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30 books to learn English quickly and easily

30 books to learn English quickly and easily

May 24, 2022

English is one of the most important languages ​​on the planet, so mastering it provides great facilities both when developing a career when what you want is to access different forms of culture produced in other countries.

Although there is increasing awareness of how important this language is, statistics show that only one in five Spaniards speak English fluently. Read and enjoy books to learn English It is an excellent way to become familiar with this language.

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Learn English with these 30 books

Learning a new language can be difficult, especially at the beginning. Therefore, in this article, you will find a selection of 30 books that can help you improve your English in a simple way. You can see the list below.

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1. English for dummies (Planet Group)

For dummies is a collection of initiation books of different themes that belongs to Grupo Planeta. With this work you will be able to enter the language in an entertaining way, and you will find many tips and explanations on how Build phrases naturally, improve your grammar and learn new vocabulary .

  • If you want to know more about this book, click here.

2. The complete basic English guide (Janet Gerber)

This work is ideal for those who intend to start in the English language. It is a book for beginners It contains up to 30 different themes. Without a doubt, very useful and practical and, in addition, economic.

  • To know more about this work, access this website.

3. Full English: comprehensive review of English grammar for Spanish speakers (Theodore Kendris)

If your intention is to pay more attention to grammar and spelling, this is a book for you. It is designed especially for Spanish speakers , so that the learning adapts perfectly to your needs.

4. Practical everyday english (Steven Collins)

This work by Steve Collins has turned out to be a very popular and successful book, largely because it is a simple book in which the reader feels interpellated, because the exercises can be put into practice in one's daily life .

  • Are you interested? Click here.

5. English for Latinos, Level 1 (William C. Harvey)

Spanish-speaking people who want to start in this language will find a great ally in this book. The author is a well-known teacher, and facilitates many practical tips for a better assimilation of English .

  • If you want to know more about him, this link will help you.

6. Basic English: A practical introduction to thirty basic topics to start talking now! (Daniel Welsch)

The title of this book says it all. But being basic does not mean that it is not a good work. In its pages you can find many tips, exercises and even a list of vocabulary.

  • If you want to get it, click here.

7. Full English course for Latinos (Editorial Aguilar)

The Editorial Aguilar has a complete manual to learn English, in which you can find hundreds of tools so you can learn this language with maximum speed.

  • If you are interested, access this website.

8. Verbs in English (Sila English)

This text belongs to the blog Learn English Sila , and deals in depth with the verbal theme in this language. The book is a compilation of articles about verbs published in this portal.

  • To get hold of it, click here.

9. Logical pronunciation of English: A practical method (J.A. Gómez)

If what you are looking for is a practical book, more focused on oral expression, and that allows you to improve your pronunciation, this is the ideal book for you. Contains hundreds of tricks to help you improve your spoken English .

  • In this link you will find more information.

10. English Everywhere !!! (Richard Vaughan)

The author of this text is Richard Vaughan, the creator of a method that bears his name and that has great popularity. This text audiovisual resources are combined to make learning easier for you.

11. English Is Not Easy (Luci Gutierrez)

A book that is full of illustrations by the author, who teaches English through fun illustrations that express the meaning of words . And it is that getting started in a new language is not easy, but with time it is possible to learn it.

  • To get hold of it, click here.

12. You Can Do It! The last push to your English (Helena Hurçab)

The author of this work aims to make things easy for us when learning English. That's why it presents many tricks to improve English in a simple way.

13. A truth as a temple (Daniel Vivas Tesón)

"A truth as a temple" belongs to the Superbritanico book collection , which are characterized by being fun and entertaining. In its pages you can find hundreds of curiosities and an approach to the British street language, as well as practical exercises and even celebrities phrase. A book with a high humorous content.

  • You will find more information on this website.

14. Street English (Arlette Ducourant)

One of the big problems that many people who study in academia find is that English on the street is very different. This book aims to help people learn a more complete English, because teaches the colloquial language, both British and American . A good way to enrich your vocabulary.

