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42 spicy questions with which to explore your sexy side

42 spicy questions with which to explore your sexy side

May 23, 2022

Having intimate relationships with someone we like so much is rewarding and enjoyable , and making love, in addition, is beneficial for our physical health and our mental health.

But not everyone enjoys sex fully because they do not have high self-esteem or because they have too many prejudices that make them see sex as a taboo subject,

Spicy questions to explore your more sexual side

It is important that you know what you like, what your partner likes, and what are the limits that you have in your mind and that throw you back in some moments of maximum intimacy. Do a trio, have sex in a forbidden place, make your most intimate fantasies come true ... they are topics that not everyone would talk about openly, And you ... what do you think about sex?

Below you can find a series of questions that will allow you to explore your sexier side l. Affirmative responses show that you are a person with an open mind.

1. Do you find it exciting to stroke your partner without touching it with your hands?

It is good to try different things in intimate relationships, especially those that make your senses activate.

2. Have you tested your most intimate fantasies?

We all have sexual fantasies . But not everyone has put them to the test. Without a doubt, they are experiences that are remembered throughout life.

3. When something does not appeal to you, do you know how to set limits?

Some people do not know how to say no to their partner. When this happens, it is that the self-esteem of the person needs to improve. In these cases, it is better to have a specialist to help you feel good about yourself.

4. What part of your body do you like the most?

This question also has to do with self-esteem. Someone who is comfortable with his body, yields more .

5. What is the most important thing to you in bed?

Knowing oneself is good to fully enjoy sex. This question is, without doubt, a question of self-knowledge.

6. Could you list three aphrodisiac foods that make you perform more?

There are a number of aphrodisiac foods that will help you to perform better and feel more attractive. There are also supplements that improve sexual ability. For example: tribulus terrestris for men.

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7. Do you like to practice intimate relationships in unusual places?

It can be very exciting to do unconventional things , but not everyone has this exploratory mentality.

8. Have you ever been exposed to the risk of being caught practicing sex?

And some of the people who have this more open mentality, can try to practice sex in places where they can be hunted. Are you one of those?

9. Do you know the benefits of practicing sex?

Sex not only gives us pleasure, but it can provide us with a series of benefits such as those you can find in our article: "The 13 benefits of having sex, according to science"

10. Have you discovered the sexual tastes of your partner?

It is always good to know what your partner likes most. That's why it's good to communicate and talk about these issues.

11. Three suggestive phrases that excite your partner?

In this process of discovering what makes your partner happy, This question can give you information about whether you know as much as you thought of your lover or in love .

12. Have you tried to bandage your eyes (yours and your partner's) to test the rest of the senses?

Another good way to explore the senses and discover new and exciting things.

13. Have you tried tantric sex?

Tantric sex is also a way to explore the senses and connect more deeply with your partner.

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14. What do you think about doing a trio?

Are you a liberal person or, on the contrary, are you a conservative person? A way to discover it.

15. Have you ever prepared a sensual bath for yourself and your partner?

It is good to enjoy intimate moments in which pleasurable sensations intensify.

16. Would you strip your partner?

Only people who really feel comfortable with their body would undress comfortably in front of their partner.

17. Would you have sex with someone you just met one night?

Some people have too many prejudices about what sex is and do not enjoy it in its entirety.

18. Would you do cybersex?

New technologies have given the opportunity to try new ways of having sex.

19Do you work your creativity when circumstances seem unfavorable (pregnancy, menstruation, etc.)?

Having a creative mind is synonymous with sexual well-being and general well-being.

20. Do you enjoy porn movies?

There are individuals who enjoy watching porn movies . Virtually all men. However, not so many women.

21. Do you take supplements to keep your libido in shape?

There are a number of supplements, which are plant extracts, that improve sexual performance and maximize orgasm.

22. Despite the hectic pace of life, do you know how to find a moment for sexual pleasure, even if it is only for a quick encounter?

Many people live stressed . But to maintain good sexual health and a healthy marriage or couple, it is necessary to make love with some frequency.

23. Would you seek help to correct a sexual problem?

There are people who may have difficulties in relation to sexual practice. Psychology and sexology professionals can help individuals correct these problems.

24. Do you practice exercises to improve your sexual performance?

There are exercises, for example, Kegel exercises, which strengthen the pubococcygeal muscles, keys to fully enjoy sex.

25. Over time have you acquired skills and abilities that allow you to enjoy yourself and your partner more and better?

Perfection is achieved through practice. So, the more you practice sex, the better you can perform.

26. Have you resorted to ice to intensify the sexual experience?

Ice is an exciting experience that can make you enjoy sexual encounters more. Now, there are many ways to have better intimate experiences.

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27. Do you dare to show your sexual desire and take the initiative?

This can only be done by people with high self-esteem and a high level of self-confidence.

28. Have you had any bad sexual experience?

Throughout our lives, we have all had a bad sexual experience . Either because of the other person or because of us.

29. Do you use a sense of humor to deal with a setback?

When this happens, it is much better to use a sense of humor and take iron out of it.

30. Are you looking for ways to avoid monotony?

Over time, monotony can be part of the relationship. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the flame of passion alive, so that the couple's relationship continues to function.

31. Do you like to get naked in front of your partner, regardless of the state of your body?

When we are not comfortable with what we see in us, it can make us enjoy sex fully.

32. Do you know the difference between infidelity and promiscuity?

Infidelity and promiscuity are not the same. We are all promiscuous, but infidelity is a decision we make that defines our values.

33. From 1 to 10 ... how much importance do you give to sex in your relationships?

Asking yourself this question is important to know if sex is the main thing when you are looking for a partner.

34. Does more sex mean more happiness in a relationship?

More sex does not have to mean more satisfaction with the relationship. At least this is what a study that you can read in our article shows: "Does having much sex make couples happier?"

35. Do you make an effort to find out the erogenous zones of your partner?

It is good that one enjoys their sexuality, but it is also important to make our partner enjoy.

36. Have you read a sexuality book to improve your performance or better understand the opposite sex?

And a good way to worry about making your partner enjoy reading a good book about sexuality.

37. What do you like to do most in bed?

It is also important to know what is most exciting to you when you give your partner pleasure.

38. What do you like most to be done in bed?

If you know what you like most to be done, you can also ask your partner to do it for you.

39. Do you practice sex beyond intercourse or orgasm?

Sex is not just penetration or orgasm . There are other ways to sexually stimulate another person.

40. What adjectives best define you about sex?

Knowing yourself is important. This question will make you reflect on the qualities you have when having intimate relationships with someone.

41. Do you live sexuality with confidence and self-esteem?

High self-esteem is one of the keys to having satisfactory sexual relationships. Otherwise, you never enjoy as you should.

42. Do you explore your body to discover your erogenous zones?

If reading a book is a good option to know more about what your partner likes, it is also to investigate it on your own through trial and error.

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