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10 tips to achieve your goals

10 tips to achieve your goals

January 22, 2022

Having goals to pursue on a day to day basis is what makes us move , and setting goals and fighting for them is intimately related to well-being and mental health. In fact, one of the main reasons or symptoms in a depression is the loss of illusion and interest for life goals. In other words, setting goals helps us be well. Because if we do not have goals in life we ​​can go through a stage of existential crisis.

But goals are important not only for our emotional well-being and personal development, but also for Setting goals contributes positively to other areas of our lives , such as sports or work performance. This allows controlling important psychological aspects such as attention, self-confidence or motivation, which are so important to be able to perform at an optimal level.

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Tips to achieve your goals

As the SMART model states, lThe objectives must be realistic, specific, measurable, achievable and must be achieved with a certain time .

In today's article, you will learn 10 keys to achieve your goals and recover your enthusiasm for vital goals. Do not miss them!

1. Find a realistic but challenging goal

The objectives must be realistic because otherwise they can cause us tremendous frustration. Therefore, we must know and analyze the resources that are available when reaching the goal.

However, the objectives that we set ourselves must be challenging and must be a challenge to keep us motivated in this way. This is possible through an active thought process, that is, thanks to self-reflection.

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2. Impregna your goal of positive emotions

When you already have your goals in mind, make a list of the positive things you will get when you reach them . Think about those things that motivate you about the goal or how you will feel when you achieve it. Remembering it daily will help you overcome the difficult moments, which always exist.

On the other hand, some people enjoy remembering motivating phrases. Since Psychology and Mind we have prepared a list of motivating phrases that will give you an extra dose of strength to achieve your goals:

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3. Create a visual representation of the scene

In addition to the previous point, You can also create a visual image of the process and the result . For example. If an increase in salary means you can take your family on vacation, cut out images and stick them on a mural or piece of paper and hang it in your room. This will motivate you to keep going every time you see it.

4. Share it

This point is especially indicated for business (and also sporting) objectives. In fact, one of the most important types of leadership today is the transformational leadership , because these leaders are able to make employees connect with their idea of ​​the goal or objective.

Transformational leaders are charismatic and influential people, and have a high emotional intelligence. Several studies have shown that they are more efficient leaders, because they motivate and increase the productivity and efficiency of the group.

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5. Be patient

Now is the time to be patient and keep fighting . Maybe not everything goes the way you wanted the first time, but you must keep fighting for what you want so much. One of the keys to success is getting up as many times as you have fallen. In bad times, think that it is normal that everything does not go perfectly.

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6. Break down your goals

Many people abandon their goals because their goals are too high. Because, It is important to break down the objectives into short, medium and long term goals . This is key to proper planning and, in addition, the short and medium term goals can give you extra motivation and self-confidence to move forward and achieve the ultimate goal.

7. Give it a date

And of course, when you have already planned the way forward to achieve the goals in the short, medium or long term, it's time to put them on date . In this way you will demand more when it comes to achieving it, it will help you feedback and it will help you continue at the bottom of the canyon.

8. Plasma on paper

Having the idea in your head of what you want may not be enough to achieve your goals. Now, although create a visual representation of the scene can be very useful, it is much better if, in addition, plasmas all in paper . In this way you can break down the goals and follow the calendar you have planned.

9. Take 10 minutes each day to remind yourself how amazing it will be to achieve your goals

Now that you have the visual scene and you have shaped everything on paper. Use 10 minutes of your day to remind yourself of what you want and the small achievements that you have achieved over time . This way you will be closer to getting it.

10. Carry out a daily action

It is good to remind yourself every day what you want to achieve, but without going from ideas to action, you will hardly achieve it. For it, take small steps every day to achieve it and fill them . That way you will achieve your goals sooner than you think.


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