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16 animals in danger of extinction in Mexico

16 animals in danger of extinction in Mexico

May 23, 2023

Mexico is a country that has a great variety of ecosystems due to its geographical location, which favors the diversity of species, both flora and fauna. Thanks to this, it is among the 4 nations in the world richest in biological terms. However, in recent decades, this country is suffering the massive loss of some of its most exotic or emblematic species.

The extinction of animals is a natural process of evolution, and throughout history there have been mass extinctions at certain times when there were changes in environmental conditions. Currently, however, many species are becoming extinct more quickly of what they had done in the past. Man, directly or indirectly, is the great responsible.

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Animals and species in danger of extinction in Mexico

Scientists warn that in the next 30 years half a million species can disappear around the planet . Evidently, Mexico is one of the nations that can suffer the most losses in this regard.

If you want to know which vertebrate animals are most at risk, below you can find a list with 16 species of animals that can become extinct in Mexico .

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1. Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) and tigrillo (Leopardus wiedii)

The ocelot and the tigrillo are two very similar cats, with a long and strong body and with rounded and erect ears. They are distinguished by their size, because the ocelot is somewhat larger. Tigrillo is characterized by having a fairly long tail compared to its body. This animal is really curious and adorable, and runs serious risks of extinction.

You can get a better idea of ​​how it is with this video :.

animals in extinction in Mexico (May 2023).

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