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28 most irritating defects in a person

28 most irritating defects in a person

June 24, 2024

In the world there are more than 7,000 million inhabitants. Some individuals are genuine and genuine people, people who fall really well. However, sometimes, we also have to have contact and interact with people who, although many times they do not do it with bad intentions, irritate and annoy us . In other words, they are unbearable people.

And it is that irritating people can appear anywhere. Whether at work, when you go on the train or when you decide to share a flat with someone and you realize that you have habits that you did not anticipate. In those moments you wish you had not made the decision to live with him or her.

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Habits and defects of irritants

But, What habits do irritants have? What makes these individuals take you out of your boxes and make you have a hard time? In this article, you can find a list with 28 characteristic habits of irritants.

1. Move and talk in bed

We all like to sleep peacefully at night, because the hours of sleep that we lose when we should rest affect us during the day in our energy level, our concentration or our performance. One of the irritating defects that a person can have is that they do not stop moving at night , kick you or talk continuously. No matter how much you love your partner, it's not perfect.

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2. Making sound while chewing

Either because you've stayed with a friend for dinner or you're eating with your family, The habit that person has to make sound while chewing is unbearable .

3. Put on high music when wearing headphones

Have you ever been on the subway and the person next to you is wearing headphones so loud you can hear the music? And has it happened to you when you're on the train and you're trying to read and all you hear is that sound like a buzzing fly? It is really irritating.

4. And worse ... singing with headphones on

There are also people who, when they wear headphones, get to sing the song they are listening to. The worst of all is that they sing very badly.

5. Speak loudly on the phone

Not only are those who sing, but those who talk on the phone to find out in the next town .

6. Arriving late

There is nothing worse than staying with someone at an hour and making you wait. It is a lack of education and it is irritating.

7. Chewing gum with an open mouth

Another lack of education and that can also be irritating is when the person chews the gum and you can practically see his throat.

8. Ask too much

Nothing happens when you are asked a question or two, because it is okay to help others. But when you ask too many questions, it is more a matter of laziness to search. For something, Google.

9. Share your whole life on social networks

It is highly irritating when someone posts on his Facebook profile all his life . They are usually people who seek constant approval, but nobody cares what you ate yesterday and will eat today and tomorrow.

10. Repeat the same thing over and over again

And those people who repeat themselves more than garlic? Every time you see them, they tell you the same thing over and over again.

11. Being disorganized

There is nothing worse than living or working with someone messy . If you go to the bathroom and you find everything upset or if you are at work and never finish your tasks on time, which causes you not to finish them on time.

12. Finish something and not replace it

Imagine you have a squeeze, so you go to the bathroom urgently. Then, when you finish, you realize that there is no toilet paper. It's to kill him.

13. Finish something and not warn

And when are you going for a coffee and your roommate has finished it and has not told you anything? If you went to the supermarket this morning, I could have bought it, right?

14. Spit

When you go with someone and suddenly spits . Besides being disgusting, it's irritating.

15. Find a prize inside the nose

As in the previous point, it is also disgusting when someone searches for oil inside their nostrils.

16. Leave the phone sound on when you send sms

You go on the bus and the person next door, who is a stranger, is messing with someone, and it seems like a lively conversation because they never stop interacting. The bad thing is that it has not turned off irritating warning sound .

17. Put the alarm clock in the morning to awaken everyone except themselves

You have 2 hours to get up but you wake up because someone in your family or with whom you live puts the alarm clock at that time. But that's not the bad thing, but As he does not want to get up, the alarm rings every ten minutes .

18. Pushing when they go in the subway

It is also annoying when you go to the subway and they push you without even apologizing.

19. Private high conversations on private issues

If you go on the subway and there are two people who are talking about a private issue but it seems that they talk so that you know all about the subway, it is also annoying.

20. Put finished products back in the fridge

If it is irritating when you want a coffee, but it is over and you have not been warned. Worse is even when you go for a glass of milk, you open the fridge, you take the tetrabrick, and when you open the stopper you realize that there is not a drop left.

21. Eat your food and use your things without permission

It is also to get angry when you go to look for your sausages and your friend has eaten them without warning.

22. Change the channel when you are watching something interesting

Or when you are at the peak of your favorite series and your brother comes and puts the football game he wants to see.

23. Leave hairs in bathroom

It can also be disgusting and irritating if someone has the bad habit of leaving hair in the bathroom and not having the decency to clean them.

24. Do not pull the chain

It is also not pleasant when someone does not pull the toilet chain.

25. Grab the charger without permission

You go through the mobile phone charger and can not find it. It turns out that you had taken a family without warning . And he has a bad habit of doing it.

26. Snoring

If moving in bed is annoying, worse is when someone snores. This is impossible to sleep.

27. Having strong TV at night

It is also not easy to fall asleep when someone has high television.

28. Have a party on the top floor when you have something important the next day

Or when your neighbor's son has been left alone at home and decides to invite his friends to party and embitter the night.

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