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20 online courses on Clinical Psychology (free)

20 online courses on Clinical Psychology (free)

January 25, 2023

The Clinical psychology It is one of the most popular branches of psychology, not to mention the one that most arouses interest among the new students of the Degree in Psychology.

This specialty focuses on the investigation and intervention of more or less serious psychological problems that affect the quality of life and the mental and emotional well-being of people.

Since this is a very demanding profession, it is necessary to be constantly updated . For this, continuous training is almost obligatory. The advancement of new information technologies (ICT) and the increase of online training offer has allowed psychologists to continue training anywhere, making the study schedule more flexible. The lack of time to attend face-to-face courses is no longer an excuse to continue acquiring knowledge with this modality.

Free courses of Clinical Psychology

In today's article We have made a list with 20 online clinical psychology courses for this 2017 . Some of them are free and others (the minority) of payment, since the platforms that offer them can vary if they charge them, or not. To enroll in the course you only have to click on the name and the link will take you directly to the official page of the training action. Do not miss them!

Below you can see the list of psychology courses at zero cost.

1. Child and Youth Clinical Psychology

Training center: University of Edinburgh

This course covers the basic strategies of child and youth clinical psychology and illustrates how different theories of developmental psychology can be applied to understand health and mental well-being in these ages.

This interesting training action also reviews the models of prevention and psychological treatment that are used today. Several professors from the prestigious University of Edinburgh are responsible for teaching the different subjects.

2. Psychological first aid course

Training Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

One of the most successful free online courses .

The course is taught by different experts from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Crisis Center of Barcelona, ​​who present and train students in the application of psychological first aid (PAP) to any individual who is in a situation of stress: for example, traffic accidents, traumatic experiences, hospitalization, aggression, etc. Although the audiovisual content is in English, it is possible to use the option of subtitled in Spanish.

3. Course in Psychobiology of stress

Training center: Institute of Advanced University Studies in Open (IAEU)

The stress phenomenon that affects many individuals, and their causes, both biological and environmental, are varied. This educational action emphasizes this last aspect, especially in the role played by emotions when regulating the organism. Manuel Valdés Miyar, professor of the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology of the University of Barcelona, ​​teaches this course of 12 hours.

4. Living with Dementia: Impact on Individuals, Caregivers, Communities and Societies

Training center: John Hopkins University

Having dementia is a great challenge for the individual who suffers, but also for his family, the community and society. Therefore, the work of the psychologist is essential when facing this disease. Throughout this course, the brain of a person with dementia is examined to provide a basic description of the pathology of the disease, as well as the current diagnostic criteria, the stages of dementia, and the trajectory of the disease.

It also takes into account how this disease affects family members, communities and society in general, and explains and analyzes the theoretical and practical frameworks that provide better support and care for those affected by this condition. Further. Specific strategies are examined to help improve the quality of life of individuals with dementia. .

5. Free course on self-esteem

Training center: Aulafácil

Self-esteem is intimately related to mental health and well-being of people. Experts indicate that it is an element that is found innate in each individual and that is exposed to multiple modifications throughout our lives. In this course you will learn the basic elements of self-esteem (for example, self-concept, self-respect or self-realization), and you will learn to promote healthy self-esteem in children.

Recommended article: "The 4 types of self-esteem: do you value yourself?"

6. The Depression in Society: Approach from Public Health

Training center: John Hopkins University

Depression is frequent in these times and especially in developed societies. It is part of mood disorders and affects our well-being, our social interaction, our appetite and sexual desire .

Since this disorder affects a large part of the world population, this course exposes the principles of public health applied to depressive disorder. In this way, through your topics, you can acquire a better knowledge about the different preventive strategies that can be applied at a social level.

7. Free courses on healthy habits for people with schizophrenia

Training center: Aulafácil

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that belongs to the group of psychotic disorders. The individual with schizophrenia suffers hallucinations and disturbing thoughts that isolates him from social activity .

Although there is no cure, there are effective treatments so that patients with this condition can enjoy their lives. But in order to improve their emotional well-being and their quality of life it is necessary that, in addition, they acquire a series of healthy habits that allow them to live a life as normal as possible. With this course you can delve into healthy habits for people with schizophrenia.

8. Medical neuroscience

Training center: Duke University

Medical neuroscience explores the functional organization and neurophysiology of the central nervous system, while providing a neurobiological framework for understanding human behavior.

With this courses you can discover the organization of neuronal systems in the brain and the spinal cord that mediate sensation, motivate the body action, and integrate sensorimotor signals with memory, emotions and faculties related to cognition. This is an advanced level course.

9. Patient safety course

Training center: University of Cantabria

Patient Safety is a fundamental principle of health care , which also includes psychological care.

Since there is currently a greater demand for psychological assistance, it is necessary to be able to provide the optimal level of quality of care to patients. This course allows you to acquire the necessary skills for this. In addition to psychologists, this course is intended for any health professional.

