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15 films for the elderly, with them as protagonists

15 films for the elderly, with them as protagonists

November 29, 2022

Today, the seventh art is one of the most popular among the general population, having gone to see most of us more than one movie at some time. People of all ages and conditions attend him, from the youngest to the oldest. In general, all films are more or less enjoyable by everyone, although in the case of children certain content or genres would not be appropriate.

But we can also see how some films are more focused on a specific audience, or they make it easier for certain type of population to feel more identified. An example of this is the one who is dedicated to the third age .

While in fact any film may be suitable for an older person, it is likely that some will make greater reference to more frequent problems at an advanced age or that will enhance a perspective that helps to deal with old age in a positive way. That is why in this article we are going to recommend a short selection of movies for seniors .

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Movies for the elderly

As we have just commented, next we will see a series of movies for seniors, specifically about fifteen of them. We have made a selection of films that are mostly relatively recent, although we can also see several classics among them.

1. In the golden pond (1981)

This old film tells us how Norma and Ethel Thayer, an elderly couple, retire to Golden Point or the golden pond, to spend the summer holidays. There we see little by little how Ethel is suffering different ailments and limitations, starting little by little to also manifest Alzheimer's symptoms . The couple will also be visited by their daughter, who has a tense relationship with her father.

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2. A blow with style (2017)

This film, very recent in time, tells us how three retirees decide to rob a bank despite his long age to get his money back, after the bank canceled his pension plans.

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