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11 mistakes that you have to avoid committing in the company dinner

11 mistakes that you have to avoid committing in the company dinner

May 26, 2024

Christmas is approaching and with it the company dinners. You have worked very hard throughout the year and tonight can be a fun night.

A good dinner, some laughter and above you do not pay. What else do you want! Company dinners can be a kind of catharsis after a year locked in the office , where you can spend a night out with the people who spend more hours a day. More than with your partner ...

How to behave at the company dinner

Dinner business dinners are usual in the month of December, just before Christmas. Although some companies, especially those with temporary contract staff (for example, in the tourism sector), can organize them when the strong season ends and carry out a large reduction of staff until the following season. But regardless of the date, business dinners are not a night out with friends, but with your co-workers and your superiors .

Therefore, we must not forget that at the company dinner the boss (or heads and superiors) will be present and, therefore, it is important to take care of your reputation, your image and not to reduce your stay in the company. It goes without saying that in these acts it is necessary to dress appropriately, according to the situation and the place and it is necessary to arrive on time. But, also, if you do not want to cause a bad impression far from the work environment, be attentive to the advice I give you below, which will surely be useful for you not to get out of the company dinner:

1. Do not feel close to the boss

If you do not want to be in the eye of the hurricane throughout the evening, the best you can do is not sit near the boss . Unless you have a great relationship and you want to sit together, avoid that area of ​​the table.

Surely you want to enjoy the night, so the ideal is that you feel in another side, with your colleagues, where you can be you and enjoy their company. Therefore, it is important that you arrive on time and not end up sitting right next to your superior because the other sites are busy.

2. Do not criticize

Remember that company night is a night in which you must leave aside the issues related to work. The best thing is to enjoy this pleasant moment and have fun with your classmates .

But the most important thing, and this should not be forgotten, is to avoid these situations to criticize your colleagues or bosses. Watch your words, do not make the mistake of being a bigmouth.

3. Do not be the boss's ball

If the tip of point one is not to sit near the boss, at this point, I remind you that It is important that you do not go to the other end and be "the ball" .

Regardless of whether your superior bothers you or not, surely your companions will realize your attitude and this will not benefit you at all, because you can win enemies within the company.

4. Do not flirt with a partner in front of everyone

We can all feel attraction for that partner that we like so much, and sometimes that feeling can be mutual. What you do in your privacy is your problem.

However, if you let everyone know that there is more than just a working relationship between you, the whole office will soon know. It's fine if you're both serious, but if it's a "roll", discretion is best . It goes without saying that if one of the two has a partner, this can end badly.

5. Beware of drinks (especially if you work the next day)

People already take for granted that tonight is a night to laugh and enjoy wine and a drink . In our culture, for many people, party nights are not understood without alcohol consumption. This habit is not exactly good but it is a socially accepted reality, and nobody will look at you badly if you drink a little glass.

Now, if you spend with the drink you will be bad in front of your business colleagues and your boss, and you can become the laughingstock of the next few weeks in the office.

6. Do not talk with your mouth full

This is a different night than what would be a day of work, but that does not mean that we should lose the forms and let ourselves be carried away by bad manners. So, Be polite and do not talk with your mouth full .

7. Avoid sitting next to someone you get along with in the company

As mentioned, if possible, the ideal is to sit away from the boss. However, Another place that may bother you at the table is to sit next to someone with whom you do not have a good relationship in the company . If you do not want to have an unpleasant time, look for another place where you feel more comfortable.

8. Beware of social networks

New technologies and social networks are also present at these parties. So, if you want to preserve your privacy, Avoid selfies or photos that may compromise you . Surely the next day you'll appreciate it.

9. Be a part of the table and party

At the table and at the party you must maintain your composure and be respectful and polite . It is easy that with some more glass we lose the north or the manners. So, if you do not want your boss to have a bad image of you, behave like an adult.

10. Be careful what you say

Alcohol can also disinhibit us and the informal situation with which we can meet at the company dinner can relax us. We must take care of our words not only in terms of criticism . For example, by telling a colleague that you like or talking about compromised topics.

11. Do not even think about taking your partner

Company dinners, generally, are for employees. If the other guests go alone and if they have not told you that it is allowed to attend with a partner, do not be the exception. Further, you can end up isolated and talking about your personal life in a place that is not the ideal .

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