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23 sexist (and unacceptable) questions in a job interview

23 sexist (and unacceptable) questions in a job interview

July 19, 2024

Surely the job interview is one of the most complex situations to deal with when we face it . Currently there are thousands of tips, tutorials, guides and even coaching courses to support a job interview whatever your difficulty.

Another debate that is on the table is the role that some companies determine for the interviewer, dictating some corporate norms that are of dubious legitimacy, as some are accused of discriminating positively or negatively the sexual gender.

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Sexist phrases that should be avoided in an interview

Some companies of prestigious reputation such as the Spanish airline Iberia, the Hewlett-Packard computer or even the Coca-Cola Company, have received severe formal complaints for sexist treatment in terms of recruitment , especially in intermediate positions or executives and directors.

In this article we offer you the 23 most inadequate phrases that are usually pronounced in job interviews.

1. Do you plan to have children in the future?

It is the star phrase / question of sexism, especially against women, where they see their chances of success limited by the supposed maternal desire.

2. We need you to leave your hair long

Here is another example of sexist phrase, where there are jobs that put the physical image before the professionalism of the worker. In most cases it affects women more.

3. What is your opinion of dating someone from the office?

Although it seems incredible, it is a normality to verbalize this phrase.

4. Do you suffer from post-menstrual syndrome?

Women are again in the spotlight when facing a job interview.

5. You need more makeup for the next day

No comments, right?

6. Try to flirt with customers to close a sale

On many occasions, women are hired to attract potential clients.

7. Can you adapt to such a masculine environment?

In some sectors, the masculine gender is the dominant one. Often women suffer this type of questions from the company.

8. Where do you see yourself in the future?

This simple question hides a desire to know whether the candidate will form a family or not.

9. Being a father we do not know if you have availability to travel

Having children does not imply inability to move.

10. Have you ever taken the leave?

Women are unfairly implicated with a high level of temporary sick leave at work for both physical and physiological issues.

11. Sorry, we require physical strength to perform the activities of the company.

In some cases, such as in the logistics sector, women are penalized for not being "strong".

12. In the job announcement secretary is requested, not secretary

Men also encounter difficulties in some requested positions, such as those facing the public or secretariat.

13. Are you sure you will not have children?

A sexist question that addresses both the male and female gender.

14. At what age would you like to have children?

A phrase of the most common today.

15. Here the girls must wear a skirt and heels

Clothing is another controversial element between men and women.

16. Do you prefer to attend to mothers or parents?

It is a fairly recurrent question in the commercial sectors.

17. We need a man with character for the executive position

Can not a woman have character?

18. Maybe you do not fit in the profile, because we are looking for a woman

Shops of feminine, baby or makeup clothes, men are discriminated by their sexual condition.

19. Even if you have the rule, it is not a reason to leave

Incredible as it seems, these types of affirmations occur today.

20. You have to wear blouse here

The external appearance returns to be a priority for some firms

21. Do you usually cook yourself or your partner?

A very typical occurrence in job interviews.

22. Which of the two usually brings their children to school?

These difficulties face fathers and mothers in many applications.

23. Do you have a driver's license?

According to one study, 95% of women are asked this question.

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