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15 films that talk about Autism

15 films that talk about Autism

May 20, 2024

A few weeks ago we told you about our ranking of 10 movies about Psychology and Mental Disorders, with recommendations to deepen your knowledge about behavioral science.

Today we return to the charge to offer you a list of fifteen films about Autism . Autism spectrum disorder is one of those conditions that arouses us all a lot of interest. And there are a number of films that have managed to accurately detail the living conditions of people who suffer from it, and also the value of families and teachers who struggle every day to improve the situation of people who suffer Autism.

Movies about Autism: knowing this disorder thoroughly

The seventh art has been responsible for collecting stories about people with Autism . Surely there are many other films that we have forgotten, our knowledge about this area is quite deep, but not infinite. Anyway, if you know some other interesting title, you can leave it written in the comments section, and we will try to include the movie that you propose in this list.

What we can assure you is that the twelve films that you will meet next deal with the subject of Autism with an interesting vision. They are films that can teach us a lot about the reality of autistic spectrum disorders . We recommend that you sign them and see them as soon as possible. We start?

1. Mater amatísima (1980)

Most precious Mater is the story of Juan, a child with Autism . Clara, his mother, tries to educate Juan to be a child integrated into society. But little by little, the mother-child relationship is plunging Clara into a bubble.

2. Rain Man (1988)

A classic of the big screen. Dustin Hoffman interpends Kim Peek, a young man with a very deep autism, but with the extraordinary ability to memorize everything he reads. His brother in fiction, played by a young Tom Cruise, will discover that life can be seen with different eyes. A story based on real events .

3. The Secret of Sally (1993)

In this shocking film, a woman, Ruth, becomes a widow when her husband has an accident at work. The daughter of Ruth, fatherless since then, reacts in a way that alarms her mother . She decides to go to a professional expert in autism spectrum disorders. This psychologist, Jake, will try to help Sally.

4. A witness in silence (1994)

A child with autism witnesses the death of their parents, who are brutally murdered . Being the only witness of the double homicide, the police asks for help from a psychiatrist in order to clarify the case, through a complicated communication with the child. A film that went completely unnoticed when it premiered, but which is interesting because it deals with the communication problems linked to Autism.

5. Nell (1994)

Nell, embodied in the popular Jodie Foster, is an extravagant young woman who lives apart from society , in a cabin lost in a forest. Following the death of her mother, Nell shuns all human contact and isolates herself completely. One day, two researchers discover its existence and begin to follow him to study his behavior and his way of acting. Interesting film.

6. Mercury Rising: Red Hot (1998)

An FBI policeman named Art Jeffries is in charge of wiretapping. In a somewhat gray position, Jeffries feels a bit frustrated. Until one day, his bosses charge him to investigate a case of a child who disappeared after his parents were killed. The search is long, but when he manages to find the whereabouts of the child, Jeffries realizes that he is a child with Autism with incredible cognitive abilities.

7. Molly (1999)

Little Molly suffers from Autism and has lived throughout her life in a health center where she receives attention and care from doctors, psychiatrists and educators. His parents died years ago. Fortunately, her older brother comes to the center to get Molly out of there and start a life together . An exciting movie, highly recommended.

8. Mockingbird do not sing (2001)

In a poor neighborhood of Los Angeles, a teenager of only 12 years lives totally isolated from society , locked up by her parents in a small room from which she has not left since she was one year old. Without any contact with the outside or with other human beings, Genie lives totally absorbed in her thoughts, immobile. Luckily, it is discovered and for her a totally different life begins, in which she must learn to speak, to relate ... A magnificent film that you must not miss.

9. They call me Radio (2003)

This movie is based on a real case. ORn Young without hardly friends and with a slight cognitive delay is nicknamed "Radio" for his love of the radio and to listen to songs through his transistor. Radio is shy and very reserved, but one day the coach of the school football team, an eminence in the town, becomes his friend and, between joke and joke, manages to gain their trust. Through the coach's support, Radio begins to carve out a much warmer life.

10 Miracle Run: An Unexpected Trip (2004)

Corrine, a mother who raises her twins alone, has a difficult situation: must educate without the support of anyone two children with Autism . In spite of everything, he struggles unceasingly to give them a full and normal life. An inspiring film that makes us value many things about life.

11. Thumbsucker: Fingering (2005)

Justin Cobb is a 17 year old teenager who, despite his age, he keeps sucking his finger . Seeing that his strange habit is beginning to cause problems, he decides to try to solve the problem by going to a hypnosis specialist.

12. Crazy in love: Locos de amor (2005)

A story about some very unique lovers. TOBoth suffer from an autism spectrum disorder that manifests, among other things, dysfunctions in the emotional domain . Donald, taxi driver and a great expert in numerical calculation, suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, so he lives in very strict dynamics and routines. In addition, it is responsible for coordinating a group of people with this same affectation. There he will meet Isabel, a woman who will change his life.

13. SuperBrother (2009)

This film mixes the genre of science fiction with the problem of Autism. Anton is a naughty 11-year-old boy who has an older brother who has Autism. Anton does not understand his brother and wishes he could play with him. By magic, one day his brother begins to manifest certain powers that make him an extraordinary being , in a hero. Both will have to do their best to control this supernatural gift.

14. Dear John (2010)

A romantic drama highly recommended. John, a young military man, is seen as an eccentric person for being extremely reserved . During a permit, he meets Savannah, a college student. They quickly become attracted and begin a loving idyll not exempt from difficulties.

15. There is someone there (2014)

A Venezuelan production that brings us closer to the universe of Helena , a 9 year old girl who suffers from Autism. Through his daily experiences and those of his family, There is someone there is a good portrait of the difficulties (but also of the joys and longings) of people with this problem. This is a film a little different from the others, since it is a documentary.

Full movie on YouTube:

"Inside Autism" Educational Dramatic Film (May 2024).

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