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10 reasons to block your ex from social networks

10 reasons to block your ex from social networks

July 19, 2024

Relationships are complex in themselves, and among the many doubts that arise when there are problems and inevitably comes to breaking with hostile attitudes, one of the most frequent is: Should I block my ex from my social networks?

The answer is very simple: in many cases, yes. Here we will see 10 reasons why.

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10 reasons to block your ex from social networks

These are some of the reasons why, when a relationship ends and discomfort appears due to longing or resentment, it is advisable to cut off contact with the ex-partner through social networks.

1. Avoid contact

It is super common to fall into the temptation to answer a post from your ex and then send it inbox. It is the most frequent reactions and sometimes that ends in discussion or in flirtations of a possible reconciliation that could be not so good idea if it has already been decided to finish . If you block your ex, the temptation to interact with him or her will be much less.

2. Begin the grieving process

The break with a partner entails, in most cases, a grieving process that has its own stages. To the extent that each of them is passed in the best way is more likely to heal properly and in the future begin a relationship with closed emotional wounds .

To start this duel, it is important to take a real distance from your ex not only physical, but also virtual, so blocking your ex from your social networks is the best for both of you.

3. Avoid harassment

In this case there is no doubt. The first attitude of harassment on the part of your ex, it is best to block all networks. Do not wait for this type of attitude to increase in frequency , the best thing is that before hostile comments, threats, disrespect or any type of verbal aggression through networks, we block the person and turn the page as soon as possible.

4. To avoid falling into comparisons

If, when opening our social networks, stories, photos or posts about their activities appear continuously, inevitably we end up falling in the comparisons, and that hurts us a lot .

Although it may not be true, we can imagine that his life "is going well", that he has easily overcome the rupture and that he is doing better than we do, and to equate him with our own process makes us feel that we are failing. This is one of the strongest reasons to block your ex from your social networks.

5. Delete memories

A good idea is to block the photos that were taken while being together. Before deleting them, you have to let some time pass and reconsider it, but at the moment of the break, just block and not see them in a while or the likes or comments that are made will be enough.

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6. Leave life in common behind

After a break It is important to settle accounts and close cycles ; everything that united those two people intimately: the shared activities, the interests ... must be separated.

Barring some exceptions in which a good friendship has been forged with a member of your family or one of your friends and you have the maturity to cope with the situation, it is advisable not only to block your ex from social networks, but also to your closest friends or closest circle.

7. Do not hurt yourself for a new relationship

If it turns out that your ex is starting a new relationship and announcing it in some way on their networks, it could be painful for you especially if it has not been long after the rupture .

The mature way to face these situations is, until you reach the break, not create facilities to receive that kind of news, and for that the simplest thing is to block your ex from your social networks.

8. Avoid leaving topics and memories related to him or her

Maybe you think it's enough to stop following it, but it's better to block. By blocking a person, the memories that appear in FB will no longer appear . If you had announced the beginning of your relationship, it will also be deleted, and the tags or issues related to him or her will stop coming out. This will help maintain a healthy distance.

9. Avoid physical and sexual attraction

According to a study by Cyberpshychology, Behavior and Social Networking, maintaining a virtual contact with an ex, causes the sexual desire towards him or her to increase and miss the relationship .

Between nostalgia, see their photos, sadness and loneliness, we tend to eliminate the bad and sadly remember the good things that happened, idealize what it was and wish to see the person. All this results in private messages that do not always go well.

10. Reaching agreements is not always easy

Maybe you can think that reaching an agreement on how to manage their respective social networks can work. Ask him not to publish things related to the breakup, or if he has a new relationship, first he talks to you and then he announces it ... each couple can have their negotiations, but it is not always easy to reach those agreements and then fulfill them , because as the days go by, the feelings change, the process is carried out in a different way, and what is said is no longer respected.

To avoid falling into complexities, it is best to block your ex from social networks, and thus avoid problems until normal treatment is possible.

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