15. Master English in 12 subjects (Jenny Smith)

In its pages it is possible to find more than 235 words and 100 useful phrases about the most varied topics. Another useful resource to expand the vocabulary .

  • To get it, click here.

16. The Grammar Bible (Michael Stumpf and Auriel Douglas)

Michael Stumpf and Auriel Douglas are the creators of the Grammar Bible, an excellent book that aims to help you improve this part of linguistics.

  • To read more about this book, click here.

17. English Grammar in Use (Raymond Murphy)

Again, another text to deepen the grammar, with 400 pages that will allow you to improve your level of English .

  • In this link you will find more information.

18. Translation Booklet: Speak English fluently (Richard Vaughan)

Another great work by Richard Vaughan . A very useful text, which compiles 8 complete works. The product also includes audio recordings, which makes this work one of the most complete books to learn English.

  • You will find more information about the book on this website.

19. Practical English Usage (Michael Swan)

This text has been published by the Oxford Press Publishing House, and allows you to deepen the basics of English. A great book that will allow you to learn a lot if you are beginning to become familiar with this language .

  • Click here to get it or read more about it.

20. This book is the milk !: The English that you did not know you knew (Alberto Alonso and Damián Mollá)

A book that, besides didactic, it's fun . Written by Alberto Alonso and Damián Moll this text will help you to improve your proficiency in the language. A very curious book in which you can find, hundreds of phrases, thousands of words to improve and vocabulary and even jokes in English.

  • To read more about it, click here.

21. English Grammar (Max Power)

Learn grammar in a simple and comprehensive way. A great book to improve your English that, in addition, It will not be a big expense for your pocket .

22. Learn English speaking! (Natural Learning)

A book that helps to improve spoken English and through pronunciation. It consists of a course that, in addition, incorporates audio content .

  • Visit this website to learn more.

23. If you want, you can (Richard Vaughan)

Learning a new language is complicated, but with will everything is possible. Also, if you have a book like this, you have no excuse to get down to work. A great book that maximizes its 250 pages.

  • Click here to get it.

24. 50 English Tips for Spanish Professionals: The most common mistakes ... and how to avoid them (Nick Potter)

When we start learning a language, we often make mistakes. This book aims to correct this situation and provides a series of practical tips to solve the confusions and "bad linguistic customs" that we can adopt.

  • If you are interested, you will find more information here.

25. Collins Cobuild english grammar (Collins Cobuild)

Another book that deals with grammar; but few are so entertaining and more practical than this work by Collins Cobuild. It is more focused on British English.

  • On this website you will find more information about the book.

26. Basic English for Spanish speakers (Eva Reina)

Eva Reina makes it easy for you to learn English with this good book. It is an ideal text for those people who do not know much English and intend to start in this language.

  • Visit this page to learn more.

27. The Lemony Pear (Daniel Vivas Tesón)

Like "The truth as a temple", another book by Super Britanico. Again, a very entertaining text, very different from those that can be found in the market as textbooks.

  • If you want to know more about the book, visit this website.

28. Exercises with Phrasal Verbs No. 1

For those people who are not totally new in this language. It is a very practical book, in which it is possible to find more than 350 compound verbs and exercises to memorize them and learn to use them.

  • You will find more information here.

29Almost Native: Tips, resources and strategies to learn real English (Alejandro Castrelo)

A book full of useful tips that will allow you to learn the language more easily, but the text focuses not so much on aspects of the language, but on the strategies and useful tools to maximize learning .

  • If you are interested, you will find more information through this link.

30. The First Reading Book in English for Beginners (Ronaldo Messi)

This book is a compilation of easy texts that will allow you to acquire a great vocabulary quickly. Ideal to combine with English classes.

  • To acquire it, click here.

8 Beginner English Book Recommendations [Advanced English Lesson] (May 2022).

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