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11 books on emotional intelligence that you need to read

11 books on emotional intelligence that you need to read

January 22, 2022

The Emotional Intelligence (IE) , that is, the ability to identify, understand and regulate one's own emotions and those of others, is a concept that is very present today. Numerous studies have shown their benefits, and this has meant that in more than a couple of decades it is being applied in the work and organizational environment as well as in education, sports or the clinic.

Emotional intelligence improves our well-being, our performance at work or sports, improves interpersonal relationships and communication, increases motivation and reduces stress and anxiety, among many other benefits. Therefore, each one of us should master the different emotional competencies.

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11 books on emotional intelligence that you can not miss

So in today's article, we give you the chance to know 11 interesting books on emotional intelligence . In this way, you can deepen this theme and apply it in your day to day. I'm sure you'll notice the difference.

Then you can enjoy this excellent list of essential books on emotional intelligence.

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1. Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)

This best-seller turned Daniel Goleman in one of the most famous psychologists of recent years. This is a work of compulsory reading. It questions the extent to which emotional intelligence (EI) is more important than the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) to determine success in life: emotional, academic or work. In addition, the author explains different strategies and shares ideas on how to improve emotional intelligence.

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2. The Atento Warrior (Van Gordon, Shonin, and García Campayo)

William Van Gordon, Edo Shonin and Javier García Campayo apply all their experience on meditation and mindfulness to a highly recommended title for people interested in getting started on the subject.

A book that delves into the psychology of meditation through the narrative of the "attentive warrior", a way to express how it develops the search for wisdom and of transcendence beyond the impostures of the aesthetic.

It is a work that tells us about mindfulness (how to use it and why it is important), portraying it beyond its instrumental value applied to concrete situations, focusing on the way in which it can help cultivate well-being and develop another way of living life.

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3. 50 activities to develop Emotional Intelligence (Adele B. Lynn)

It is common to find many books that offer information about emotional intelligence. However, and although many of them help you better understand this concept, they will not help you put it into practice.

If you want to improve your well-being and benefit from emotional intelligence, This book gives you 50 strategies that you can start using right now . In addition, the book is full of tips and examples that will allow you to understand the effect that emotions have on your values, your relationships or your work performance. This is a work that will help you grow as a person.

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4. The resonant leader creates more (Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee)

I am not very fond of repeating the same author in such a short list, but few books delve into the concept of emotional intelligence applied to leadership .

The organizational environment has changed a lot in the last decades, and the great leaders are those with high levels of communication to achieve the objectives and provide a vision of change that they manage to transmit to employees. Emotionally intelligent leaders earn the trust, respect and admiration of their own employees, who increasingly demand a greater understanding of their needs. After all, in organizations it is about people, not machines.

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5. Cybernetic Psycho: The secret to control and transform your life (Maxwell Maltz)

This work is an updated version of the influential book that Maxwell Maltz published in 1960.

In fact, the concept of emotional intelligence is not new. This text reviews the process of controlling thought and emotions, and provides tools to transform these from negative to positive . A book that makes us more aware of the mistakes we make many times when it comes to improving our well-being and achieving our goals.

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6. Emotional intelligence for children and youth: Exercises to cultivate inner strength in children and young people (Linda Lantieri)

If you are a father, it is important that you educate your child so that he can develop his emotional intelligence, as it will have a positive impact on his future.

This work of Linda Lantieri It is a practical guide that will let you know how to do it. The book comes with audio content (guided by Daniel Goleman) so you can carry out the different exercises presented.

  • More information here.

7. Emotional intelligence 2.0: Strategies to know and increase its coefficient (Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves, and Patrick M. Lencioni)

The authors of this text fit emotional intelligence into the stressful work environment.

Suggest different tools to help people adapt to this demanding environment and propose strategies to channel the negative emotions that may arise. As the text progresses you will find tips to increase your emotional intelligence in the basic skills: self-knowledge, self-regulation, social awareness, management of interpersonal relationships ... a perfect book to learn to be a little happier.

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8. Educate with emotional intelligence (Maurice J. Tobias, Steven E. and Friedl Elias)

Another of those essential emotional intelligence books for parents . With prolog of Daniel Goleman, in addition.

In its pages you will find suggestions, activities and practical advice, which, if you are a father, will serve you to use emotions in the most positive way. This book will allow you to communicate with your children more efficiently and educate them so they are more aware of their emotions.

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9. Plena Emotional Intelligence (Natalia Ramos, Hector Enriquez and Olivia Recondo)

A great book that fuses emotional intelligence with the practice of mindfulness. In this text you will find the theoretical foundations of the integration of the millenary practice of Mindfulness as a tool that enhances emotional intelligence.

The goal of mindfulness is attend to present experience with acceptance and in a non-judgmental way , which facilitates the perception, understanding and regulation of our emotions.

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10. 7 habits of highly effective people (Stephen R. Covey)

This author presents a holistic approach to solving work and personal problems .

Although this text does not focus on emotional intelligence per seIt is an essential guide if someone wants to take control of their own emotions. In addition, many of these habits have to do with self-awareness of one's inner state. Through different anecdotes, Covey teaches people to live with integrity, dignity and justice.

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11. Feelings. Emotional intelligence applied to the sale (Raquel Davó Añón and Miguel Ángel Díaz Escoto)

Many people think that we make decisions after a rational analysis of the alternatives that are presented to us. But, on many occasions, our most emotional part influences us to the point of practically deciding for us.

That is why the big brands look for strategies to retain their customers . It is not about buying only the product, but about feeling the brand as yours and connecting with your emotions. In the world of marketing they are aware of the importance of emotions when it comes to selling. This text contains different techniques and strategies to reach the client's heart.

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  • You can buy it in this link.

Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence (January 2022).

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