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23 books on totally recommended NLP

23 books on totally recommended NLP

July 18, 2024

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) win followers every day

For those who do not yet know what it is, NLP is based on strategies that identify and use thought models that influence a person's behavior as a way to improve quality and solve problems. That is to say, they help to think in a more adaptive way before the situations that appear in the day to day.

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The best NLP books

Over the years, different authors have written works on this practice, allowing the disclosure of NLP in both everyday and academic fields. In today's article, we present you compilation of the best books of NLP :

1. NLP for dummies (Romilla Ready, Kate Burton, Xavier Guix)

If you want to learn about NLP but start from scratch, this is your book . This text, written by Romilla Ready, allows to know what NLP is with a more entertaining language than any manual on this subject. This work addresses the essential points with an easily understandable style and helps you to have contact with NLP techniques in a close manner.

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2. From Toads to Princes (Richard Bandler and John Grinder)

This is a book for anyone who wants to understand NLP in its origins . The text is a transcript of the NLP seminar that for years Grinder and Bandler taught around the world, and is explained in a pleasant and fluent way.

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3. NLP-Neurolinguistic Programming (Marcelo Actis Danna)

This book is about how Neurolinguistic Programming allows you to achieve your goals and your well-being in life . Throughout the text it is possible to find very useful strategies for your life. A book that will catch you.

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4. Seduce and captivate with NLP (Salvador Carrión)

This book is a guide on NLP as a tool for seduction . A work by Salvador Carrión, for those who wish to use their potential and master communication more effectively, seducing the interlocutors.

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5. Introduction to NLP (Joseph O'Connor and John Seymour)

A great introductory book on NLP , which helps to understand yourself and others. It is a text to invest in oneself and bring out the best that one has. Written in simple language, the authors have managed to write a coherent and easy to follow story.

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6. Believe more in you with NLP (David Molden and Pat Hutchinson)

Self-confidence is the key to achieving the goals that a person sets. This is a text that facilitates the basic tools to achieve your goals, because it helps you gain confidence and confidence in yourself. In short, NLP at the service of oneself.

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7. The structure of magic Vol I. (Richard Bandler and John Grinder)

The creators of the NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, created their first joint work in these pages . After this publication, the NLP was baptized and made known. This is the principle of Neurolinguistic Programming, a work that you can not miss.

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8. NLP, magic in action (Richard Bandler and John Grinder)

This is the second installment of the authors Richard Bandler and John Grinder . Unlike the previous text, which focused on offering a metamodel of language as a tool to understand what some psychotherapists did, in this work, more value is given to the representational systems (Visual, Auditory, Olfactory, Gustatory and Kinesthetic) and their integration in said linguistic meta-model.

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9. Transform your brain with NLP (Wendy Jago)

Neurolinguistic Programming is a very powerful tool for personal development, that's why it is used in coaching to help people change . This work allows you to know the great use of coaching to bring about changes in your behavior and, also, gives you the opportunity to delve into the different techniques that will help you to understand yourself better and understand the environment that surrounds you.

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10. Power without limits (Anthony Robbins)

This book is about the attitude and the hidden power of the mind . In its pages, it is possible to find a way to transform your own life, giving you tools to work better your interpersonal relationships or even change your eating habits.

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11. Teaching to teach with NLP (María Martínez Alcázar and Salvador Carrión López)

María Martínez Alcázar and Salvador Carrión López join to facilitate the readers of this book the communication tools and NLP both for education professionals and apprentices, so they can have very useful techniques when it is necessary to communicate in front of an audience. An interesting work for those who give seminars or have training courses.

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12. Deep transformation (Gabriel Guerrero)

This is a book that is intended for the self-growth of a person . Through its pages, you will immerse yourself in the numerous guidelines, tools and approaches of useful and practical application of NLP with the aim of changing the maladaptive habits of your life.

13. NLP, coaching to fall in love, the art of seduction for men and women (María Martínez Alcázar)

Working on oneself and improving seduction tools is the best way to seduce . Thanks to coaching and NLP, the author of this editorial work proposes different strategies and tools that will help you to know how to act to achieve genuine and authentic relationships with the people around you.

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14. Identification and change of beliefs (Robert Dilts)

Our beliefs influence our behavior . They motivate us and shape what we do. This book is focused on the principles of Neurolinguistic Programming, and encourages the change of irrational beliefs. Therefore, the objective of this text is to give and provide both theoretical and practical information for the change of maladaptive beliefs.

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15. The power of metaphors (Salvador Carrión)

Metaphors are positive belief-enhancing techniques , since the symbolic language of the narrative defines us and our perspective of the world and provides us with learning. Metaphors can be more powerful than any suggestion or advice, and mobilize our creative capacity in the inner search for new options. The NLP uses transformative metaphors with the aim of achieving an overcoming learning. This book is about this tool of NLP.

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16. The power of the word (Robert Dilts)

Adaptive beliefs and emotional health go hand in hand . Like the previous Robert Dills text that has been mentioned, this book addresses the power of language and words to model our perceptions and attitudes about our behavior and our surroundings.

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17. The sorcerer's apprentice: manual of practical exercises of neurolinguistic programming (Alexa Mohl)

This text has its origins in a series of seminars aimed at transmitting the knowledge of Neurolinguistic Programming to individuals willing to develop a practice for life that is more communicative, creative and productive. A great introductory book, with great emphasis on the practical.

  • Available here

18. Time, NLP and emotional intelligence (José María Acosta)

Emotional intelligence brings many benefits for people, whether for emotional health, communication or productivity. Together with NLP, the benefits are even greater. This book explains 120 common problems and their possible solutions, useful for the field of work.

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19. NLP at work (Sue Knight)

The work environment also benefits from Neurolinguistic Programming , that's why this book has had great success. It teaches different effective techniques, exposed in a simple way, which will improve relationships at work, benefiting cooperation and productivity.

  • Available here

20. Time to change (Richard Bandler)

Another work by Richard Bandler that you can not miss , because it deals with the power of beliefs to create internal and external realities. In addition, it focuses on how NLP plays a fundamental role in the process of change. Undoubtedly, a text that captures the reader through their stories and anecdotes that follow each other.

21. How to understand NLP (Catherine Cudicio)

One of the shortest and most concise NLP books. It explains how NLP is used in companies and organizations through trainers, communicators, etc. Particularly, this work is focused to those who believe in the importance of communicative processes as elements that create frames of reference and ways of thinking.

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22. NLP: the technique of success (Merlina de Dobrinsky)

A book that explains in an informative way the theoretical and practical foundations on which NLP is based. In addition, it is also a relatively short and summarized reading : it takes less than 200 pages.

  • To learn more about this book, access this web page.

23. NLP for all (Rosetta Forner)

In this book, a lot of effort is put into explaining the bases of NLP in a fun and entertaining way. An ideal book for those looking for a complete and practice-based perspective on this tool.

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