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12 films about bullying that we should all see

12 films about bullying that we should all see

September 26, 2022

Bullying or bullying is a social scourge that today still suffer a lot of children and adolescents in school. This problem, although it has always existed, has not received great social visibility until relatively few years ago. However, this does not mean that there have not been previous studies or people who have tried to reflect the suffering and the situation of the young people who suffer it. And not only in the field of research, but also in arts such as cinema.

We can find a lot of films about bullying or in which it is portrayed as something main or secondary to the plot of the film. That is why in this article let's go over a selection of films about bullying or bullying .

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What is bullying?

Bullying or school bullying is understood as any act or behavior through which One or several people intentionally intend to cause some type of discomfort, pain or harm to another , generating a relationship of inequality in which the aggressor party has a greater power or dominance over said relationship than the aggressed one. This relationship occurs repeatedly and continuously over time, taking advantage of the limited possibility of escape that involves a habitual and closed context as is the school.

Such aggressions can be carried out directly or indirectly and include acts such as physical aggression, insults, humiliation, blackmail, threats, theft or public humiliation. Likewise, with the technological advance it has been possible to see how ICTs are also used in harassment, and cyberbullying is born.

The aggressions suffered by the aggrieved party can have disastrous consequences on their personal and social development. The experience of a harassment continued over time generates in most cases a decrease in self-concept and self-esteem , as well as in the perception of competence and self-efficacy. Often these children feel insecure and ashamed of the situation or in some cases of themselves. They usually show a higher level of anxiety and tend to be reduced in their ability to concentrate, plan and tolerate frustration.

Socially, it has been found that it is common for them to have a feeling of little social support and to increase their level of distrust of new social and affective relationships. In the long term, it is not uncommon for disorders of mood, anxiety or even personality to appear, as well as an increased likelihood of substance use and eating disorders. In fact, one of the most dramatic consequences is suicidal ideation, which in some cases is carried out (this being one of the reasons why the awareness of the problem began to increase)

Several films about bullying

Below are a series of films that address the issue of bullying from different points of view. Some of them are largely realistic, but we can also observe the existence of some films that touch the subject from different film genres, ranging from drama to science fiction or even horror. We warn that in the descriptions there are elements of the argument that can be considered SPOILER.

1. Cyberbully (2011)

Taylor is a seventeen-year-old teenager whose brother writes a defamatory message on a social network, which generates a response in the form of harassment towards her. After a while, a boy adds to the protagonist in the same social network in which the publication was made and they begin to chat daily.

However, one day the supposed boy (which is actually a false profile) publishes a message in which he insinuates that they have gone to bed, something that will end up degenerating into a situation of continued school harassment towards Taylor both within the social network and in the school, that will take her to try to take her life (something that a friend and her mother avoid). This reflects a painful reality: cases of bullying can end up claiming victims in the form of suicides.

Wonder (2017) - Seventh Graders Attack Scene (9/9) | Movieclips (September 2022).

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