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3 moments that could have changed the history of football

3 moments that could have changed the history of football

November 27, 2021

At this point, we all recognize the incidence of psychological variables in both performance and experience in sport . Specifically in football, we usually mask them with expressions such as "being a pineapple" (group cohesion), "going out plugged" (concentration), "filling up with a ball" (narrow attention span) or "filling up with ghosts" (cognitive anxiety), among many others.

However, he still has a way to go through the idea that these variables are susceptible to being trained and, with it, the professional figure of the sports psychologist.

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Moments in the history of football that could have been different

In this article we are going to review 3 moments in the history of football that, perhaps, would have been different with an adequate mental training that will maximize the chances of success.

1. The Riquelme penalty

The 2006 Champions League edition will be remembered as the second FC Barcelona cup, but some of us remember it as the first contact of Villarreal with the highest European competition ... and, often, contact!

The yellow submarine was planted in the semifinals after eliminating Glasgow Rangers and Inter Milan, no less, and the last step before the dream of the final was Arsenal.

After losing 1-0 in London, we reached the 90th minute at Madrigal with a goalless draw, when the yellows found themselves with a penalty in favor to force the extra time. The person in charge of launching it would be the Argentine international Juan Román Riquelme, one of the best players of his time and an expert pitcher. However, his own facial and body expression betrayed the impending tragedy ... Riquelme would fail and it would be Arsenal who would reach the final that, in the end, the Culé team would take.

When we perceive a high demand of the situation regarding our capabilities , the pressure is produced. An adequate cognitive management, accompanied by techniques of breathing and concentration, can help us to minimize the psychological factor in tests as "simple" at the technical level as throwing a penalty.

The 'Alcorconazo' against Real Madrid

In 2009 President Florentino Pérez returned to Real Madrid. True to his philosophy of "the team with the best players in the world, will be the best team in the world," repeated his strategy all star and Madrid assaulted the bench signing the two gold balls Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, the young promise Karim Benzema and national stars like Xabi Alonso or Álvaro Arbeloa.

Such a carrier landed in Santo Domingo, the field of the modest 2nd B, AD Alcorcón in sixteenth of the Copa del Rey. To this day, it is still a matter of discussion how it was possible that David got a 4-0 to Goliath, since, if Madrid had better players, better coach, more experience, more money ... Where was the key?

Motivation is the engine of all our actions , and having it can lead us to get the craziest dreams, as well as the lack of it to the most unexpected failures. Having attractive and challenging goals is one way to train her.

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Zidane's header to Materazzi

Zinedine Zidane was probably the best player of his time. Star in Juventus and Real Madrid, champion of the Champions League, European Championship, World Cup and Golden Ball, put an end to this successful race with the 2006 World Cup in Germany. After a great tournament being decisive scoring against Spain and assisting against Brazil , was planted in the final against the always fearsome Italians. The thing could not begin better for France: Penalty in favor and Zizou, far from getting nervous, converted the 1-0 to the panenka for the squad. However, we already know what happens with Italy ... Materazzi tied his head and forced the extension, but that would not be his last contribution to the cause.

In the added time, the defender dropped Zidane some impertinence that took the galactic, who gave him a rough header in the chest getting his expulsion from the game, the final, the World Cup and, ultimately, football. Without Zidane in the field and with one less, Italy managed to hold until the penalty shootout that would end up giving them their fourth world title.

Emotional intelligence involves using emotions in our own interest . Anger, excessive activation, can be directed toward effort and resilience, rather than towards aggressiveness.We understand that the psychological aspect is important, but it is so important that, if it had been expensive, perhaps today the Vilarreal would have a Champions and Zidane would have had a film ending ... and perhaps with an adequate mental training ... we would not depend on the currency .

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10 Moments That Would Have COMPLETELY Changed Football! (November 2021).

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