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23 hobbies to do at home and have fun

23 hobbies to do at home and have fun

November 9, 2022

A broken leg, an accident, work or family obligations, the absence or cancellation of plans ... In many occasions we can meet with various circumstances that prevent us from leaving our home and perform activities outside it.

Many people feel overwhelmed and high frustration at this fact, not knowing what to do. However, there are many activities that we can do to occupy our time in a more or less ludic way. As an example of it here you can find 23 hobbies to do at home and have fun .

Different hobbies to entertain at home

Below you can read about simple hobbies and hobbies that can have fun and train in your home.

1. Contact and talk

Being at home does not imply that you have to be alone. Talk to your family or friends if they are present and share your day to day, concerns, fears and longings. If they are not, call them and spend the time talking or ask them to come to your house and spend the hours in your company.

2. Do sport

Sport generates endorphins and helps improve health and fitness. While most people have a preference for going to a gym or doing outdoor sports, there are a lot of activities that can be done at home. Push-ups, weights, pull-ups, aerobics, pilates ... if you want to play sports there is no excuse.

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3. Read

A good novel can catch you and entertain you for hours. Travel to impossible worlds, live the lives of other people, contemplate the wonders of hundreds of worlds. And not only novels, but we can also read essays on a large number of topics that will help us acquire knowledge and new ways of understanding the world .

4. Listen to music

Music is one of the oldest arts and has had the most influence throughout history. From ritual songs to inspirational melodies, it has always had a certain magic that accompanies us in our happiest and saddest moments and helps us feel emotions. Pop, rock, jazz, heavy metal, classical music ... the possibilities are practically unlimited.

5. Dance

Joined to the previous hobby or even without accompanying music, dancing is a way to move the body and help us express our feelings and wishes at the same time we play sports. If you do it you can only feel authentically free, while if you do it with your partner or with other people you will have fun and do something together that can help make you feel more united.

6. Series or cinema

One way to kill time is by watching movies or series, whatever their genre. It is an activity that you can do with other people or you alone, and can also help you see different views of reality.

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7. Meditation, yoga and relaxation

We live in a very stressful world. Another way to spend time and get a deep gratification is to perform activities that relax both your muscles and your mind. Meditation, yoga or the use of different relaxation techniques Through breathing and muscle tension they tend to have great acceptance and effectiveness.

8. Write

to write it's a creative hobby that can produce a deep satisfaction, whether we are talking about an article on a specific topic, an essay, a novel or poetry. Express what you feel or what your imagination allows you to develop, while you can develop your talent and see how your effort has a concrete result.

9. Sing

Linked to listening to music and dancing, it is a fairly common hobby that, apart from being fun, helps to express our emotions and allows relaxation and relaxation at the mental level. One of the hobbies to make at home more creative.

10. DIY

A pretty common hobby, the elaboration of different elements are decorative or functional it is an affordable challenge at the same time as satisfactory and even fun when the effort invested is giving a result. It also helps to disconnect.

11. Crafts

Making various crafts is also a common method of entertainment, even for children. These decorative elements can be used in real life, destroyed after their production (which can also have a cathartic effect) or even sold.

12. Sew

Sewing and crochet are activities that today are not too common as a hobby, but nevertheless it is a hobby that It can be very stimulating at the same time creative and productive.

13. Learn

Look at different newspapers, watch the news, look for information about the situation of a certain aspect of reality. With this you will be able to know a little better how the world works and what is happening in it, which can be of great practical use.

14. Paint

Another of the arts, painting allows us to express ourselves in a material and lasting way. Reflecting and reflecting on a canvas or paper a part of reality, our vision of the world or a bit of our interior is very satisfying and entertaining, as well as liberating.

15. Electronic leisure

Video games and video games are very popular entertainment systems that like reading or viewing series allows us to see ourselves immersed in different worlds, lives and stories. With the difference that in this case we have an active participation (although predetermined) in the resolution of the story. Creator and spectator are the same person.

16. Kitchen

Cooking is for many an exciting activity. It is a perishable art in which imagination, effort and physical as well as mental activity can come into play. It requires concentration and it is even possible to do it in a group. Experiment with different substances, textures and tastes . In addition to that later the elaborated is consumed and we can determine the result.

17. Gardening

Taking care of other beings is an activity that can be exciting. The plants need specific care and it is possible to see an evolution of your state over time, besides that the manipulation of the earth, the vegetables, the water and the procedure used for its maintenance is usually relaxing.

18. Start a project

If we have free time, we can dedicate it to plan an exciting project . We can plan the vacations, a getaway, the start of a business or a training, or what we are going to do next weekend.

19. Learn to play an instrument

Another artistic hobby has to do with learning to play musical instruments. The guitar, the piano, the flute, the sax or the violin are some typical examples. It is something that It can be relaxing and inspiring , besides being well valued socially.

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20. Board games or chance

The cards, board games or even games of chance are other activities that can be established as hobbies. In addition, most are designed to play several people, so that regardless of the game itself is possible to interact with others and entertain making alliances, cooperating or competing.

21. Make theater

Whether you are alone or accompanied, it can be very stimulating and fun to try to perform a theatrical performance. Acting and playing a certain role, regardless of whether it is ascribed to our way of seeing the world or not, allows us to approach different ways of seeing and feeling life and reality. Apart from this, it can be used to improve our communication skills and our expressivity.

22. Photography

Portraying the surrounding reality helps us to try to reflect the beauty of the world in which we live, while entertaining us. It's not just about taking pictures, but trying to get the best out of everything we photograph, and play with aspects such as light, contrast, sharpness .

23. Redecorate your home

Sometimes the idea of ​​changing the routine, of giving a turn to what surrounds us, can be very motivating. Rearranges and rearranges furniture and decorations. Paint the wall in another color. Change the layout of your home in different ways , and see what effect the changes might have. In addition, this activity can be done individually or as a group.

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