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16 phrases by Antoni Gaudí, the celebrated modernist architect

16 phrases by Antoni Gaudí, the celebrated modernist architect

March 22, 2024

Antoni Gaudí (Reus, 1852 - Barcelona, ​​1926) is one of the essential figures of modernist architecture.

In a time of industrial and social transformation in Barcelona, ​​Gaudí was the most emblematic architect. Among its most acclaimed works are the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Park Güell and Casa Milà.

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Famous quotes by Antoni Gaudí

His genius helped to build a city like Barcelona, ​​cosmopolitan and open to the world like few others. In this article Let's review some of his most famous phrases and reflections .

1. The architect is the synthetic man, the one who is able to see things together before they are made

One of the qualities of a great architect.

2. The architect of the future will be based on the imitation of nature, because it is the most rational, durable and economic way of all methods

Buildings based on the forms of nature? Gaudí already foresaw it at the beginning of the 20th century.

3. Beauty is the radiance of Truth

A magnificent reflection of the genius of Catalan modernism.

4. They asked me why I made columns inclined to what I answered: "For the same reason that the tired walker, when stopping, is propped up with the staff inclined, because if I put it up I would not rest"

One of the maxims of Gaudí was to emulate the natural forms in his architectural works.

5. My ideas are of an indisputable logic; The only thing that makes me doubt is that they have not been applied previously

It may seem strange that being a pioneer in a discipline means that nobody has been able to think in the same way before.

6. The artist must be a monk, not a brother

How is the mind of an artist? Gaudí perceived it in this way.

7. Architecture is the first plastic art; Sculpture and painting need the first. All its excellence comes from light. Architecture is the arrangement of light

Antoni Gaudí's vision of architecture is reflected in this famous event.

8. My great friends are dead; I have no family, no clients, no fortune, nothing. So I can give myself totally to the Temple (Sagrada Familia)

An unfortunate life allowed him to concentrate all his efforts on raising the Sagrada Familia in the Ensanche of Barcelona.

9. I never find anything in books, and when I find something, it's wrong

A pessimistic view on literature.

10. The most important requirement for an object to be considered beautiful is that it fulfills the purpose for which it was conceived

Pragmatism, according to Gaudí, was the pristine form of beauty.

11. Originality consists in the return to the origin; thus, original is that which returns to the simplicity of the first solutions

A reflection that refers to nature again.

12. You have to eat and sleep just enough to survive

It is often said that, in his last years of life, Gaudí lived in total austerity, practically like a beggar.

13. Glory is light, light gives joy and joy is the joy of the spirit

Another famous phrase of Gaudí dedicated to light.

14. Language is the exact expression of thought and this is only achieved with one's own language, which does it in a perfect way

On this occasion, the Catalan architect talks about language and communication.

15. One of the most beautiful things in life is work at ease

When you love what you do, well-being does not stop accompanying you.

16. You have studied and are surprised not to understand what I do; and it is that I, who have also studied, still study and work without stopping

An ode to effort and persistence.

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