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5 movies about the world of drugs and their addictions

5 movies about the world of drugs and their addictions

September 26, 2023

As real as life itself, there are films, feature films as a documentary and shorts that tell the fictional story and the problems with drugs of its protagonists and characters , with which more than one person can feel identified and see reflected in the roles that are in charge of embodying the actors.

Mythical films about drugs, addictions and associated problems

Today there are many people who seek the help of professionals and psychologists, for example, those who carry out some type of drug treatment at any point on the map. Perhaps this is not the most effective and effective way to reach detoxification, but movies can raise awareness and encourage people of danger and how undesirable these addictive substances are .

Here is a list of some feature films about drug addiction:

1. Permanent Midnight (Double Life)

This feature film released in 1998 shows the hidden face of Ben Stiller, something never seen before. In movies before this, it was normal to see this actor play the role of a comic or funny character, but nevertheless in Permanent Midnight, the New Yorker appears to be a normal and serious person, but with a life in which the problem prevails and the worry.

The protagonist of this story lives exceeding the limits and consuming large amounts of drugs , which are increasing as the character that embodies Stiller is reaching all his successes with Owen Wilson, another of the actors in this film.

We leave the trailer:

2. Trainspotting

Released in 1996, this film based on the novel by Irvine Welsh shows the story of five young people submerged in the world of alcohol and drug consumption, primarily heroin.

In the purest Scottish style these five Trainspotting characters live in an abandoned apartment, where they can consume without anyone seeing them and bothering them. The addiction is such that one of the protagonists loses her baby by neglecting her health habits for several days , hygiene and nutrition due to the dependence and carelessness caused by this substance that is consumed intravenously.

Here you can see the whole movie, from beginning to end:

3. The Basketball Diaries (Diary of a rebel)

This film, Diario de un rebelde, premiered one year before the previous one, in 1995, was one of the first films starring the young, attractive and flamboyant winner of the Oscar for best actor, Leonardo Dicaprio.

The film is inspired by the life of the American poet, writer and musician Jim Carroll , which shows his first steps in the world of drugs, as if it were a hobby or hobbies, and his total addiction, breaking laws and selling his body to continue buying and consuming.

The trailer:

4. Traffic

Traffic was released on the big screen in 2000, and narrates according to different addicts, their experiences and experiences with drugs, in addition to getting fully into the world of drug dealers in Mexico and the United States.

On the other hand, a broad cast shows the prejudices that addicts are subjected to by different social classes ; a problem that slows down the detoxification process even more if possible.

Do you dare to see this film? Here we leave the trailer:

5. Drugstore Cowboy

We came to the last film on this list, Drugstore Cowboy, in this case one released in 1989 by the director Gus Van Sant.

Matt Dillon was in charge of starring in the role of the protagonist of this peculiar style film, like all of Van Sant. The character is a drug addict delinquent who gradually decides to put them aside and start a new life from scratch , away from the world of drug use. A priori seems easy, but when you get into this world, then it costs a lot to get out of it, and that is what happens to the protagonist of this story, which is constantly persecuted by its buyers and contacts, and ends up becoming the goal of multiple threats that do not allow you to get away from this circle.


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