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5 Best Masters of Clinical and Health Psychology to study in Spain

5 Best Masters of Clinical and Health Psychology to study in Spain

May 3, 2024

The role of psychologists regarding the relationship with mental health and well-being is extremely important at present, and it is not surprising that many people have the need to attend psychotherapy sessions or require psychological help to resolve some conflict of the past, recover emotional stability, improve the quality of life, acquire greater self-knowledge, etcetera.

The work of the psychologist is fundamental, and that's why must be prepared to meet the maximum guarantees for patients who need it.

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Top Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology

Today, the psychologists who want to dedicate themselves to the field of clinic and health they must take post-university training to be able to practice professionally, and although in Spain it is necessary to obtain the title of general sanitary psychologist or PIR to be able to work in this field, there is an interesting offer of Masters that provide both practical experience and theoretical knowledge about a specialty determined.

In this article we have prepared a ranking of the best Masters in Clinical Psychology and Health, which allow complete training in this area with maximum guarantees.

Some of these programs prepare their students to treat a specific population group, others offer tools, methods and necessary psychotherapeutic skills to meet the expectations of patients, and others are ideal for acquiring practical experience, essential for the proper performance of the profession.

All these postgraduate degrees are excellent and bring great knowledge. Below you can find a list with the best Masters of Clinical Psychology and Health to study in Spain .

1. Master in Integrative Psychotherapy (Mensalus Institute)

  • Center: Mensalus Institute
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Price: € 5,550

The Mensalus Institute teaches in Barcelona one of the best Masters focused on clinical and psychotherapeutic praxis. It is intended both for students who have just finished the Degree in Psychology and for those who have taken the Master in General Health Psychology and wish to gain practical experience with real cases.

This master offers something that is not possible to find in the vast majority of university institutions, which differentiates it from other masters and makes it unique in Spanish territory: is taught in a psychological assistance center , so it has a large number of patients with whom students can experience clinical practice practicing therapists with real cases.

From the beginning of the course, the students delve into the most effective techniques and act as psychologists within the center when conducting therapeutic sessions with patients, based on the cases that Instituto Mensalus facilitates. This helps students improve self-confidence , their experience and their capacity to direct the therapeutic sessions and guarantees that they can offer psychotherapy with the maximum guarantees in their professional future.

This educational option also offers the possibility of viewing live cases, carried out by professionals with extensive experience in this field, through unidirectional glass.

The Master in Integrative Psychotherapy is a university degree that consists of 60 ECTS credits, and is recognized by the General Council of Psychology of Spain, the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia and by the SEIP (Spanish Society for the Integration of Psychotherapy)

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2. Master in Emotional Intelligence and Intervention in Emotions and Health (UCM)

  • Center: Complutense University of Madrid
  • Location: Madrid (Spain)
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: € 6,000

Emotional Intelligence is one of the concepts that has had the most impact in the last decades in the world of psychology, largely because of its benefits for mental health and well-being as well as for work, educational and sports performance.

In the clinical field, his practice has been very successful, and that is why the Complutense University of Madrid decided to teach the Master's Degree in Emotional Intelligence and Intervention in Emotions and Health, which has been running for 15 years. It is a Master with a practical vision , and these are carried out in the most important health centers of the capital, which allows students to develop functional and professional skills.

3.Psycho-oncology and Palliative Care (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

  • Center: Complutense University of Madrid
  • Location: Madrid (Spain)
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: € 5,476

Cancer, unfortunately, is a disease that is spoken of frequently today. According to data from the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), around 220,000 new cases of this disease are diagnosed in Spain each year. Faced with this reality, the Master in Psycho-oncology and Palliative Care was born, in order to train psychologists specialized in the evaluation and treatment of psychological needs of cancer patients and thus be able to improve their well-being.

The program pays close attention to the live practice of the patient, family members and specialized health personnel, as it aims to get the students out ready to face all that this hard, but rewarding, professional work brings with it. The total duration of the Master is 700 hours.

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4. Official Master's Degree in Drug Addiction: Research, Treatment and Associated Pathologies (University of Valencia)

  • Center: University of Valencia
  • Location: Valencia
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: Contact the center

The Official Master in Drug Dependency: Research, Treatment and Associated Pathologies (DITPA) of the University of Valencia is the best training option for those psychologists who wish to develop competences and skills that help them to perform a great professional work in the field of research as applied in the field of drug addiction.

The objective of this Master is that students, once they have graduated, are prepared to improve mental health and the quality of life of individuals (and their families) who are in this delicate and often chronic situation. The Master has a teaching load of 120 ECTS credits, so the dedication of the participants is complete.

5. Master of Research in Psychology Applied to Health Sciences (UAB)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: € 2,800

The Master of Research in Psychology Applied to the Health Sciences of the UAB is aimed at those people who want to dedicate themselves to the field of clinical research and psychological health. During an academic course, this training provides its students with current and rigorous knowledge so that they can carry out their research work in the future with maximum guarantees.

The program delves into different topics , for example, the social problems that affect mental health and the quality of life of individuals (in different age groups) or the development of healthy habits that improve the well-being of people; and offers the possibility for students to choose one of the following mentions: clinical psychology, health psychology or sports psychology.

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