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12 erotic games to drive your partner crazy

12 erotic games to drive your partner crazy

July 18, 2024

Enjoying intimate moments and sexuality with the couple is synonymous with wellbeing and health of both oneself and the relationship.

And there is no greater pleasure than sex, especially when our partner fills us and makes us feel like we are the luckiest person in this world to be by his side.

Sex is to enjoy it, and there are a series of games that can help you to intensify feelings of trust and unity with your lover or in love, in addition to turning those intimate moments into very erotic situations. In the following lines you can find a list of erotic games that will make sex with your partner unforgettable.

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Quantity or quality in sex: what is better?

No one doubts that having an active sex life favors the well-being of the couple and their happiness. Surely, many of you will have thought sometimes ... how many times per week is the ideal number to have sex? Well, recent research says that the amount of sex is important, but up to a limit. In other words, to maintain stability in the couple is not necessary to have sex every day.

The study was conducted by the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada, and counted 30,000 subjects. It turns out that having sex improves your life as a couple, which is logical, but you only need to practice it once a week . That is, having more sex than that does not necessarily improve the happiness of the relationship. This seems to indicate, therefore, that quality is more important than quantity.

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Erotic games to improve the quality of the relationship

A good way to improve the quality of sex in a couple is to make use of erotic games that can stimulate pleasurable sensations and increase passion.

But ... what are these games? You can find below a list with 12 erotic games that will make your partner crazy .

1. The detainee

The game of the detainee is a game that causes a very exciting situation for many people, because one member of the couple is at the mercy of the other person, who immobilizes him. The game is that one of the lovers wife to the other to become his slave .

In this way, the sexual act is practiced without one of the two members being able to control it. In these cases, the detainee does not have the right to a lawyer, but surely he does not care that his rights are violated. Undoubtedly, the detainee's game provokes a very erotic and provocative situation.

2. The blind

The blind is another of those erotic games that stimulate the senses. It is ideal if combined with the previous one, as it can be very stimulating to lose control and also not be able to see, because it gives free rein to the imagination. Of course, to carry out this game along with the previous one, it is necessary to have confidence with the other person. To play this erotic game, one of the two must blindfold and the other slowly stimulate him .

3. Temperature

It is even more stimulating if the prisoner and the blind are joined by the temperature game , which consists of taking ice or a hot drink and impregnating the mouth with these, which have different temperatures. For example, it is possible to catch ice, and when the tongue is cold, pass it through the body of the couple. Now, it is also possible to pass the ice directly on it, but it is not advisable to do the same with the hot drink. This change in temperature can cause very erotic sensations.

4. Choose a letter

A very stimulating and provocative game is to choose a card. It consists of making paper letters in which each of them have a motive or action to perform. For example, one can have written striptease, another oral sex and another massage . Each of the couple must take a letter and do what he puts in it. For example, if the letter says oral sex, the person who has taken the letter should give pleasure to their partner.

5. Body Painting

The Body Painting consists of painting the body to each other, which makes the members of the couple have fun moments . The objective in this case is not to create works of art on the body, but the moment of fun, being both naked and the sensations that can emerge from painting the body can be really provocative and erotic.

6. The explosion

This game will make you and your partner explode with pleasure. Its operation is simple. An alarm is set and the time is determined in which penetration is not possible (for example, for 15 minutes) . In this time everything is allowed except to penetrate the couple. Now, the moment the alarm sounds, there will be an explosion of pleasure.

7. Guess what I have taken

This erotic game is fun and, in addition, very delicious. One member of the couple must cover their eyes and the other consume a series of foods or drinks . For example, liqueurs, fruits, chocolate ... Then you must kiss the couple with passion, and the couple must guess what food their lover or lover has consumed. If you do not hit it, it's up to you to give pleasure to the other member of the relationship.

8. Strip Poker

One of the most popular erotic games that exist is the Strip Poker . It consists of playing poker but without money. When you lose, you must remove a piece of clothing until you are completely naked.

9. Twister naked

Another classic game is the Twister , which is a children's game in which the participants show their skill by placing their feet and hands on the colors. Really strange postures are achieved. To add an erotic touch, you just have to undress and play.

10. Costumes and roles

Who has never fantasized about making love with a fireman or a schoolgirl? Well, thanks to the costumes it is possible to make these fantasies come true. Of course, the important thing is not only the disguise, but the role that is associated with it. With this game you can experience truly passionate and erotic moments.

11. The flashlight

As the name suggests, this game is about having a flashlight and knowing how to use it correctly . Once the two members of the couple are in the room, they go to bed and turn off the lights. Then one of the two uses the flashlight while the other one stays motionless in the bed. The one in the lantern illuminates the specific parts of the body and stimulates them.

12. The sweet

If you like sweet foods like chocolate and ice cream, you have the perfect excuse to combine them with sex . To carry out this game it is only necessary to anoint the couple with chocolate or ice cream and, without using their hands, you must pass your tongue through the body of your lover or in love to clean it while you give pleasure and you put a thousand. A very sweet, delicious and erotic game.


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