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25 ideas to make your baby shower perfect

25 ideas to make your baby shower perfect

April 28, 2024

Organizing a baby shower is becoming more fashionable in the families of today, in addition to serving as a prelude to organize with your friends, give yourself the luxury of a whim or receive those gifts that will be very useful to your baby.

In this type of party can not miss all kinds of children's details, and that is that we can almost feel children again thanks to this event and the ornamentation that entails: games, sweet cupcakes, decoration and games.

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What is the baby shower?

The term baby shower comes from the English etymology that means "Bathe", figuratively, with childish gifts to the mother who is going to give birth or who has already conceived the baby. At first it consisted of a party exclusively for mothers, and it was a ritual that was intended only for the first son or daughter.

The baby showers emerged as an alternative to traditional religious rituals such as christenings, although with a more materialistic and purely idle component.

The protocol specialists say that this party is usually (or should) be organized by an intimate friend of the family, since it is considered very impolite that the families themselves "ask" for gifts on behalf of other relatives.

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Ideas for the baby shower

Organize this type of event can be highly fun and attractive, especially if we refer to the preparation of food and decoration. If you plan an entertaining baby shower, Pay attention to these ideas and gift options!

1. Healthy snacks

If you want to stand out with an original idea in your party, be original and prepare something healthy. Choose fruits and vegetables, decorate them to your liking and offer your guests a varied and very appetizing guest table.

2. And now the sweets!

Now, it's time to have a luxury, and that's the traditional sweets that can not miss in a baby shower . The so-called "pop thematics": lollipop (lollipops), popcorn (popcorn) and cackepop (muffins) are common.

3. Varied cookies

Not present the typical boring cookies and without color. Instead, choose cookies specially decorated for the occasion, with cookies shaped in the shape of baby clothes, a pacifier, a bottle or a stuffed animal.

4. The signature book

Do not wait for your guests with an open notebook with blank pages and a bic pen to sign their dedications ... create your own work of art! Recíbelos with a decorated mural or a diorama that contains a notebook decorated to the taste of the occasion.

5. The bouquets of flowers

If you have doubts about the gift to carry, you can always Create your own flower with items that the baby will use , like socks or beanies. Roll them up so that it is the closest thing to a plant.

6. Make your own maternity book

Do you want to give something really special? You can help your friend create her own maternity book. If you also sign as the first person, the mother will feel a special affection for you each time you read the dedications.

7. Cocktails without alcohol

We already know that the party is dedicated for babies , but that does not mean that you can not make your own cocktails without alcohol, mixing juices with natural fruits.

8. Funny drinks

Taking into account the previous point, we advise you to use some original containers (the bottle, the most obvious) to impress your guests even more and create a funny moment for when you serve the drinks.

9. Rubber ducklings

Perhaps it is the most successful symbol for your baby shower party, and babies love to shower and play with ducklings! Fill a container of ice water to simulate a bathtub, you will see how your guests will love it.

10. Donuts with baby faces

Returning to the sweets, we give you another idea that can be ingenious. Buy some stuffed donuts so you can draw correctly with any other seasoning baby face. They will not leave one!

11. Instruction mural

Create a mural of instructions for the mother who has not yet had the child. You can draw with small representative sketches some recommendations for the future mom.

12. Children's music

There are thousands of records dedicated to baby parties. Go to a specialized store and find the product that best suits you, and dance!

13. Crafts workshop

Make your guests participate actively . Prepare a table with materials and tools for guests to create their own gifts for the baby.

14. Women's centerpieces

If you still do not have a clear idea of ​​what decoration you would like to offer, you can put some centerpieces with the silhouette of the mother.

15. Reveal the identity of the baby

If you have kept the mystery of the creature's sex, the baby shower party will be the best excuse to reveal it. It's very easy: make a game based on the dress of each sex, and dress your guests with the outfit once they solve the mystery.

16. Recommend a name

It is one of the great puzzles of all marriages. If your friend has not decided with her partner the name of the baby, you can create another game where a winner results. Of course, as long as the marriage pleases!

17. Forbidden to say baby

It is very typical and fun at baby shower parties. Make the guests give up saying the magic word throughout the party. The loser will have a deserving punishment.

18. Cake pops

The cake pops are the latest fashion in sweets. An original idea is to decorate them as if they were the faces of the baby, accompanied by what you can think of.

19. Stuffed bootees

Choose a cocktail of sweets and various candies that are more to your liking. Buy some booties and fill them for each individual. Apart from being part of the banquet, they can serve as a decorative element .

20. The guests deserve a detail

As the guests will bring all kinds of gifts for the baby, it would not hurt for them to prepare some detail to thank them for their participation. It can be any symbolic product, it does not need anything special.

21. Dedications to the baby

Another gift you can give to the couple is a container or decorated boxes containing messages for the baby . You can have the guests do it live at the baby shower. It is an original and very emotional idea.

22. Animated vinyl

Many rooms for children and babies will be decorated one day by animated vinyl. It is not a bad occasion to decorate the walls of the house with the same the day of the baby shower.

23. Guess the size of the belly

It is a very recurrent interactive game in the baby shower. Have a meter handy and have the guests, before measuring the diameter of the mother's waist, guess the size. The winner will get a prize.

24. Ready to feed the baby?

We continue in the games section. You can play for the mother to show that she is ready to feed her son. Sell ​​your eyes and have him feed any guest.

25. The tastes of the future baby

It will be one of the funniest activities. Guests should make a list of possible tastes or hobbies that the baby may have in the future. Save the notes and when the time comes, reveal the name of the guest who has more success!

Oh Baby, Baby! Check Out These Baby Shower Ideas & More DIY Hacks by Blossom (April 2024).

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