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33 things that every student of Psychology has lived

33 things that every student of Psychology has lived

June 17, 2024

Passing through the faculty of psychology Not only is it a stage in which knowledge is accumulated, but it also goes hand in hand with a series of experiences that students of behavioral science tend to experience.

University life is accompanied by myths that are collapsed, existential doubts and reflections on the future of work and experiences that, in a certain sense, are loaded with humor.

To pass through the faculty of Psychology means ...

Let's review the main experiences related to this career.

1. You discover that the origin of the word "psychology" does not describe what it consists of

Although etymologically the term psychology means study of the soul, in reality psychologists are dedicated to investigate and intervene on very specific and delimited aspects of our day to day, and they do not use the concept of "soul" to work .

2. Everyone starts asking for free therapy

These attempts to approach to get free psychological consultation can come to seem endearing at first. However, the time and effort of psychological care deserves a payment ... and a university degree that proves your training.

3. People get their eyes light when they hear what you study in college

And it is at that moment when point number 2 occurs.

4. You realize that there is a lot of life beyond psychotherapy

Almost everyone starts the race wanting to dedicate themselves to therapy, but little by little they discover other branches of psychology.

5. Completely demystify the idea of ​​clinical hypnosis

You discover that hypnotists can not control the actions of the hypnotized person ... and that disappoints you. You had many illusions because of the myths about this practice.

6. Completely demystify the idea of ​​bipolarity

Be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder it's not fun or, probably, it's what you thought it was before you started the race . And no, of course it has nothing to do with what is said in that song by Porta.

7. Completely demystify the concept of psychopathy

No, the psychopaths are not dedicated to carving up people during their free time.

8. You wonder if you could be a psychopath

It is the next logical step after having reached the previous conclusion. After all, being a psychopath or not being it is a matter of degrees and quantities of psychopathy

9. You discover that no one uses divan anymore

The couch is a piece of furniture that has been outdated in psychology consultations, although it is very iconic.

11. You stop attributing magical powers to the Rorschach test

No, interpreting those sheets with ink stains will not reveal the most intimate part of your mind.

12. You start to question the concept of "mind"

After all, it is a very ambiguous and confusing term. Would it not be better to talk about "mental processes"?

13. You start to seriously question the concept of "human nature"

Many of the things we assume happen to everyone are by no means universal. The learned behavior models much of our way of seeing things , and not everyone learns in the same context.

14. You begin to question the concept of "consciousness"

Is consciousness the basis of operations of our brain, or is it the consequence of our brain being activated? It is very confusing.

15. You realize that you are questioning more things than you are fully understanding

It can be frustrating, but a good part of what it is to study psychology it implies unlearning certain myths .

16. You plan moral dilemmas on animal experimentation

Much of the research in psychology part of conduct studies with animals , and this will force you to position yourself in this regard.

17. You start looking for possible future patients among your classmates.

It is tempting to attribute symptoms and disorders to others, but that is something that It can only be done with preparation and in a clinical context .

18. You discover that the smallest things can produce psychological problems

Education, work, noise near the houses ... all this, even in small doses, can produce psychological crises.

19. You drop an idol: Sigmund Freud

When you start the race, you discover that Freud's ideas are completely outdated and that Current psychology follows other paths .

20. You realize that clients of psychologists do not know what they are hiring

Myths about psychology are so omnipresent that neither the people or organizations that pay for these services know very well what they do.

21. You wonder if the race is difficult in itself or if they swell their difficulty making you read a lot

In some faculties the career may seem difficult, but at least it is a grateful difficulty: if you study a lot, you get good grades , not like in engineering.

22. You start analyzing series, movies and videogames in a psychological key

Difficult not to do it. After all, the writers strive to make the personality of the characters interesting or very marked.

23. You maintain a love-hate relationship with psychotropic drugs

Psychotropic drugs can be alienating, but they improve the lives of many people .

24. You begin to believe much less in the conspiranoias about the use of psychotropic drugs

After all, the fact that the existence of these products benefits pharmaceutical companies does not mean that they are not effective in many cases.

25. Notes that the students of sociology have a respect that you will believe undeserved

The sociologists they see in psychology a point where the social sciences join the neurosciences , and that usually deserves respect. However, you will respect them because they spend the day working with statistical programs.

26. You will experience an identity crisis not knowing what psychological current to join

Because no, eclecticism does not have to be the best option. necessarily.

27. You enjoy answering evasive questions about what you study

What is the most important thing in the human mind? Define me the idea of ​​"human mind".

28. You pose as a psychoanalyst just to joke

Are you what you prefer the omelette without onions? Go go ... How is your relationship with your father?

29. You tend to choose electives in which there are fewer largemouth pupils

Classes with few students can encourage participation, but that will work against you in those in which one or two students get to talk at length about their opinions .

30. You realize that "emotional psychology" says nothing

All those images circulating on the Internet about "the teachings of emotional psychology" are based on lies and, in fact, there is no well-defined branch of psychology that is named . Emotions are components that address many branches and approaches of psychology at the same time.

31. You plan to create a specific savings fund to cover book expenses

Studying this career means investing a fortune in buying psychology books that, unless they are 600 page manuals, you will devour avidly.

32. You realize that during the lunch breaks you read more than during your last semester of compulsory education

Learning psychology involves transform books into a second brain .

33. You start looking for evolutionarily advantageous characteristics in your possible partners

You will notice especially in the waist-hip ratio and dark thriad.

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