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101 great quotes from celebrities

101 great quotes from celebrities

July 18, 2024

Along the centuries, there are many celebrities who have left phrases for the memory .

Phrases that make us reflect, that motivate us, that help us learn. In short, great phrases spoken by brilliant minds. That's why, in today's article, we have made a list with 90 great phrases that great writers, politicians, or philosophers They have recorded in the history of mankind.

Quotes of famous characters that you should learn by heart

In the following lines you will find deep reflections on life, friendship, learning or intelligence. Do not miss it!

1. The greater the difficulty, the more glory there is in overcoming it (Epicurus)

The Greek philosopher, founder of Epicureanism, leaves us this great motivating phrase for history.

2. Life must be understood backwards. But it must be lived forward (Søren Kierkegaard)

A nice positive phrase from the great Danish philosopher.

3. Man is condemned to be free (Jean-Paul Sartre)

For this French thinker, freedom is inherent to the human condition and, therefore, man is absolute responsible for the use he makes of it .

4. In everything there is a part of everything (Anaxágoras)

A great phrase of this pre-Socratic philosopher

5. The brave man is the one who not only surpasses his enemies, but also his pleasures (Democritus)

A phrase about life that is full of meaning

6. Creativity requires that courage be detached from certainties (Erich Fromm)

To be creative, one must tread with uncertainties, says the father of humanistic psychoanalysis.

7. Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it (Edmund Burke)

A phrase about the importance of experience and knowledge.

8. The best part of beauty is that which no image can express (Francis Bacon)

Francis Bacon He did not leave this gem of a phrase.

9. From a small spark can ignite a flame (Dante)

A wise phrase that can be exemplified by thousands of everyday situations.

10. The environment shapes the actions of the individual (B. F. Skinner)

This famous character of behavioral psychology expresses the relative of that line that separates individual and environment.

11. No one can hurt me without my permission (Gandhi)

The always remembered pacifist leader explains the importance of letting himself be hurt or not. One of the most popular phrases of Gandhi.

12. I can control my passions and emotions if I can understand their nature (Spinoza)

This famous quote deals with emotional intelligence, already in the time of Spinoza .

13. Human beings are not born forever on the day their mothers light them, but life forces them to give birth to themselves again and again (Gabriel García Márquez)

A phrase that is an authentic truth about life. Life makes you mature .

14. Being independent of public opinion is the first formal condition to achieve something great (Friedrich Hegel)

A phrase that speaks of one's own thought.

15. Knowledge is relatively easy. Wanting and acting according to what one would like is always harder (Aldous Huxley)

A phrase that refers to the difficulty of being oneself.

16. Where a television works, surely there is someone who is not reading (John Irving)

On the influence of the small screen in our life.

17. Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who retains the ability to see beauty never grows old (Franz Kafka)

A famous quote about being eternally young.

18. Touch is the art of showing something without making an enemy (Isaac Newton)

A great phrase of the physicist and philosopher Isaac Newton .

19. We live in the best of possible worlds (Leibniz)

At least this is the only one we know. With his good things and his bad things.

20. He who is good at making excuses is rarely good at anything else (Benjamin Franklin)

Cowards make excuses instead of facing reality.

21. Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die (Buddha)

The always kind Buddha explains to us one of the principles of his philosophy.

22. There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you have altered yourself (Nelson Mandela)

The great Nelson Mandela He uttered this phrase once.

23. If we do not believe in the freedom of expression of the people we despise, we do not believe in it at all (Noam Chomsky)

A phrase that reminds us of the importance of freedom of expression.

24. What we achieve internally will change our external reality (Plutarco)

A beautiful phrase about personal development.

25. Courage is not developed by being happy in your relationships every day. Courage develops by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity (Epicurus)

We have to suffer in this life to value what we have.

26Nothing reinforces both authority and silence (Leonardo da Vinci)

A great phrase from the great Leonardo da Vinc i .

27. The hardest thing in life is to know yourself (Tales)

Self-knowledge is the key to a healthy emotional life.

28. The foundation of every state is the education of its youth (Diogenes)

Education is key to the socialization process.

29. It is not what happens to you, but how you react what matters (Epithet)

On the importance of evaluating the facts in a positive way.

30. There is only one way to happiness and it is to stop worrying about things that are out of your will (Epithet)

It's not worth worrying about what you can not change.

31. Great results require great ambitions (Heraclitus)

The big goals are achieved by aiming high.

32. The person who is a teacher in patience can do everything else (George Savile)

A phrase of the famous character George Savile to talk about the power of patience.

33. Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad dinner (Francis Bacon)

Hope ceases to be positive when it is the last resort.

34. Someone who does not believe in miracles is not realistic (David Ben-Gurion)

A phrase to reflect on, David Ben-Gurion about the anomalies and inexplicable facts contained in reality.

35. There is no sadder vision than that of a young pessimist (Mark Twain)

Mark Twain talks about the value associated with youth and the mistake of wasting this stage of life.

36. The risk of a bad decision is preferable to the terror of indecision (Maimonides)

A bad decision always hurts, but worse is indecision.

37. Education is the movement from darkness to light (Allan Bloom)

A phrase that aims to explain what education is.

38. Knowing that you do not know, that's humility. To think that one knows what one does not know, that is disease (Lao-tsé)

On ignorance and the perception of wisdom.

39. In the end, they will not ask you what you have known, but what you have done (Jean de Gerson)

The importance of the action , it is what we really remember.

40. Life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated (Confucius)

According Confucius , life is simpler than it seems.

41. Taking advantage of good advice requires more wisdom than giving it (John Churton Collins)

A phrase of life, expressed by John Churton Collins .

42. Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts (Søren Kierkegaard)

This phrase could be summarized as follows: we are what we think.

43. In the end, it is not the years in our life that count, but life in our years (Abraham Lincoln)

The really important thing is the quality of our life.

44. Nothing is more harmful to creativity than the fury of inspiration (Umberto Eco)

A great phrase of the always remembered, Umberto Eco .

45. Success is about getting what you want. Happiness, in enjoying what you get (Emerson)

A phrase that we should always have in our head.

46. ​​A heart is a wealth that is not sold or bought, but that is given away (Gustave Flaubert)

Giving love is one of the best experiences of which the human being can enjoy.

47. If we exaggerate our joys, as we do with our sorrows, our problems would lose importance (Anatole France)

Sometimes, we are too pessimistic. A phrase to apply in our day to day.

48. Death as the end of time that is lived can only cause dread to those who do not know how to fill the time they are given to live (Viktor Frankl)

A great phrase about human existence. From Viktor Frankl.

49. Modern science has not yet produced a soothing medication as effective as a few kind words (Sigmund Freud)

To find inner peace, you have to be kind: both with others and with yourself.

50. Man is the measure of all things (Protagoras)

A great phrase from Pythagoras about the human being.

51. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau he explains that patience can become bitter

53. We are asleep. Our life is a dream. But sometimes we wake up, just enough to know that we are dreaming (Ludwig Wittgestein)

A beautiful phrase about the greatness of this life.

54. Change pleasures, but do not change friends (Voltaire)

Voltaire . On the importance of friendship and having friends.

55. Lacking own books is the height of misery (Benjamin Franklin)

The books and the reading of these is one of the great pleasures of life.

56. Marry: if by chance you meet a good woman, you will be happy; if not; you will become a philosopher, which is always useful for man (Socrates)

A phrase that will make you reflect on marriage. Of the great Socrates .

57. Almost all people live life in silent despair (Henry David Thoreau)

A phrase that tries to explain the complexity of life and the bad moments that one can experience.

58. We would walk better if it were not because we built too many walls and not enough bridges (D. Pire)

A phrase about the worst of the human being.The walls have never been good.

59. Before I got married, I had six theories about how to educate little ones. Now I have six little ones and no theory (Lord Rochester)

Raising children is complicated, as this phrase states.

60. Knowing and knowing how to prove is worth twice (Baltasar Gracián)

A famous quote from Baltasar Gracián which speaks of the differences between superficial knowledge and deep knowledge.

61. Announce the pleasant message with a hundred languages; but let the bad news reveal itself (Shakespeare)

The bad news is not nice, but it does exist.

62. I would give everything I know, for half of what I do not know (René Descartes)

You never know enough. There is always room to learn.

63. Rejecting is virtue, power and humility; Letting yourself be stung is vileness and crime (Quevedo)

A phrase to reflect on, Quevedo .

64. Experience is the disease that offers the least danger of contagion (Oliverio Girondo)

We can learn a lot from experience and from what happens to us in the past.

65. Experience is not how much one lives but all the good that one learns (Jairo Fowbier Pabón)

As in the previous assertion. The experience helps us to learn.

66. The fault of our time is that its men do not want to be useful but important (Churchill)

A phrase about narcissistic people, who want power above all.

67. Lack of intelligence, poverty and lack of education are the three main factors of the crimes (Auchner)

An interesting phrase that will make you think

68. The lack of humanity of the computer is that once it is programmed and works properly its honesty is faultless (Isaac Asimov)

On the quality of being human and honest.

