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13 stretching exercises for your sports routine

13 stretching exercises for your sports routine

September 28, 2023

Stretching exercises are useful for before and after an intense exercise routine. But also by themselves help to gain strength and relieve joint pain.

Whether you are just beginning to do sport or have already been doing it for a while, knowing the main stretching exercises will make you feel better and more relaxed. Let's review then the best stretching exercises to add to your daily routine and feel better.

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10 very effective stretching exercises

To relieve muscle tension, strengthen muscles, learn to breathe and gain physical strength, perform these stretching exercises at least 3 times a week and you will begin to feel different.

1. Calves

Leaning your back against a wall, lean forward with one leg flexed to the front and the other stretched . The soles of your feet should be supported on the ground and in line forward.

With this stretching exercise you do that the muscles of your calves are not so rigid and you avoid a cramp during your daily routine.

2. Ulnar flexion

Stretch the arm and with the palm facing down, stretch with the opposite hand until it is in an upright position. Remember that you must not force too much to avoid injury .

This is one of the simplest but essential stretching exercises when starting an exercise routine.

3. Back

Raise the shoulder to 90 °, with the hand of the other arm exerts pressure on the elbow stretching and maintaining tension. Hold the posture for 15 seconds and repeat the movement 3 times .

This stretch can cost work if you have little flexibility or you have not practiced sports, but it is important that you do it as far as your body allows, and so little by little you will have more elasticity.

4. Lateral tilt stretch

Tilt the neck laterally to the right with the help of your left hand. Hold the position for 15 seconds and repeat to the other side to stretch both sides of the neck.

This exercise you can include it in your daily stretching routine No matter if it is prior to your exercises or you will only perform the stretches.

5. Lumbar

While standing, bend your legs, place your hand behind your thighs and bring your knees to your chest. When flexing, exhale and when you wake up, inhale . Hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds and alternate with the other leg.

There is another variation of this exercise but recumbent. Ideally, perform the two modalities as they work different areas.

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6. Shoulder movement

Stand with your feet slightly open at shoulder height. Inhale by lifting your shoulders and hold this position for 6 seconds , then exhale to relax the shoulders.

This exercise is a great help to relax. You can even do it after spending a lot of time sitting or in tension, and you will feel how it helps you relax.

7. Abdominals

This exercise works very well for you before starting your routine focused on lowering your belly. Lying on a flat surface you have to lie on your back and inhale and expel without getting hurt or dizzy. Imagine that you want to take your navel to the ground and keep this contraction about 6 seconds

This is one of the stretching exercises that you should definitely include in your routine to maintain a good state of health.

8. Legs

While standing, take your foot with your hand and take your leg to your buttocks where it does not hurt. Alternate with the other leg and repeat the exercise 3 times .

9. Iron or lizard

This stretch is like making a lizard but without going up and down. Simply lying on your stomach, lift your body keeping your arms flexed and your feet pointed. Hold the position for 15 seconds, rest and repeat three times.

10. Wrist

Stretch your arm forward with the palm of your hand facing up , with the help of your other hand flex until the hand is vertical without hurting you. Alternate with the other hand. Hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat three times on each side.

11. Quadriceps

While lying on the ground with your legs together, support your arms on the ground behind your back. Your glutes should not touch your heels. Hold the posture for 10 seconds, rest and repeat 3 times.

12. Leg flexors

Sitting on the floor, stretch one leg and the other flex it and sit on top of it . Lean over until you touch the ankle of the leg that is stretched. If you can reach the foot, better. Stay like this for 10 seconds and repeat three times. Then change the leg and repeat in the same way.

13. Bottom of the trunk

While lying on your back, bend your legs with your knees on your chest.Hold your thighs with your hands behind your knees. Keep this position for 15 seconds, rest and repeat.

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