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21 books to overcome and overcome anxiety

21 books to overcome and overcome anxiety

July 18, 2024

Anxiety disorders are psychological problems very common in our days, and there are different types: phobias, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc.

And although anxiety is a normal reaction of people in situations of stress and uncertainty; Sometimes, irrational thoughts can lead us to misinterpret some situations and, consequently, cause great discomfort.

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Books to overcome anxiety

Since there are many individuals who have difficulty controlling anxiety, in this article I have prepared a list of books that will help the reader to better understand what is happening to him and to know tools that will help him overcome, or at least accept, the situation who is living. Is about a selection of books to overcome anxiety .

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1. Even if you are afraid, do it the same (Susan Jeffers)

Anxiety causes us great discomfort, and that is why we stop doing many things when that sensation invades us; not only annoying, but also prevents us from taking advantage of time and makes us have fewer opportunities. This book by Susan Jeffers aims to provide the reader with the necessary tools so that this does not happen. It is a phenomenal work that can make your life easier When making decisions, leave a toxic relationship or face the future without fear of uncertainty.

  • If you are interested in this book, you can know more about it here.

2. Feel good (David D. Burns)

Many people let their negative emotions dominate their lives and come to dominate it completely. This work, written by the psychiatrist Dr. David Burns, describes many ways to deal with all negative emotions. In addition, the author discusses many other issues related not only to anxiety, but also to other problems that affect the well-being of people. For example, how to deal with guilt, overcome the need for excessive approval from others or how to manage techniques to build self-esteem.

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3. Anxiety and phobias (Edmund Bourne)

There are many anxiety disorders and one of the most frequent are phobias , that is, the irrational fears that can affect the daily life of the people who suffer them. This book is a classic of the literature on this type of psychological problems, and has been recommended by many mental health professionals. Among its contents include: the control of self-instructions, relaxation and breathing techniques, understanding of wrong beliefs, etc.

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4. Master the crisis of anxiety (Pedro Moreno and Julio César Martín)

Both authors are totally familiar with the most current treatments that exist for anxiety crises , and his experience with patients for many years has led them to create this excellent text. It is a book with very clear and concise information, so that the reader suffering from anxiety crisis can understand and master it. Useful both for patients and psychotherapists.

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5. Treatment of depressive and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents (María Paz García Verda and Jesús Sanz)

María Paz García Verda and Jesús Sanz have created a brilliant work to help children and adolescents who suffer from anxiety and depression. It is a book that presents very useful tips so that these disorders can be overcome. Essential for parents or professionals of Psychology who are specialized in the treatment of these problems at these ages.

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6. Anxiety for Dummies (Charles H. Elliott and Laura Smith)

For Dummies is a collection of books that aims to simplify some complex issues so they can reach the whole world without losing the quality of the content. This volume is ideal for those who want to overcome the conflict that causes so much suffering. Different strategies and tools are exposed so that the reader can achieve it.

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7. How to overcome anxiety (Enrique Rojas)

A great text that helps readers overcome anxiety with written content in a clear way for the general public. A very current book , in which day-to-day problems that affect anxiety are exposed, such as new technologies. It is a book to change the negative lifestyle and adopt much healthier emotional habits.

  • If you are interested and want to know more about him, this will guide you.

8Anxiety: Fear, hope and the search for inner peace (Scott Stossel)

An authentic best-seller in the United States, and that can also be acquired in Spanish. It is a book with an autobiographical background, because the author suffered anxiety for many years and managed to overcome it. His experience serves as a motivation for those people who today go through the situation that he went through, and in its 500 pages it aims to help those who need it , so they can put aside anxiety and live a full life.

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9. The end of anxiety (Gio Zararri)

Anxiety disorders do not occur due to objective causes, but it is our interpretation of the events that causes this pathology. That is why this book aims to provide tools to assess situations in a different way and make the necessary changes to control anxiety .

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10. The path of Mindfulness (John Teasdale, Mark Williams, Zindel Segal)

Mindfulness has become a very useful methodology to treat anxiety, and third-generation therapies, in which this type of therapy is included, have become one of the most recent and effective paradigms for the way of living of the people in the new modern societies.

