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40 great movies to watch as a family

40 great movies to watch as a family

April 3, 2024

We live in a highly demanding society, in which we spend a lot of time carrying out different obligations and activities that leave us little time for family leisure. And this is very necessary, since it allows us to share time and get involved in the lives of our loved ones.

A simple way to have a good time with your family can be to meet to watch a movie. But the seventh art has a lot of works to choose from, some of which are much more suitable for family enjoyment (especially in the case of children). In this article we will see a small selection of movies to see as a family , perfect to have a nice time together and promote the debate when you finish them.

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Movies to see as a family

Here we present a series of movies and sagas that can be entertaining for everyone and at the same time show a positive message for the whole family. Many of the following are practically classic, being other more modern.

1. Flubber and the Crazy Professor (1997)

Film in which a university professor somewhat confused of an institution on the verge of bankruptcy discovers a very peculiar green energetic substance, Flubber, that defies gravity and that even has a certain personality. Thanks to her, she will try to save the university from bankruptcy , he will manage to fix different aspects of his life and will have to face a rival professor who will try to get hold of her.

2. Jumanji (1995)

Although recently a new version has been made in cinemas, in this listing we refer mainly to the 1995 original. In it we first notice how Alan Parrish discovers and later gets caught in the jungle by a magic table game called Jumanji, that twenty-five years later he is rediscovered by two brothers who start playing (freeing a now adult Alan in the process) and having to finish the game even though the game causes them to become reality and the consequences that the game dictates in each thrown

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