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45 questions for your boyfriend (to get to know him much better)

45 questions for your boyfriend (to get to know him much better)

May 3, 2024

Our couple is one of the most important people in our lives, which began as a strong attraction for that someone, today is our great love, the person with whom we want to share the rest of our lives.

But do you really know your partner? In this article You can find a list of questions you can ask your boyfriend to get to know him better .

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Knowing your partner better with 45 questions

Obviously, if you take time with him, you will have a better chance of knowing him better than if you are in the initial phrases of the relationship. But nevertheless, these questions can help you understand him better and you may be surprised by some answers from your boyfriend despite having some time in the courtship.

It is not about conducting an interrogation of your boyfriend or making an exhaustive analysis of his personality, it is simply a way to deepen and know his most intimate tastes and values, which will give you information of the person with whom you intend to share the rest of your life.

Do you know how your boyfriend thinks?

If you want to delve into the thought of your sentimental partner, we propose you a list with possible questions that you can ask in intimate moments . So do not lose sight of the following lines, because your answers will interest you.

1. If you discovered that I am pregnant, what would you do?

Surely change your face when you ask this question (if you think you're really pregnant), but it can be fun to see how your partner reacts.

2. Are you conservative or liberal in your intimate relationships?

People have our own beliefs about intimate relationships . Ideally, people who share the rest of their lives have similar values ​​regarding this issue, regardless of what their thoughts are about it.

3. Continuing in the line of this last question, do you have any fantasy?

A way to know their tastes and preferences regarding intimate moments and, in addition, will give you information about their limits in moments of intimacy.

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4. What would be the perfect day for you?

Sometimes we think that what our beliefs about life are going to be shared by the rest of the world, and this is not the case. Each person has their tastes and hobbies, and you have to respect them . The answer to this question can give you information about the hobbies and likes of your boyfriend and what are your expectations in life.

5. Do you have any dreams in life? Which?

A very useful question to know what expectations and objectives your partner has in your life. It also helps you to know if these goals are realistic or not.

6. What is the most important thing about you in a relationship?

We all have an idyllic image of what our love relationship would be like and what the person with whom we share the rest of our life should be like. Some value sharing the same tastes, others stability, others the intelligence of their partner and others the affectionate attitude of this.

7. Do you feel comfortable with your body?

A question that lets you know how your boyfriend is valued regarding his body . A negative response can give you information that the person does not have high self-esteem.

8. What do you expect from me?

This is a way to know how your partner sees you. Also, it allows you to be clear if your boyfriend sees you as a complement or if he is a dependent or codependent person.

9. If you could change your home, where would you go?

A question that can give you information about where your partner would be happy and if you like big cities, exciting places or tranquility.

10. Do you plan to have children? How many do you have in mind?

There are individuals who do not want to have children, although this may seem strange to you. Better that you find out as soon as possible if you share the same tastes as your partner in this sense .

11. What do you like most in bed?

Some people want to have unconventional relationships, while others value affection and feeling loved.

12. And what do you like to do most or do to yourself?

For those moments of intimacy, better know what your partner likes the most. Communication is key in these types of situations.

13. How much importance do you give the physicist?

Many individuals value things like, for example, dealing with affection, stability, intelligence. However, others value physical attractiveness more than any other quality.

14If you had a magic lamp in your hands, what three wishes would you ask?

Another way to know what your couple's goals and objectives are and if it includes you in their future.

15. Sushi or pasta?

This question can be formulated at the beginning of the relationship to know what their culinary tastes are. You will have many dinners to enjoy together .

16. What is your favorite pet?

If you like animals you can know if he is a lover of dogs or cats.

17. When do you pay more: in the morning or at night?

There are people who are morning and other vespers, so they are at a more optimal level of performance in that part of the day.

18. What kind of music do you prefer?

If you are a music fan, you can know more about your partner's musical tastes. That way you'll know whether to take him with you to the concert or not.

19. Do I give you what you want from a girlfriend?

An interesting question that, answered with sincerity, allows you to find out if you meet the expectations of your partner and offers information about what your partner is looking for when he is with someone.

20. Do you have any fear in life?

Worries are something we all have. This is the best way for your boyfriend to open your heart and you can fight together to get ahead.

21. Is there something that you feel and would like me to feel?

It is a way to empathize with your lover and to express your most intimate and important feelings.

22. Is there something you would like to change about yourself? What is it?

Your partner may have some trauma or remember a bad experience. It's good to be honest with you so you can support him.

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23. Would you change something in our relationship?

You should not be offended by the answer to this question. Everything is improvable, even your relationship.

24. Who has been the most important person in your life?

We all have a role model, someone who has inspired us throughout our lives . This information can help you understand what your values ​​are or what concept you have of life.

25. What is the most difficult time you have had to live?

There are people who keep some things for themselves because we like to look weak. However, revealing this type of information can unite.

26. What has been the most important moment of your life?

The answer to this question can reveal what really makes you happy.

27. Where would you like to go to rest for a few days?

Useful information to know if your partner needs a break and where you can go to spend a few days.

28. What is most exciting about intimacy?

Another way to tell your partner to confess what really takes you to the limit of desire so you can please him.

29. What kind of life would you like to take (if money was not necessary)?

This question can reveal the authentic desires of the couple, which he hides in the depths of his heart.

30. What do you like most about me?

A direct question that gives you information about what you value most about yourself.

31 What is your favorite book?

Your partner reads? And if so, what does he like to read? There are not enough people who read every day. Let him tell you his tastes and you can find out if he is more of a philosopher or likes the romantic novel.

32. Cinema of action or humor?

The answer to this question can give you information about whether he is a serious person or if, on the contrary, he is a guy with a sense of humor. Undoubtedly, one of the most valued qualities when it comes to having a partner.

33. What rules did you break when I was a teenager?

Everyone has a story to tell about their adolescence, whether it's skipping classes or trying marijuana. Find out how he was when he was young.

34. What bothers you most about me?

Being honest in this question should not bother you. Communication is key for the relationship to improve.

35. What is your opinion about infidelity? Have you ever been unfaithful?

With this question you can what your partner thinks of an infidelity . It also gives you information about its values ​​around this topic.

36. What does love mean to you?

Love can have different meanings for people. This question is important to know if the person has a realistic vision of love, what is known as mature love.

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37. Do you have a secret that you have not told me about?

Maybe after this question I confess something that I never told you.

38. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

We have all had embarrassing situations in our life in which we have had a bad time.

39. How do you see this relationship in 5 years?

This question will give you information about your level of commitment to your relationship.

40. What do you think of my mother?

It is important that if you get along well with your mother, he too.

41. What do you think about marriage?

More and more people are reticent about marriage . If your idea is to get married, it is good to tell you what he thinks about this topic.

42. Do you regret some of what you have done in your life?

It is good that you tell this kind of things because there are no secrets in the relationship.

43. Do you think that people change?

This question can serve to know to what extent the other person believes in the essences, in that there is something in us that never gets to change, or if on the contrary it does believe that we evolve totally from the passage of time and with the passage of time. the experiences.

44. Do you give importance to celebrate birthdays when we first met?

A question to know if as a couple this type of dates with symbolic relevance is valued, or not.

45. Do you like to post selfies of the two together?

It seems silly, but in reality, selfies, which can nowadays constitute a good part of the public image given as a couple, can be hated by people who are "forced" to participate in these simple rituals.

There are philosophies of life that clash with the idea of ​​constantly showing others what is being done, but many prefer not to contradict their partner so as not to look bad when asked to take a photo conceived to be published on the Internet.

10 Good Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone FAST! (May 2024).

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