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15 questions about your life to know what you want

15 questions about your life to know what you want

September 6, 2023

Many times they talk about how bad it is not to have the option to choose. The lack of freedom we feel in some situations, such as when we lack the resources to live autonomously, can be suffocating. But it is no less true that, in those moments when we feel that we are free to decide what to do with our lives, doubts can paralyze us .

That's why sometimes it's very useful for you to consider a series of questions about life and what you expect from this . Questions about your identity, about the way you order your priorities and about why you relate to your environment and others in the way you do it.

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Questions about life to know you deeply

Obviously, it is practically impossible to know everything about ourselves, about our present and future wishes and about the way in which we could evolve in the future. However, the simple fact of review from time to time our expectations and beliefs about what living means to us , is already a way to get out of indecision and get a little closer to wisdom.

Next we will see several questions about life that serve to reflect on how we base our personal philosophy.

1. Do I relate to the people I want to spend my time with?

There are several areas of life that lead us to deal with people who, without necessarily falling ill, give us very little in global terms. For example, to hang out with classmates, with people who usually leave for the same places as we or with some colleagues from work can become a habitual dynamic, although that does not really fill us .

Fortunately, nowadays it is easier than ever to meet new people: we have Internet and the possibility of moving around different places at a relatively low price. Finding new friendships and meaningful relationships is fundamental to feeling good.

2. What are my references?

Having true idols is not very recommendable, but to see our aspirations reflected in another person is up to a certain point normal. But nevertheless, one of the questions about life that help us know where we are and where we want to go It should be dedicated to those people who tell us what we would like for us, and why.

Taking into account what we value about those people we admire can help us to better understand our lives: it is not so important to ask about what, but rather to focus on why.

3. What is maturity for me?

The concept of being a mature person "is extremely broad and there are different interpretations about what it means to grow emotionally and psychologically . For example, for some to mature is desirable, while for others this would mean embracing conformism and monotony.

So, it's worth taking into account what our definition of this is, and see if we fit that description or even if we're interested in fitting into it.

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4. Am I sacrificing too much for my work life?

The world is becoming increasingly competitive, to the point where the separation between personal and professional life is blurring , it is less and less present. Now it is normal to take work home, perform tasks from the laptop, calls at odd hours ...

On the other hand, as competition puts pressure on us, we must try to work hard, and the fact that the business is going well does not always lead us to relax, since the instability and the possibility that a big company will harm us lead us to be on guard.

Would not it be better to stop sacrificing so much for work? Are we in a situation where it is reasonable to take a break? These are questions that should help us guide our lives on a regular basis.

5. What defines me?

Whenever we think about other people, we do it based on a series of beliefs about their characteristics about their personality, their motivations, etc. These valuations do not occur in a vacuum, but we do them by comparing that person with the others.

What would happen if we did that with ourselves? When thinking about a feature that distinguishes us from most What is the first thing that comes to mind?

6. What would I want you to say about me at my funeral?

Imagine this situation is a way to look for characteristics about us that we like, but also a simple way to take into account what are those characteristics to which we aspire and that for some reason we believe that we have not yet managed to have.

7. If I had to give advice to someone younger, what would it be?

To live is to learn, and that is why the experience makes us wiser . That is why any person, whatever their circumstances, has the ability to give even if only advice to someone significantly younger. Which one would you give?

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8. Do I want to change, or do I want the world to change?

Both options are very desired by most people, but you can always establish a series of priorities. If you perceive that the world is deeply unfair and you must change a lot, doing this will take time and energy to change you, and vice versa.

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9. Do I tend to obsess about problems that do not exist?

When considering future plans, the fear of situations that could occur can leave us in a state of stagnation and lack of personal evolution . Do you have a propensity to fall into these kinds of mental traps?

10. Am I interested in doing new things, or perfecting what I already do?

Some people suffer from monotony as a minor evil that allows them not to move from the comfort zone, and there are those who use novel experiences as a way to escape of your worries constantly. Both trends are harmful, and that is why it is worthwhile that one of our questions about life has to do with the way we relate to the new, what breaks with the everyday.

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