69. False modesty is the most decent of all lies (Chamfort)

It refers to false modesty . Well, inside the lies, it's the least bad.

70. Faith consists in believing what we do not see, and the reward is to see what we believe (Saint Augustine)

A positive phrase from San Agustin about faith in God.

71. The wise man should not abstain from participating in the government of the State, since it is a crime to renounce being useful to the needy and a cowardice to give way to the unworthy (Epictetus of Phrygia)

A reflection on politics: wise citizens should try to participate in the management of the polis to seek justice for all.

72. The great discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their mental attitudes (William James)

A motivating phrase formulated by William James. Attitude makes a difference in our results.

73. You are what you do, not what you say you will do (C. G. Jung)

Your actions determine what you are, not your words.

74. The human heart is an instrument of many strings; the perfect knower of men knows how to make all of them vibrate, like a good musician (Charles Dickens)

The man who knows himself is a powerful man.

75. Most social events must be understood in their context, since they lose meaning if they are isolated (Solomon Asch)

People are biopsychosocial beings . That is, the context is important in influencing how we act.

76. If a person loves only one person and is indifferent to all others, his love is not love, but symbiotic attachment or expanded selfishness (Erich Fromm)

When we are in love with someone, we would give our lives for that person. We can deceive ourselves and believe that we are good people, but even the most selfish people can lose their heads for someone and look like delivered people.

77. The objectives transform a random walk into a chase (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

Having goals to pursue motivates and excites us.

78. A man who does not feed on his dreams ages soon (William Shakespeare)

If a person does not have dreams or something to fight for, he is dead in life.

79. If you do not remember the slightest madness in which love made you fall, you have not loved (William Shakespeare)

Love can make us feel in full swing and can make us commit incredible madness that we would never have thought we would commit.

80. When the sage points to the moon, the fool is fixed on the finger (Confucius)

Unlike the wise, fools do not want to see beyond what their eyes can see .

81. A friend is a person with whom one can think aloud (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The great friends are those with whom you can trust and to whom you can tell them the greatest secrets.

82. Nobody's knowledge can go beyond their experience (John Locke)

Experience is the greatest source of knowledge. What is known as experiential learning.

83. There is only one god, knowledge, and one demon, ignorance (Socrates)

Socrates pronouncing a phrase about knowledge and ignorance.

84. If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it (Voltaire)

One of the positive things about religion are the values ​​it pursues.

85. Leisure is the mother of philosophy (Thomas Hobbe)

A great philosophical phrase of Thomas Hobbe , one of the most famous British philosophers.

86. We are what we do repeatedly.Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit (Aristotle)

A phrase of the Greek philosopher, Aristotle . In which he talks about the importance of habit to achieve excellence.

87. Never think you know everything. As high as you value, always have the courage to tell yourself: I am ignorant (Ivan Pavlov)

The human being can be in continuous learning. To believe that you know everything is ignorant.

88. The legislators certainly need a moral school (Simón Bolívar)

Unfortunately, not all politicians are honest.

89. Man only likes to list his problems, he does not usually calculate his happiness (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

It is easier to focus on the negative things than on the positive things that happen to us.

90. The reward of a good deed is in having done it (Seneca)

Carrying out a good action makes us feel really good.

91. The purpose of life is to be happy (Dalai Lama)

One of the most remembered and simple phrases of this religious reference.

92. Wherever you go, go with all your heart (Confucius)

An inspiring and poetic reflection of this thinker of Chinese philosophy.

93. I can resist anything but temptation (Oscar Wilde)

This writer was known for his sense of humor based on irony.

94. The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge (Bertrand Russell)

A reflection on the fundamental elements of a life that develops correctly.

95. We aim above the objective to reach him (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Another of the motivating phrases of this American writer and poet.

96. Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect (Bruce Lee)

A reflection on two of the elements that make up the authority figures.

97. Friends show their love in difficult times, not in happiness (Euripides)

This poet of ancient Greece portrays in this way the essence of friendship .

98. Autumn is a second spring when each leaf is a flower (Albert Camus)

A reflection on the importance of perspective.

99. With each day comes new strength and new thoughts (Eleanor Roosevelt)

A reflection on the new beginnings and the opportunities they offer.

100. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens (Jimi Hendrix)

An apparent paradox about what configures the human intellect.

101. Society does not consist of individuals, but is expressed through interrelations (Karl Marx)

This philosopher reflects in this phrase his mentality based on the analysis of social phenomena.

101 Best Back To The Future Quotes (July 2024).

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