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10 shorts that help us better understand our feelings

10 shorts that help us better understand our feelings

July 19, 2024

Feelings like love, passion, friendship, hatred or frustration are something that everyone has experienced on occasion.

We feel the happiest of the Earth, the most miserable, the unjustly treated or the one who achieves everything that is proposed. Being moods of prolonged duration, which make us see reality in a certain way and modify our way of acting, feelings are a constant that marks who or how we are in each moment.

But nevertheless, It is not uncommon that sometimes we are unable to understand what we feel or why we do it . An exercise of introspection is necessary to try to understand oneself, and even then it is not always possible. In order to help in this attempt, this article presents a series of shorts that help us to better understand our feelings.

Shorts that help sentimental self-understanding

Art in general is an element that helps put our psyche in contact with our sensibility . The cinema is one of these arts, reaching us through both vision and hearing, with which it can be easier to understand. Let's see then a series of nine shorts that can help us to contact or identify our feelings and emotions.

1. Changing Batteries (Sunny Side Up Production)

In this short film we see the story of an old woman who lives alone , to which his son gives him a robot with which he ends up having a very close relationship. Feelings such as loneliness, friendship and illusion can be reflected in the characters. Also nostalgia and sadness make an appearance.

2. The moon (Pixar Animation Studios)

In the video, we can see how a grandfather, a father and a son go to the moon . Both the grandfather and the father have their own way of doing things, which try to inculcate the child without taking into account that he may have his own point of view. Throughout this video we will see admiration, appreciation and enthusiasm.

3. The piano (Aidan Gibbons)

Longing and melancholy are very powerful feelings . Throughout this short, in which a man plays the piano while remembering his life, we will be able to perceive longing for the lost, the love and the illusion of childhood for the little things. It is also possible to visualize some hope in the figure of the grandson.

4. Partly Cloudy (Pixar Animation Studios)

Together with family and romantic relationships, friendship relations are an element of great importance for personal development and well-being. The interest in the other, the feeling of belonging and being accepted are some of the forces that move interpersonal relationships, and that we can see in this Pixar short film. In it we observe the relationship between the storks that carry the offspring of various animals to their parents , and the clouds that create the creatures. We can also identify the feeling that gives us the idea of ​​being abandoned and that of loyalty.

5. Emi (Superior School of French Art)

This short film reflects the story of a girl and a father on the verge of death after a car accident , in a symbolic way. Parental-filial love and the feeling of loss are elements that can be reflected and awakened in this video.

6. The peeled sheep (Pixar Animation Studios)

Sometimes things do not go well . In this short film a happy and happy sheep is sheared, which is a great sadness until a rabbit advises him not to focus so much on his appearance and frustration. Some feelings that this short one can reflect are frustration, self-improvement and hope.

7. Fish tank (Carlos Bouvier)

Frustration and outrage are easily identifiable feelings in this short , which reflects how a person can be fired after years of work for corporate reasons not related to the quality of their service.

8. The Circus of the Butterflies (Joshua Weigel)

While this short film is just over twenty-two minutes long, it can evoke a lot of feelings . In it you can see situations that arouse both positive and negative feelings, such as the search for the feeling of belonging, loneliness, cruelty with which it is different, love and love, compassion and hope. The story centers on a man without limbs, which is displayed as a monster in an amusement park. When a circus (the circus of the butterflies) arrives at the park in question, the protagonist ends up escaping with them, having to make a hole in the show to be able to stay.

9. Ex-Et (Higher School of French Art)

Being yourself is not always easy. Although at present it seems that each one tries to be as different as possible from the rest , in many occasions there is social pressure to fit into the group. In this short film we can visualize this fact, being able to see feelings of illusion, innocence, joy or worry.

10Lucky You (Ringling College of Art & Design)

Love is one of the most powerful feelings . In this short film we can see that two apparently very different people are, one of them always unfortunate and the other one with excessive luck, both being somewhat tired of the situation. Their chance meeting can turn their lives upside down, with the possibility of feelings of closeness, trust and friendship, as well as a possible romantic interest between both characters.

Alfred & Shadow - A short story about emotions (education psychology health animation) (July 2024).

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