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10 tips and tricks to enhance your LinkedIn profile

10 tips and tricks to enhance your LinkedIn profile

September 17, 2022

Social networks (RRSS) live a sweet moment today . In 2014, a survey conducted by ComScore indicated that there were 1280 million people registered to the RRSS that year around the world.

Today, Facebook is the most popular social network and, at least in the West, few (if any) people are unaware of the most important social media on which large communities of Internet users are created: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram ...

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LinkedIn: a social network aimed at professionals

There are different social networks and each with different characteristics. At a professional level, LinkedIn stands out, a network oriented to business and the workplace , which has become a great tool when looking for a job and getting professional contacts.

If you use this social network, and taking into account the boom experienced by the world 2.0 in the last decade, it is essential that you pay attention to your profile, because it is very useful for professional promotion and to search and share information related to your field. of work.

In today's article, you can find 10 tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile .

1. Define a strategy

Why do you want to be on LinkedIn? What is the reason why people use this social network? Before reading the following tips, you should ask yourself and define why you want to be you or your company in this professional network. For this you need to know the objectives, the target, the tools that you will use or how you will interact. This is the best way to use this digital medium in your favor.

2. Complete your profile and use good keywords (keywords)

If you want people to contact you or visit your company's website, you must seduce them. Take seriously the elaboration of your profile, and think about the keywords what better define you to apply them. By doing this last, you will enable your profile to appear in search engines like Google.

You should know that every profile can be improved, so you have to review it periodically .

3. Add a professional photo

LinkedIn is an excellent way to make professional contacts and, in addition, is our cover letter for other companies or entrepreneurs . Therefore, just as if it were a CV, you must take care of your image. If in the previous point the importance of completing the profile was mentioned, it is especially important to add a professional photo, because in front of the others it communicates who we are. In addition, a good image facilitates recall, while profiles without photography create some rejection.

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4. Dedicate time to the extract

The extract allows you to explain in a few lines how much you can offer and is your cover letter . That is, the section where you sell. To create interest it is necessary that you treat this section with care, in this way you will avoid an ill-focused extract, which causes rejection and moves away from your profile to potential entrepreneurs, clients or interested investors.

5. Increase your connections

It is important that you increase your connections to reach more people . To carry out this, you need to be proactive, because every time you do something on LinkedIn (for example, update your profile or respond to an event) it is displayed on the home page of your contacts. It is also important that you consider the possibility of inviting members of other groups to relate to you.

6. Use the groups in your favor

This point is related to the previous one but it is necessary to highlight it. When choosing a group of your professional interest it is important that you reflect on its potential. In addition, within it you must be participatory (sending notes, making comments, etc.). to increase your connections. It is not a bad idea that you create your own your groups in order to have control .

7. Share valuable information for your sector

To be proactive, another strategy that can be successful is to share important information for your professional sector, as it will increase your visibility and create added value to your profile. Publish news or articles from your own blog will be well received by your contacts, who perceive your profile as a source of useful data. Definitely, an action that will favor the loyalty of your followers and will allow you to obtain more recommendations .

8. Create a solid foundation for your network

LinkedIn not only allows you to find potential customers, but also gives us the possibility to identify contacts that we have in common with them.Do not forget that LinkedIn is not a social network to have fun, but it is a professional social network, so we must exploit the possibilities it offers.

For better results, It is necessary to build the foundations of your network and not carry out random actions . This is the only way that will allow you to use this social network more effectively and efficiently.

9. Customize your URL

Customizing your LinkedIn URL brings many benefits , for example, it positions you better in the search engine, it allows you to show a more professional aspect and you can include it in your curriculum vitae in a shorter way than the original one that LinkedIn proposes to you. The following format, "//"It is the ideal.

To customize your LinkedIn URL you should only complete these steps:

  1. Go to the "Edit Profile" menu and put the mouse pointer over the URL that you can see below your name. Then you will see an icon appear in the configure menu.
  2. Click on it and you'll see it appear on the right of your screen , a link with the text "Create a custom URL".
  3. Finally, click on that link to edit your URL (with the format previously shown).

10. Get recommendations

Including recommendations (for example, from your ex-employers) in your profile can be very helpful if you are looking for a job through LinkedIn. The references are very positive in these cases and, therefore, there is nothing wrong in asking someone to write a recommendation for you. Also, if someone wants to offer you a recommendation and would like you to emphasize certain aspects, do not hesitate to comment on it because it may be important for your future work.

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