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18 books on self-esteem and self-improvement

18 books on self-esteem and self-improvement

May 15, 2024

Self-esteem is the assessment we make of our person, how we accept ourselves and how proud we are of ourselves.

Having a high self-esteem allows us to be happy and enjoy greater well-being . Unfortunately, we live in a temporary moment in which our self-esteem can be affected for various reasons.

For example, because of our culture that encourages individualism, consumerism, irrational beliefs about success and in which we sometimes seem to be objects rather than subjects.

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Self-esteem and self-improvement books

As if that were not enough, the unfavorable socioeconomic conditions that the West is experiencing, which increasingly make it more difficult for a state of well-being to continue, guaranteeing decent living conditions for a large part of the population; and the immersion of new technologies, which have changed the way we relate to the environment, means that more and more people are valued in a negative way.

Fortunately, There are a series of editorial works that help us to empower ourselves Faced with the changes that are occurring in recent decades, and give us the opportunity to improve our self-esteem thanks to the knowledge and advice we can find in their pages.

Then we provide you with a selection of these books on self-esteem, stimulants and motivators . Enjoy them!

1. Awakening the inner giant: A journey of self-discovery towards personal fulfillment (Anthony Robbins)

An inspiring book that can help you change the perspective of life to reach your destination through the best path . This text will change the vision of your inner world, and it will give you a great motivation to continue growing even in the moments of greatest difficulty. Its pages are full of transformative advice.

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2. The six pillars of self-esteem (Nathaniel Branden)

A great self-help book that will allow you to delve into the knowledge of self-esteem . All explained in a simple, logical and divided into points. In this way, the author facilitates the work of understanding. Useful for any individual wishing to have greater emotional well-being.

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3. Love yourself as if your life depended on it (Kamal Ravikant)

Self-pity and self-love is, without doubt, one of the best ways to strengthen self-esteem and promote personal transformation. There are times in life when one can experience suffering and his worldview is clouded. In fact, it is not uncommon to go through an existential crisis sometime during our existence, due to the search for our identity, that which fills us. This book helps you overcome the difficulties of life and empowers you in those moments that you need most.

4. The practice of mindfulness (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

The practice of Mindfulness or mindfulness has shown to have a strong impact on how we interpret the world and our self-esteem. Self-pity, self-acceptance, non-judgmental mentality and being in the present, that is, in the "here and now", are some of the habits of thought that make us mentally strong and prepared to overcome any adversity that be present in life. A great practical book to enter fully into Mindfulness.

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5. Zero limits (Joe Vitale)

Many times (although not always), we are the ones who put obstacles to our personal growth . These limitations, which come from within, are paralyzing. This text offers you the possibility of leaving behind these limitations, to reach your true desires and needs. In its pages you can find your way in life thanks to Ho'oponopono, a philosophy of conflict resolution and spiritual healing based on forgiveness, compassion and love.

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6. Your bad zones (Wayne Dyer)

This book, by the well-known North American author Wayne Dyer , provides tools for personal improvement. Thanks to this bestseller, which is actually the best-selling self-help book of all time, it is possible to learn to manage emotions, which will allow you to successfully overcome the adverse situations that may appear on a day-to-day basis. A book that will improve your self-esteem.

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7. Anatomy of peace: solving the heart of conflict (The Arbinger Institute)

When someone finds inner peace, they become more prepared to adapt to the environment and their self-esteem becomes resistant. The Anatomy of Peace is an inspirational text that allows to know the basic concepts of the encounter with oneself and with the connection of one's essence. Finding inner peace is finding happiness.

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8. Self-esteem: Evaluation and Improvement (Matthew Mckay, Patrick Fanning)

This well-known and classic self-help book leads the reader to know different exercises that reduce the negative evaluation of himself and help define the identity of this one. Thanks to the advice that can be found in its pages, the reader will learn to respect and accept himself. A very useful and practical text.

9. Come out of your mind, enter your life (Steven C. Hayes)

This self-help book offers a five-step plan for dealing with painful emotions , like anxiety or sadness. A great work that makes it possible to improve self-esteem and learn to live with painful thoughts and feelings through acceptance and techniques based on mindfulness. It also teaches us to let go of the attempt at control over what we often put on our lives and that makes us unhappy. Very useful for, develop compassion and mental flexibility.

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10. The gifts of imperfection (Brené Brown)

The author shares ten tips on how to achieve a full life , a way of relating to the world from a more optimistic place and with a higher self-esteem. These tips are aimed at cultivating courage, compassion and connection with oneself. The acceptance of oneself is the first requirement to be happy, because the perfectionist mentality creates great discomfort.

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11. You are worth more than you think: Believe in yourself and awaken your self-esteem (Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning, Carole Honeychurch and Catharine Sutker)

Believing in oneself, that is, having a high self-confidence is key to personal growth and positively influences self-esteem. This book helps the reader to believe in their possibilities to better adapt to the environment that surrounds them and enjoy a better appreciation of yourself.

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12. Transform your brain with NLP (Wendy Jago)

Transformation and personal growth begin in oneself, and neurolinguistic programming or NLP is one of the most effective tools for change. That is why it is used by psychologists and personal development experts. Thanks to this work, you will be able to know and deepen this practice.

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13. The power of the word (Louise Hay)

Surely there are few people more capable of talking about self-improvement and personal growth than the author of this work . Louis Hay was diagnosed with cancer and he had to fight to overcome it. His mentality helped him win the battle. This book invites the reader to reflect on the difficulties that can be found in his life and sends a motivating message: no matter how complicated the present, we must fight to achieve a better future.

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14. Self-esteem in 10 days (David Burns)

The author presents a series of innovative, clear and compassionate methods to help the reader identify the signs when he has a depressed mood and also helps the reader to develop a more positive view of life. The book is based on the idea that it is not the events that occur to us that cause us the discomfort, but how we interpret these events. A practical text that contains graphs and guides step by step.

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15. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves, and Patrick M. Lencioni)

Emotional intelligence is essential to be happy. It allows you to know yourself better, self-motivate yourself, relate better with others and, in general, enjoy greater psychological health and a better emotional balance. This text is ideal to improve emotional intelligence and quality of life.

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16. How to improve yourself in times of crisis (Shad Helmstetter)

When things are going well, it's easy to smile, but when things do not come out to us and the future gets complicated, we can enter into a serious crisis. This is the moment in which more strength and will we must have, because it is possible to overcome adversities although at those moments it is difficult to see it. Especially for the most difficult situations, this guide becomes a great help .

17. 40 reflections to awaken your self-esteem (Feli García)

Sometimes, we relate pessimism with realism, but to ask certain questions is enough to see that this is not the case. This book propobne just this: make us see that there are certain unknowns that, far from causing discomfort to reveal the limits of our knowledge, give way to liberating reflections.

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18. Automatic Self-esteem (Silvia Congost)

This book is based on the idea that many of the causes of the discomfort and anxiety that we experience on a daily basis have to do with problems of self-esteem. From this starting point, he develops practical proposals to make the relationship between himself and his self-image improve.

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Best Self-Improvement Books – 7 Best Self-Help Books (May 2024).

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