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40 questions for men: do you want to know more about your life?

40 questions for men: do you want to know more about your life?

June 12, 2024

If you are a woman and you have noticed a man, surely you are intrigued to know more about these people, how is their personality and how they behave with others. Especially at the beginning of the relationship , we pay close attention if that person fits or not with our beliefs, our values ​​and our vision of the world.

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Questions for men, to learn more about their lives

That's why in the following lines I propose a list of questions for men that will help you to know more about that person who has started to like you. Questions that can be useful to know how you think and how you act.

1. Are you a spiteful or vindictive person?

Although spite and revenge are not the same, they are related. The vengeful and spiteful people fulfill a series of characteristics, as we explained in the article "Resentful people: 10 traits and attitudes that characterize them". The answer to this question can provide you with very valuable information.

2. Have they ever hurt you emotionally?

We have all suffered sometime for someone. Recognizing it is good for one's emotional balance. If the boy tells you something like that and is honest with you, your confidence will increase .

3. What do you think of your ex-partners?

In relation to the previous question. If the person has a good attitude towards his ex-partners, it is a positive sign, which may mean that he has accepted the break. If hate seizes him, maybe not.

4. Do you regret something in this life?

We have all gone through good and bad times in this life. After all, they are experiences that make us grow.

5. What makes you feel most proud?

We all remember some moment in our life that makes us feel proud. If you want to know that man in depth, it's good that I tell you.

6. What are you afraid of?

Maybe the man you want to meet has some kind of fear. Either fear of uncertainty, success or some phobia.

7. What do you think of people who smoke?

Smoking is a bad habit but, unfortunately, there are many people who smoke. If you smoke, maybe you should ask this question.

8. Do you hate someone?

Just like feeling resentment for someone, hate is a negative emotion that does us no good . It is always better to focus on oneself and think only of those who care about us.

9. Have you ever cried while watching a movie?

If you want to know if the man you intend to meet is sensitive, you can ask him this question and see what he answers.

10. What is your greatest sexual fantasy?

If, in addition, you want to have something with that man. This question can provide important information in case you ever have an intimate encounter.

11. What is your favorite movie?

If you want to know your cinematic tastes, this question is a good alternative.

12. What is the most important thing to you about friendship?

This question is important both If what you want is to have a friendship with that man or a courtship .

13. Where would you like to live?

With his answer, the person gives information of their tastes when residing in a place and, in addition, of what the person is like.

14. What is your favorite band?

It's good to know if the man you want to meet shares your musical tastes.

15. What is freedom for you?

This subject can be considered abstract, so it will allow you to observe how that man that you are interested in learning reflects and delves into philosophical issues.

16. What do you enjoy doing most?

We all have our tastes and concerns. This question will let you know if your tastes fit with yours .

17. If you knew that in one year you will die suddenly, would you change anything in your way of life?

18. What would your perfect day be like?

It is a question that is closely related to the previous one, because it allows us to know what makes a person happy.

19. Is there something you have wanted to do for a long time and have not been able to do yet?

Sometimes we are too busy to do what we really want to do, but it's never too late.

20. Do you think you can always be faithful?

This will help you find out what concept you have about fidelity in relationships.

21. Do you believe in love forever?

There are people who confuse falling in love with love. Therefore, you can read the article "What is love? (And what is not)

22. Do you think that everything you propose can be achieved?

It is good to have expectations and dreams . But it is also important that these be realistic.

23. Are you more productive in the morning, in the afternoon or at night?

There are people who either because of their habits or other reasons are more lucid at certain times of the day. It's good to know if it's like you.

24. Do you have pets?

If you are an animal lover, you will like the answer to this question to be affirmative.

25. Do you like to read?

This will let you know what your concerns are. Reading brings many benefits, as we explained in the article "5 incredible benefits of reading books for your brain"

26. Do you have healthy habits?

Surround yourself with people with healthy habits, it's good for you to have them too. Health is first.

27. Would you forgive the deception?

There are people who are unable to forgive . Forgiveness is not only good for the person you forgive, but also for you.

28. Are you in love?

Each person lives love in their own way. Some of them are extremely enamored and others are less effusive.

29. Would you go back to the past? Why?

There are things that we can rejoice or hate about our past. When a situation is not accepted, we may want to go back to the past.

30. What is the aspect about you that you like most?

It is a way of knowing how the man with whom you have contact is valued and if he pays excessive attention to his physical appearance.

31. Do you often think about what happens to you and what you feel?

There are people who are very reflective and others who are not at all. Further, Excessively reflective people can magnify problems .

32. What three things do you appreciate most in a couple?

If that man interests you for something serious, surely you will like to know the answer to this question.

33. What's the most crazy thing you've done?

Especially in our youth, we have all done unconventional things.

34. What is it that most people think about you and is not true?

A way to see a different side of the person you want to know more thoroughly.

35. What kind of people do you find especially attractive?

A question that seeks to investigate the importance that the other person gives to the physical aspect .

36. In what situations would you be willing or willing to lie?

To say that you have never lied is a big lie. We have all done it, even if it is a pious lie.

37. Do you like to know what is happening in faraway places, or do you only care about the local?

Your answer can give you information about what the person is like and if he likes to explore and know the world.

38. How would you define your type of sense of humor?

The sense of humor is one of the most valued qualities in a couple , so it is positive to know if the other person has a great sense of humor or not.

39. Which member of your family is a better example for you?

We have all looked at some model, someone who has guided us and influenced our personality.

40. What is the memory of your childhood that you have more alive?

Childhood is a very important stage of our life, which marks us and says a lot about our personality.

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