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15 Russian sayings and Russian proverbs

15 Russian sayings and Russian proverbs

December 4, 2020

Today we bring you a compilation of Russian sayings to better understand the philosophy of life of Russia through its complex history and the peoples and people who inhabited it.

These Russian proverbs leave us valuable lessons for life that we can apply to our day to day.

Original Russian sayings of all kinds

We leave you here a total of 15 Russian sayings that summarize some Russian life values.

1. "A big" thank you "is not saved in your pocket."

Gratitude has a much greater value than money or material goods.

2. "The origins themselves are an indelible mark."

The roots are always there to remind us where we come from.

3. "A man is saved from a shipwreck on the high seas and drowns on the beach."

Sometimes we are frustrated by small problems, and yet we are able to achieve unthinkable milestones.

4. "If you walk quickly you reach misfortune; if you go slowly, misfortune reaches you. "

The key is balance.

5. "It is not the law that scares, but the judge."

Humans are the ones who make mistakes, even though the law is fair.

6. "The more you walk through the forest, the more wood you will find."

A Russian saying that helps us value effort and perseverance.

7. "The heroes who know how to sacrifice themselves better, are the ones who know best how to kill."

Sacrifice and courage have a prize.

8. "The man who makes a fortune in a year should be hanged twelve months earlier."

Something bad is happening when someone creates a fortune in a short space of time.

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9. "The tears that fall are bitter, but even more are those that do not fall."

Suppressing crying is even worse than expressing this inner sadness.

10. "The hands work, but the head feeds."

If you have an inner world, your thoughts will nourish your life.

11. "Nobody has ever been hanged with money in their pocket."

A phrase about the power of money and influences.

12. "Telling the truth is like writing well, you learn by practicing."

Stop lying and start acting with sincerity is a simple matter of courage and perseverance.

13. "After the storm, the wind will blow in your favor"

Every cloud has a silver lining. Bad spells precede moments.

14. "To long for the past is to run after the wind."

Memories only exist in our mind, but it is useless to cling to them.

15. "He does not die twice if he does not escape death once."

And here all for today, We hope you liked the Russian sayings and that you find a way to apply them to your life.


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