This book It is based on an 8 week program that has been experimented in hundreds of studies and that has proven to be very effective. Readers will learn to face the events that occur in their day to day more efficiently.

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11. Emotional healing: End stress, anxiety and depression without drugs or psychoanalysis (David Servan-Schreiber)

An authentic guide for well-being and emotional balance, and is intended for all those people who want to improve their emotional intelligence to be happier. Now, it focuses on two of the most frequent problems in our days, anxiety and depression, always from the professional experience of the author, who is an expert in cognitive neuroscience and neurobiology of emotions.

12. How to overcome anxiety and depression (Joseph Luciani)

Overcoming anxiety is the greatest desire of many people who suffer great discomfort due to this disorder. Therefore, works like this deserve to be mentioned, because are intended to improve mental health of people and, therefore, their happiness. It is a book full of useful information, with tips and tools to improve well-being.

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13. The 10 best-ever Anxiety management techniques (Margaret Wehrenberg)

Although this book is in English, it deserves to be on this list for its great content. Throughout its pages it presents 10 really useful techniques for the treatment of anxiety, techniques that have the scientific endorsement and that have been proven for more than 10 years. It is a practical book for both patients and psychologists.

14. Panic outside: natural technique that will help to quickly stop your panic attacks and your general anxiety (Barry McDonagh)

Panic attacks are a type of acute anxiety that causes people to experience a crisis at a certain time and place, because they feel elevated levels of anxiety and anguish with intense frightening thoughts that something serious can happen. For example, they will run out of air, and therefore, they will die.

Although the person may feel blocked at that moment, there are effective techniques to overcome it. This book is a comprehensive guide to deal with these situations and be aware that these thoughts are totally irrational.

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15. How to control anxiety before it controls you (Albert Ellis)

Anxiety disorders come to control the lives of people who suffer, and for that reason, the famous psychologist Albert Ellis, creator of a type of cognitive therapy called "rational emotional therapy", wrote this book, which aims to help to those people in this situation who wish to improve their quality of life and end anxiety. This book contemplates the ideas of his theory , so widely used in psychotherapeutic circuits for its effectiveness.

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16. Overcome anxiety and panic (Linda Manassee Buell)

Panic attacks present differences with other disorders, for example, generalized anxiety disorders, but they also have things in common. That is why this book aims, in a more general way, to help people overcome the different anxiety disorders that may be in their lives.

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17. Learning from anxiety: The wisdom of emotions (Pedro Moreno)

Misconceptions, education and also bad information can cause anxiety disorders. That's why Pedro Moreno decided to write his book "Learning from anxiety: The wisdom of emotions", a work that aims to educate people so they can better understand what happens to them and can detect their irrational beliefs to be able to modify them. A book focused on Mindfulness.

18. Anxiety: practical strategies to manage it step by step (Marta Rapado)

A simple reading text but rich in content that provides many practical strategies to learn to master anxiety and not let it dominate us. All the strategies presented in this work They have been scientifically proven and, therefore, have proven their effectiveness.

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19. How to cure phobias and fears: dealing with everything from agoraphobia to social phobias (Paul White)

Managing fear is possible, and with this work you will know first hand a series of activities to put into practice that will help you overcome your phobia (if you are in this situation). It is a text full of useful tools and strategies to treat all types of phobias, whether specific or complex (as in the case of agoraphobia or social phobia).

20. How to suppress worries and enjoy life (Dale Carnegie)

People with anxiety disorders, especially in the case of generalized anxiety disorder, are prone to worry about anything, sometimes totally irrational things and out of context.

Y although sometimes these situations may seem to be rational , the individual can not stop suffering that discomfort. This book, intended for people who suffer from this problem, contains examples and illustrations to facilitate the understanding of these disorders.

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21. Anxiety, Let someone help me! (Sara Burillo)

All a best-seller in Spain. This book by Sara Burillo, an expert in psychological help in anxiety disorders, aims to help people in this situation to deal with anxiety and carry out more adaptive strategies to help them live better, far away Of suffering. It is a clear, enjoyable and very useful book.

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The Caregiver's Perspective: Coping, Fear, Anxiety, and Resentment (July 2024).

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