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32 things you do to yourself and you must eliminate from your life

32 things you do to yourself and you must eliminate from your life

January 25, 2022

Everyone wants to be happy and live a full life; However, many times we carry out behaviors that do not favor us or we think in a way that does not help us at all in this regard.

While there are a series of events outside of ourselves that we can not control and that influence how we feel, yes we can control the way we relate to these .

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Things that we do to ourselves and we should avoid

And it is that many times we are our worst enemies . That is why, in this article, I have prepared a list of things that we do to ourselves that can negatively affect our well-being.

So, if you want to be happy, you should stop:

1. Obsess for happiness

We all want to be happy; However, when we become obsessed with happiness, we achieve the opposite. Happiness is in oneself, not in others, and has a lot to do with valuing what we have, following our path and desires, and having rational expectations.

2. Be emotionally dependent

Emotional dependence is a consequence of having low self-esteem . By depending on other people and granting them your happiness, we feel addicted to their presence. It is a phenomenon that usually occurs in some relationships. If you want to avoid it, you can read this article: "12 tips to overcome emotional dependence"

3. To think that you always have the absolute truth

We all have our way of thinking and we have all had different experiences. Believing that everything we think is the only truth is an error. This mentality does not allow us to grow and, moreover, it does not leave us Respect the opinions of other people . Even if you disagree, others may also have valid opinions.

4. The past directs your life

The past is there and we can not change it, but we can change the way we relate to that moment in our lives. We all make mistakes and, therefore, to be happy it is necessary to accept them and learn from them. There is no use in recreating something that has already happened.

5. Be so hard on yourself

And it is that when we live from the past, it is easy to be hard with ourselves. Therefore, it is necessary to accept (not forget) and stop blaming ourselves for the things that we have not liked about our lives. Acceptance is key to grow as people and to enjoy greater emotional well-being.

6. Not being proactive

To enjoy greater emotional well-being, it is necessary to be in movement; that is to say. fight for our goals and do not be quiet waiting for things to happen alone .

7. Be afraid of uncertainty

One of the most frequent fears is the fear of uncertainty. It's the fear of not knowing what will happen if we take a risk, so we prefer to stay still, even though we are not having a good time .

8. Complain

Complaining is not going to change your life , so it's no use doing it. It is better to analyze why things went wrong and try to change. In case of not being able to change, it is necessary to accept it.

9. Think negative

Thinking negatively immobilizes us, therefore, we must be optimistic and look to the future with a positive mentality.

10. Control everything

The fear of uncertainty makes us, many times, want to have everything under control , so we do not have to expose ourselves to the anxiety that uncertainty creates.

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11. Stay in the comfort zone

And this fear of uncertainty forces us to remain in the comfort zone, that is, in that place where we feel comfortable, and that, even if it does not benefit us, it invites us to remain there indefinitely.

12. Pay attention to your limiting beliefs

Sometimes we think that what we believe is correct; but, in reality, it prevents us from growing. These thoughts are called limiting beliefs and we must avoid them. Sometimes, we have a belief about something that makes us pessimistic about our possibilities , and when we put ourselves to the test, we realized that it was not so bad. You have to avoid these types of beliefs to be happy.

13. Think about what others think of you

Thinking about what others think of you prevents you from being happy and, in addition, it makes you waste a lot of energy . To be happy it is necessary to look inward and not outward.

14. Blaming others

Blaming others can be an excuse for not recognizing that, sometimes, we can make mistakes . We must have our feet on the ground and be realistic.

15. Look straight at the problems

And blaming others is a way to avoid facing problems. Therefore, if we want to solve things, it is always better to face the problems and be aware that it is possible to change.


Not blaming others does not mean that we should blame ourselves, but we must analyze the problems or difficult situations as they are, without looking the other way, and learn from them to improve our situation. We should not blame ourselves, but accept that things happen, whether they are good or bad.

17. Wrapping you in toxic relationships

Toxic relationships can do a lot of damage, but It is not always easy to recognize that we are in a . If we usually go from relationship to relationship and we always have the same problem, maybe this is not the others, but ours.

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18. Being afraid of relationships because the previous ones did not work

Nor can we go from one extreme to another , that is, not having relationships with others because the previous ones have not worked. Each relationship is a world, so if we want to be with someone, it is necessary to work it.

19. Compete with others

Competing with others can make us extremely unhappy, because each one has its own virtues and its own defects . It is important that we value ourselves as we are and not try to be better than others, but follow our own path.

20. Be jealous

Being jealous not only hurts the victim of jealousy, but also the person who is jealous. We must avoid being jealous, and if the problem is in self-esteem, we must take measures in this regard .

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21. Be envious

Envy must be avoided. Although to a greater or lesser extent we can all desire something that another person has, envy can not be a constant in our life, because It negatively affects our self-esteem and it is not positive for our interpersonal relationships.

22. Being spiteful

Resentment is not good for ourselves either, because it makes us have a great rage inside of us and it causes us great suffering.

23. Being revengeful

It may seem that spite and revenge are the same; however, resentment is a thought and revenge is the action that results from that thought of wishing badly to someone who has harmed us. Revenge is usually a bad option.

24. Be afraid to change

The fear of change is paralyzing and it's not adaptive at all . To be happy it is necessary to eliminate it from our lives.

25. Always do the same things

Doing the same thing can always be a symptom of wanting to stay in the comfort zone, so it is good to try new things, to be stimulated and to learn new ways of seeing life.

26. Value yourself negatively

To value you negatively has a disastrous consequence in your emotional balance and psychological well-being. Therefore, you have to accept yourself, as it is.

27. Be a perfectionist

Perfectionism may seem like a positive behavior and way of thinking, but to think that everything must be perfect is always an unreal belief that causes much suffering.

28. Procast

Procasting is not a good option, so ... why leave for tomorrow what we can do today? Get used to procrastinating It can have negative consequences, such as causing an excess of tasks that can cause stress.

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29. Judge others

Judging others is not beneficial for us or for them, especially if we live with prejudices of race, sex, etc.

30. Living far from the present

One of the keys to wellness is to live in the present moment and not in the irrational expectations . To learn to be in the here and now, it is possible to practice Mindfulness.

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31. Not respecting the opinions of others

Another mistake to avoid is being intolerant and not respecting the opinions of others. The lack of tolerance generates unnecessary conflicts .

32. Do not love yourself

If tolerance generates conflicts between people, not loving oneself creates internal conflicts that make us feel really bad.

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