10. Introduction to Clinical Neurology

Training Center: University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

This course provides an overview of the relevant aspects of the epidemiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic approaches and the treatment options for the most common neurological diseases.

The course is taught by professors from the prestigious University of California at San Francisco (UCSF).

11. The Addicted Brain

Training center: Emory University

We have all known sometime of addiction in friends, family or colleagues . For example, addicted to alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs. The object of the addiction can vary, but the behavioral response is similar, since all these addictions cause the same chemical reaction of the brain.

This course deals with addiction to drugs and other behaviors, allows you to understand what happens inside the brain of an addict individual and provides you with valuable information to help other individuals overcome this dependency of the organism towards some substance or behavior. In addition, other issues are also analyzed, such as government policies related to this phenomenon and our vulnerability to taking drugs.

12. The Social Context of Mental Health and Dementia

Training center: University of Toronto

Dementia and Alzheimer's are conditions that cause a deterioration of mental capacity , severe enough to interfere with the daily life of people who suffer from it.

The objective of this course is to offer information on this subject, so that students can learn how social factors can promote mental health, influence the appearance and progression of this disease, and even affect the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

13. Course Dementia and Alzheimer's

Training center: University of Cantabria

As the previous course deals with the subject of Alzheimer's and dementia, neurological diseases very common among the elderly population.

But unlike the previous course, which focuses on social aspects, This review of basic knowledge of neurology, pharmacology and neuropsychology related to this problem .

14. Mindfulness course to regulate emotions

Training center: University of Málaga

Mindfulness is considered a third generation psychological therapy, and is increasingly used by clinical psychologists for its impact on the well-being of individuals . Two of its best-known programs are the MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction program) or Stress Reduction Program based on Mindfulness or the MBCT (Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) or Cognitive Therapy based on Mindfulness.

The latter has gained popularity in recent years as it is used to treat various disorders, such as depression or anxiety. In this course you will learn the basic principles of this practice and you will know the most adaptive emotional skills, so that you can better understand and regulate your emotional state.

Payment courses

The courses shown below have an economic cost, as well as nourishing recognition, You will receive a certificate or diploma issued by a recognized university or institution . Some of them include discounts so you can make them more economically.

15. Course in Care for Parkinson's Patients

Training center: Camilo José Cela University

This course aims to provide basic training on what is and how Parkinson's disease develops and evolves, a chronic and degenerative disease of the nervous system characterized by lack of coordination, muscle stiffness and tremors.

The course focuses on the characteristics that patients with this condition present and review the treatment and support they need, both they and their families.

16. Course in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy

Training center: University of Nebrija

One of the types of therapy that receives special attention in psychology clinics and clinics is Behavioral Cognitive Therapy , which inherits some fundamentals of behavioral psychology and cognitive psychology. This course offers specialized training in this subject, and focuses on the importance of three main elements: thought, emotion and behavior.

If you want to know more about Behavioral Cognitive Therapy, visit our article: "Behavioral Cognitive Therapy: what is it and on what principles is it based?"

17. Diagnostic Interview Course in Mental Health

Training Center: Government of the Canary Islands

The interview is a qualitative information gathering technique . It is not considered an informal conversation, because it has an objective.

The diagnostic interview is used in clinical psychology when a psychologist receives his patient to know first hand the reason for his behavior and his problem, and is characterized by being a technique prior to the intervention. It is essential in the evaluation process for the amount of information and personal knowledge provided by the patient in a short period of time. With this course you will be able to deepen in the fundamental aspects of this type of interview.

18. Expert Course in Clinical Psychological Evaluation

Training center: Euroinnova

The psychological evaluation in clinical psychology goes beyond the diagnostic interview , it is necessary to contrast the information with other types of techniques. This course prepares the student to master and have a broad view on the clinical psychological evaluation, paying attention to the factors that influence this context and designing treatments according to the required needs.

The students of this course will receive training to understand the different ways of proceeding in the diagnosis of mental disorders, design an optimal treatment and evaluate the effectiveness of said treatment.

19. Certification in Alzheimer's Disease Care

Training center: Camilo José Cela University

You can learn more about the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic management of Alzheimer's with the information provided by this course , based on the scientific evidence currently available.

You will learn to apply techniques and care to the patient and you will be more aware of the situation experienced by Alzheimer's patients, so you can improve their quality of life. Finally, you will acquire a general overview of the social and health services offered in Spain for this disease.

20. Depression and Anxiety Certificate. 10th Edition

Training center: ADEIT Fundación Universidad Empresa of Valencia

This course prepares you to know in depth the depressive disorder , paying attention to the essential factors that influence this multi-causal phenomenon. In summary, you will be able to know: the emotional evolution of people, the first symptoms of depression, how risk factors act at different stages of development or the instruments for assessing the causal factors and maintainers of depression

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