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46 personal development blogs totally recommended

46 personal development blogs totally recommended

April 27, 2024

Personal development and the topics it addresses, such as the achievement of objectives or resilience and the regulation of emotions, is one of the areas in which psychology has begun to get involved in recent decades.

Despite being a facet of relatively young psychology, a set of theories and practices has already been formed can be used in our day to day to improve our levels of well-being .

Following you will find a selection of recommended personal development blogs that cover different topics and areas of interest . They are not ordered according to their quality or depending on whether they are more or less visited; As there is a variety of topics and styles in which it is disclosed, it is up to each one to select the ones that interest him most.

45 of the best personal development blogs

Remember that to know more about them you can click on the name of each of the personal development blogs and, if you know others that may be of interest, you can put it in the comments.

1. Psychology and Mind

If you are looking for a website that brings together psychologists and other mental health professionals talking about experiences with their patients and ways to develop an off-road personality ... you have come to the right place. The web was founded by Bertrand Regader , Adrián Triglia Y Jonathan García-Allen in 2014, and is currently the largest community of Spanish-speaking psychologists.

2. Social Skill

A website founded and managed by the Barcelonian Pau Navarro . The title says it all: strategies, ideas and tools to improve one of the aspects that make us human: socialization and effective communication. In addition, it is one of the personal development blogs with more complete articles.

3. Learning and life

One of the blogs of personal development with a more varied theme, getting lost in your articles is a good way to give yourself to reflection when you are not looking for information on a specific topic.

4. Psicocode

One of the most popular Spanish-speaking blogs, the one Isidro Migallón It has a wide variety of monographs and articles classified by subject.

5. Change

The website of the Canarian psychologist Leocadio Martín has one of the most complete personal development blogs. From it, issues such as decision-making, Mindfulness, emotional management, etc. are addressed.

6. Personal Development

In the blog of Juan Sebastián Celis You will find articles on personal development classified by themes, in addition to their multimedia content.

7. Javier Iriondo's blog

On the web of Javier Iriondo You can find his articles, books and conferences.

8. Mònica Fusté

The blog of Mònica Fusté It focuses on the mission of promoting business projects from the perspective of entrepreneurs. It talks about personal branding, motivation, leadership, etc.

9. Youth Coaching

The name of this blog is very descriptive. Inside you can find materials to apply strategies and coaching principles to youth education.

10. Two hugs

A blog of personal development in which very varied topics of which always are spoken in first person are touched.

11. Emma García's website

One of the most outstanding personal development blogs in the field of entrepreneurs.

12. Mertxe Pasamontes

Mertxe Pasamontes offers psychotherapy and mentoring, and both subjects are present in the contents of its website.

13. Growth as attitude

Motivation, creativity and achievement of objectives are some of the topics in which emphasis is placed on the blog of Marian Gil .

14. From the trench

This personal development blog focuses on results orientation and optimization of work performance.

15. Carlos Postigo

One of the blogs of personal development and more complete psychology, in its articles it delves into a great variety of topics in a didactic and entertaining way.

16. ePSychology

In his articles it treats, especially, the management of the emotions. To have very much in mind.

17. Feel & create

Regulation of emotions, reflections about happiness, change management ... in this personal development blog, topics related to therapeutic practice are touched upon.

18. Baobab Coaching

As in many other personal development blogs, this does not adhere to a single topic or area of ​​life, offering variety.

19. Your change is now

Personal development focused on changes in life, in its most general sense. Yes, it was better.

20. José Barroso

This coach and trainer offers writings about leadership, goal-oriented decision-making, motivation and, in general, how you can successfully develop projects that require from us.

21. Azucena Aja

The psychologist Azucena Aja offers on his blog texts on training, youth education, emotion management, relationships, etc.

22. Francisco Comes

In line with other personal development blogs focused on how we can move forward to achieve medium and long-term goals, Francisco Comes here he publishes his articles on communication, motivation, leadership, stress management, etc.

23. Befullness

The one of Ana Vico is a personal development blog aimed at the management of emotions and relationships, although other topics are also discussed.

24. Live in flow

Like other personal development blogs, Live in flow It is not limited to business or leadership, but goes to the basics, to what affects us all: emotion management, motivation, communication, etc.

25. End 2 end

Blog of personal development and coaching for entrepreneurs in which personalized services are also offered.

26. Fatimabril

In your articles you will find texts about motivation, decision making, communication and long-term thinking, among other topics.

27. Hana Kanjaa

Texts and videoblogs that deal with topics as varied as daily in a fresh way and with an informal and fun whole.

28. The coaching club

This blog of Javier Rivas Taléns , which is presented in a very traditional format (and, therefore, easy to use) offers reflections related to personal development from all its facets.

29. The blog of Sara Duarte

As in other blogs of personal development, in this one appeals to subjects with which most of the people can feel challenged.

30. Strategic Coaching

How to reach long-term goals without getting lost along the way? Here you will find some articles that could help you reflect on that.

31. The rebellion of words

Reflections and strategic proposals to implement in our day to day, by Mercè Roura .

32. Vocation and talent

Coaching applied in personal life and in the work context.

33. Realistic Coaching

The philosophy behind a form of coaching based more on dialogue than on movement and performance is reflected in the texts of this blog.

34. Carme Fernández Coach

One of the blogs of personal development with more content, it is very easy to find in it contents that are interesting by adjusting to the cases and experiences of each one.

35. Touch of Light

In Andrea Linati's blog you will find content related to professional and personal coaching.

36. Life in positive

In the Inma Torres blog you will find a great variety (and quantity) of articles to reflect and apply measures to improve your quality of life.

37. Rescue talents

A blog of personal development applied to companies, marketing, leadership and personal coaching.

38. Usually

A blog focused on the development of healthy habits for all people.

39. Yolanda Pérez

A personal development blog focused on strategies to increase productivity at work.

40. More and Better

Content on motivation and strategies to undertake profitable projects in the best possible way.

41. ABCoach

In this personal development blog you will find articles on motivation and thinking aimed at the objectives.

42. Miguel Ángel Diaz

Texts and multimedia content on training in orientation towards objectives and leadership.

43. To start

Like other personal development blogs focused on performance and goal achievement, Aprendres offers a wide variety of articles on motivation and goal orientation.

44. Jesús Matos

The psychologist Jesús Matos offers keys to regulate our emotions effectively and without the sadness is an insurmountable barrier.

45. Water with lemon

Stories, reflections and articles on strategies to be implemented on a day-to-day basis, with touches of literature and other forms of culture. Very interesting.

46. ​​More perspective

The blog of Veronica Gran , besides being very elegant, it contains perfect texts to think about small mental traps that we did not know were there.

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