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10 ways to run away from the monotonous in sexual life as a couple

10 ways to run away from the monotonous in sexual life as a couple

November 12, 2022

In this century in which modern life seems to go faster and that sometimes inclines us to take certain routines, we know that it is very easy to fall into monotony, even sometimes with our own partner.

Have breakfast together at the same time, go to work at the same time, or have sex the same days, at the same time .

The monotony in intimate relationships

Sexuality is an important part of life as a couple, as relevant as the feelings that are shared or how to get along when it comes to thinking or seeing life; so that a monotonous joint sex life can lead to boredom on the part of one or both , a sense of incompleteness, frustration or to bring the relationship to failure.

That's why today we will review ten ways you can renew your sex life and that of your partner to end that monotony.

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1. Try new positions in bed

This is the law, the first step to direct your sex life to a more fun and enjoyable. Maybe you never get bored of the classic "missionary" and probably your partner has told you that there is no position that excites him more than "the Amazon" but why not try something different? You could find something much more pleasant. They lose nothing with trying, on the contrary, they could earn a lot.

2. What about oral sex?

We know it is an activity surrounded by taboos, but doing good oral sex to your partner can be the spark you need to break the routine, especially if your partner does not expect it.

If this proposal is not attractive enough for you, I leave you with some data that may encourage you to practice it. An investigation carried out by the State University of New York concluded that oral sex positively influences happiness of who practices it. The results revealed that this is because semen is a carrier of substances that fight depression, such as serotonin, thyrotropin and melatonin.

In addition to these substances, semen includes other substances such as cortisol, oxytocin and estrone, which raise general mood and are also related to the improvement of cognitive performance.

And the men? The University of Oakland conducted an interesting study that concluded that men who perform oral sex frequently to their partners are more excited and have greater resistance during intercourse.

This is because in performing this act, men are adjusting their copulatory customs, which not only does it excite them more, it also allows them to have better ejaculations. The study involved 233 male volunteers who answered a series of questions about their sexual habits, excitement, their sexual encounters in general and their relationship with a long-term partner.

3. Use sex toys

Do you celebrate a special occasion and do not know what to give to your partner? Take a tour of a sex shop, I'm sure you'll find something that both of you like.

4. Do it anywhere (with responsibility)

And I do not mean just the typical "in the shower". Is a beautiful starry night on the roof of the house? Why not? Yes, you have to be responsible , it may be fun to do it in a public place (the famous practice of "dogging"), but it is sure that your parents would not find it very pleasant to find a couple in full swing at the door of their house.

5. Uses the power of clothing

Has your partner ever told you that he would like to see you wearing some underwear? It's time to give him the pleasure, or you could also buy him something you'd like to see him wear.

Something much more daring? Play a role , from someone of the television that you like, to the most typical (but not for that reason, ineffective) like dressing as a fireman, police, etc. You'll be surprised how simple but powerfully effective it is to excite your partner.

6. Do a striptease

There is nothing more attractive and exciting for our eyes than to see how the person that we love, that melts us, dances us sexy and sensually. And this applies to both, not only for women.

If you are a man, get rid of shyness, be sure that your partner will love it. It does not matter that you are not a professional You do not need to sign up for those striptease or pole dance courses, just let yourself be carried away by the passion and rhythm of a good song, just remember that the slowness of the movements is the key to getting the most evil side of your partner .

A tip: you can combine the previous point of characterizing a character with this and thus get the most out of this practice.

7. Remember that love enters through all the senses

Starting from the fact that the main senses of the human being are five, we must leave something clear; Although the sexual act is a fully physical activity where the sense of touch is paramount, this is by no means an excuse to leave the rest forgotten. Excite your partner causing all your senses .

You can use the fragrance you like the most, prepare a few appetizers to share or eat directly from your body using it as a plate, put a sensual playlist at the time of the act or sweeten the ear. Unfold your imagination and the next time you are going to have sex remember to be patient and turn on each of your senses first.

8. Speak it

What better way to know what you like and not in bed your partner who asking you yourself ? Ask him what he wants, what he likes to do and what not, or what he would like to try. In the same way. Do not be shy when proposing a new practice to your partner, I'm sure you'll appreciate your sincerity.

To make it more fun and dynamic you can try a "True or False" game in which each one dictates a statement about some sexual activity in which the other will have to guess whether he likes it or not, this little practice not only will it help you to get to know you more in the sexual field, but it will also strengthen your relationship .

9. Autoexplórate yourself

Ask your partner to masturbate in front of you, with two objectives. First and foremost, for you to learn. and second, by the exciting visual experience. Observe with great attention and ask him to tell you which parts are more sensitive for him / her.

It is also good to talk about the parts of the bodies they like to be caressed, kissed and stimulated. Remember that pre-intercourse games can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a totally pleasurable one.

10. Surprise him and be spontaneous

And if instead of going out to where always every end of the month you decide to stay at home and prepare a romantic dinner at home? What if you play the Strip-Poker? What if tomorrow you say good morning waking him up with a dose sex? What if you send him a message when he is at work telling him how much you wish he was in your bed at that moment? Innovate in sexual life it is key

Innovate in bed

If you got here maybe it is because you started to routinize your sex life as a couple to the point of falling into a risky monotony, you have reached a point where you have the need to do something different and that, of course, is excellent. But then, what is the best way to combat monotony? Simple, is to be spontaneous .

From now on, no dates, no manners, no established hours to have sex with your partner. From today try to do it alone and when they feel like it and in the way they want. Spontaneity will give the spark that was needed in your sexual relationships.

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