfast is ideal if we want to endure a hard day of physical exertion to be able to hold until the time to eat without the force convalescing. For this we must resort to high-calorie products, as well as the consumption of dairy products. The cereals with yogurt and nuts, together with the banana, assure us a high yield.

2. Light

In this case the breakfast light is consumed for weight loss or to maintain the line . For this we will have to consume small intakes of the three basic foods for a good breakfast, such as a glass of milk, low-fat cereals and sugars and some natural juice, nuts, etc.

3. Sports

By antonomasia, it is the ideal breakfast for athletes, being the most balanced and at the same time full . It is a diner both to prepare the day of exercise, and to recover after the effort made. It is about eating a fruit salad, plus skimmed milk with whole grains. Then we make an omelet with turkey, natural juice and a banana.

4. Standard

It is the breakfast that anyone consumes daily, the most common . This consists of traditional coffee with milk, plus a paste (donut, croissant, Neapolitan), toast with butter and honey and orange juice. Care must also be taken not to exceed the quantities. It is a type of lunch that is only advisable for sporadic days and always attentive not to exceed the recommended calories.

5. The Kiwi

The fruit is an essential food for any type of diet, but especially for athletes . Any complement is ideal with kiwi, but it is advisable to eat a natural yogurt, a couple of slices of turkey or chicken, coffee or tea to accompany. It can be consumed in a very simple way, using its skin as a container and using a spoon.

6. Cereal

Low-fat cereals also have a high energy content . However, you have to abandon the conventional ones of the supermarket like the cornflakes or derivatives, which are rich in refined sugars and colorants. You have to choose the most natural of the market, 0 fat, 0 sugars and 0 colors. We mix it with skimmed milk or yogurt and we will hold it easily until lunchtime.

7. Honey

Honey contains good doses of natural sugars ideal to nourish our nervous system and enough proteins to increase our sports performance. The honey can be taken with wholemeal bread, either toasted or normal, accompanied by an orange juice that will serve as a perfect complement to endure all day. Of course, it is convenient not to abuse, since it is a highly caloric food.

8. The tahini

The diet of tahini begins to be very common in the diet for athletes . Tahini is a food composed of sesame paste, whose nutrients are high doses of vitamins, essential fatty acids for our metabolism and rich in minerals. The tahini is spread with the toasted bread and you have to accompany it with a glass of water.

9. Oats

It is a polyvalent food. Although oatmeal can be added to any meal of the day, it is best to complement it at breakfast . If we want to increase the physical potency, we can prepare half a cup of oatmeal, accompanied by walnuts and almonds with honey. In addition, we can add a spoonful of raisins and ginger powder to have a full breakfast.

10. Nuts

The expert dieticians say that it is the most natural and complete . It is the ideal breakfast for athletes who do not want to spend a lot of money. It is composed of nuts such as walnuts, pistachio and dates. The properties of the date, for example, substitute any other food rich in calories, vitamins and natural sugars.

These foods are usually accompanied with hot tea, to improve digestion.Although in some cases it is recommended to simply take 7 dates with a glass of half a liter milk, which will ensure physical resistance and avoid fatigue.

Breakfast for Athletes (September 2023).

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