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14 sites to download free PDF books

14 sites to download free PDF books

June 26, 2024

Reading is one of the great pleasures of life , that not only entertains us but also brings us knowledge and learning.

Any time is good to grab a book and devour its pages: when you're bored at home, when you're sunbathing by the pool or when you're traveling on the train. The books can be great companions and they can make us have a wonderful time.

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The benefits of reading

And is that reading, in addition to being a pleasure and being an entertainment, gives us different benefits for our brain, according to some scientific research. Because reading, incorporated into our daily lives, enriches our experience as human beings and has a positive impact on our brain.

Reading helps us to be empathetic, more educated and intelligent, improves our memory and our creativity , it increases our vocabulary and many other things. Any book is good, be it a manual or an adventure story. So if we grab a good text for sure we have a good time and we learn something new.

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The best websites to download free books

Only a few years ago, the only option to read books was in paper format and you had to buy them, go to the library to look for them or wait for a generous friend to kindly leave it to us. Nowadays, with the digital revolution, we can read books from our "kindle", our computer and even our mobile. Further, we can buy them online or, sometimes, download them at no cost .

Of course, from our digital magazine we do not want to encourage illegal downloads, so the following websites of books are recognized and do not contravene the laws and regulations of intellectual property.

If you are interested in knowing which are the websites from which you can download the books you want to read for free, pay attention to the following list:


On the website you can find more than 29,000 free editorial works . The operation of this page is simple, because it allows filtering the ebooks both for their subject and for their language.


The Gutenberg Project is a large library of books in PFD and, without a doubt, one of the most consulted websites for downloading books. There are more than 20,000 texts enabled for download. Almost nothing.


The Bookboon page begins its journey in 2005 in Denmark . Using the page is simple and it is not necessary to register. Its database contains more than 1,500 ebooks that are in different languages.


Books-s is a free book search engine for download, that is, it is the google of free books . For its operation you just have to enter the book you want to download and a link to download it.


This page is also a free book search engine to download , in which it is possible to find different types of books: romance, fiction, self-help ... Therefore, it is possible to find these books by category and author.


Thanks to this website you will be able to locate more than 9,000 public domain works to be able to read in your free time from your smartphone, your tablet, your kindle or your computer. Searches can be done by subjects or authors.


Scribd is one of the best known sites for downloading books and documents shared by both students and professionals. Therefore, it is not only possible to find concrete books, but well-crafted works that can be very useful in our university years.


One of the best-known websites where you can download free books in Castilian . Now, this page requires the registration of the user through the personal Facebook account.


This page is intended exclusively for downloading ebooks to read from your own mobile phone . Its operation is simple, fast, and very comfortable, and allows you to take the book you want to read to anywhere. To read it, you just have to take out your smartphone.


Megaepub is another of those well-known pages from which it is possible to find the books we want to read and download them. It has more than 29,000 works that you can read at any time.


Books Free is another search engine, such as Google, specializing in downloading free books . Users can find books in different formats, for example, epub or pdf.


Libroteca is a large library of free download books , all free of copyright.Although it is also possible to find texts in other languages, many works are in Spanish. It is only possible to download 40 works a day.


On this website it is possible to find free books to download in different languages . There are some free and others that are paid. Its database has more than more than one hundred thousand. Nothing bad.


Kobo is a website and a free online book download application that, without a doubt, has great success at present. With its use you can discover a lot of books. It is of Canadian origin and was founded in 2009.

The best psychology books

Books can be of many kinds and with many contents. Some books that can be of great interest, are the books of psychology. Many people enjoy these books because they want to understand their own behavior and that of other individuals.

During decades, There are many works that have been written that enrich our knowledge and they give us a different vision of the world.

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