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13 habits of exceptionally nice people

13 habits of exceptionally nice people

May 9, 2024

There are many types of people in the world, some that make us feel really good and others that, however, are toxic.

Without a doubt, we prefer to surround ourselves with those people who awaken a special magic, that make us feel good and that we perceive as warm and close people. The sympathetic people fulfill all these characteristics.

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Habits and characteristics of sympathetic people

We all know nice people, and every time we meet someone the "good vibes" take over. The nice people are nice and their company is appreciated.

But, How are these people really? What characterizes these absorbers? Below you can find a list with the habits and secrets of nice people.

1. They are loquacious

One of the features that most attracts the attention of sympathetic people is that they are talkative people, that is, they love to talk. But not only do they love to chat with people around them, but they always know what they have to say. That is why They earn our trust quickly and make us feel comfortable . They cover our needs simply with words. So it is difficult for someone to misplace you.

2. Smile

Another feature that we can highlight of the sympathetic people, besides their loquacity, is that they always have a smile on their face . The smile conveys positivity and that is why we perceive this kind of people in a pleasant way. There is nothing more seductive than smiling, because it gives confidence and is a sign of attention. Sympathetic people are seductive people.

3. They look in the eyes

So that, smiling is seductive, but if that smile is accompanied by a look in the eyes , then we feel a great emotional connection with the other person. In any interpersonal relationship it is necessary to get used to having eye contact who you speak, thus validating the emotions of the other person, you generate empathy and, in addition, sympathy. The sympathetic people, therefore, are loquacious, smile and look into each other's eyes.

4. Trust in themselves

And this is possible because they are people who trust in themselves. By looking into the eyes and smiling, they transmit greater security and allow you to connect and generate a bond of trust with your interlocutor. Sympathetic people have a high confidence that, in addition, is authentic, that is, it is not false self-confidence.

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5. They are open and extroverted

Nice people are open people . They fall sympathetic because they have a vision of life that invites optimism, without prejudice and without judging others. They are people open to experience, who have lived a lot and are wise in terms of interpersonal relationships. This vision of life, turns your personality into a magnetism that catches you.

In addition, sympathetic people are extraverted and open to dialogue, and that is why they have greater social skills and become charismatic, with a relative ease to fall sympathetic.

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6. They are sociable

Sympathetic people are sociable, that is, that They like to be surrounded by people and move like fish in the water in this environment. or . That is why this type of people makes us spend good times and manage to awaken sympathy in us. If being sociable is one of the characteristics of being sympathetic, being nice greatly improves our interpersonal relationships. Not only with our friends, but also in other areas of our lives, such as work.

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7. They are socially intelligent

Being sociable may be more of an attitude, but not everyone falls just as well and is perceived as sympathetic. To be nice and to make people feel comfortable with you, it is essential to have good social skills .

Social skills are different behaviors or behaviors that we use when we interact with others and that help us relate effectively and mutually satisfactory.

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8. They care about us (or at least it seems)

We like good people because they seem to care about our needs. They come to us and show us their interest in knowing how we are doing. In addition, they ask us and make us feel comfortable .

9. They know how to listen

And a big part of that they make us feel comfortable is that they listen to us instead of listening to us. Many people are more aware of what they are going to say later and do not pay attention to what we are saying or in the non-verbal language we are sending. We all like to be heard and sympathetic people listen actively .

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10. They are genuine

Genuine people fall well because they show themselves as they are . Their actions come from the heart and that is why they connect so easily with others. On the other hand, when sympathy masks interest, nonverbal language gives you away. False sympathy means that you do not look in the eyes, do not smile authentically, etc.

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11. They are spontaneous

Being genuine allows you to be spontaneous . Therefore, sympathetic people do not seek attention, but their behavior comes naturally. They do not force themselves or try to adopt very shallow movements and a tone of voice. They are individuals who are relaxed and open.

12. They leave a good first impression

Some research has shown that many people decide if they like another person simply on the first impression, because they spend the rest of the conversation justifying this reaction. This may sound harsh, but it does reflect on the importance of body language. A position that fosters confidence, shaking hands firmly, smiling, etc., ensures that the first impression is good.

13. They are optimists

The nice people they are optimistic individuals who show coherence in their behavior . That means that they do not let their mood affect them, because always, at least when they are with others, they try to show their best version.

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