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50 daring questions to share with your friends or partner

50 daring questions to share with your friends or partner

May 19, 2024

Questions can help us get to know our friends and our partners better, and they are ideal so that they tell us how they think and what are the most significant moments of his life.

However, some of them may be more or less intimate, which makes some appropriate to pose to people with whom you have confidence, to better understand their way of seeing things or their lifestyle.

You can find below a selection of daring questions that you can share with others

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Bold questions for your acquaintances

In the following lines you can find a collection of daring questions that you can use to find out about your friends or your partner.

1. What part of your body do you like the most?

A daring question, because the answer can reveal little self-confidence .

2. What do you think about making a trio?

In the field of intimate relationships, people can differ in opinions. Some may be conservative and others liberal, and this conditions the way they understand sexuality .

3. How would you feel if you caught your partner giving self-pleasure?

Some individuals may feel hurt seeing their partner enjoying their sexuality alone. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that.

4. What type of vacation would you prefer with your partner, the mountain, the beach, an area with nightlife ...?

One of those questions can say a lot about an individual's personality.

5. What would you disguise as a sexual fantasy?

Answering this question can be uncomfortable for some people.

6. Have you purposely used aphrodisiac foods?

There are people who have extensive knowledge of the sexual domain. Even how to feed to perform more.

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7. If you accidentally see a person of the opposite sex naked and do not know, would you still watch?

One of those questions that not everyone would dare to answer .

8. Do you find it exciting to stroke your partner without touching it with your hands?

Some individuals may believe that exposing intimacy can be embarrassing.

9. What do you prefer, a pretty face or a sexy body?

Tastes may vary when answering this question.

10. When something does not appeal to you, do you know how to set limits?

Not everyone is able to say no, especially to the person they love.

11. Have you tested your most intimate fantasies?

Talking about these issues is not easy for everyone.

12. Before we started dating, did you ever fantasize with me?

A way to reveal how much your partner wished you before meeting you.

13. What do you think should be our next step in making our sex life more exciting?

Another daring question that is addressed to the couple to know your tastes in the most intimate . Maybe also for friends with the right to touch.

14. Do you like to practice intimate relationships in unusual places?

There are individuals to whom sex in open spaces or in prohibited places excites them.

15. Would you seek help to correct a sexual problem?

Sex therapy can be very effective ; However, not everyone dares to go in search of help. The cause is usually shame.

16. What is the most important thing for you in bed?

A question that requires self-knowledge. But not everyone would be willing to answer it.

17. Have you discovered the sexual tastes of your partner?

Communication in the couple is key. However, the sexual issue may be taboo for some people.

18. What three things that excite you?

This question requires talking about oneself and one's sexual intimacy, and some individuals do not let go when it comes to responding.

19. Have you ever made someone cry?

We have all behaved badly with someone at some time, whether intentionally or not. For example, with an ex-partner.

20. Have you tried tantric sex?

Tantric sex allows us to explore a different way of carrying out intimate relationships.

21. Would you have sex with someone you just met one night?

Socially, it does not seem to be right to say yes in response, but sexual freedom is increasingly accepted.

22. Are you looking for ways to avoid monotony in bed?

The passion in the couple is necessary for the relationship to continue functioning.

23. Would you do cybersex?

There are many people who deny it, but some would.

24. Tell me the sexiest dream you've ever had about me

You have to be bold to answer this question.

25Would you strip your partner?

A striptease It can be very exciting , but it does not motivate everyone.

26. What do you think is the sexiest part of my body?

It can be a question that is compromised because the person who makes it generally wants to hear the answer he has in mind.

27. What has been the most "crazy" thing you have done for someone else?

Love often leads us to do crazy things for someone as long as they feel good.

28. Do you work your creativity when circumstances seem unfavorable (there are people nearby, there is little time, etc.)?

Sexual well-being too affects our general well-being .

29. Do you explore your body to discover your erogenous zones?

There is nothing better than knowing oneself to experience greater orgasms.

30. Do you take supplements to keep your libido in shape?

Some people decide to take supplements to perform better in intimate moments.

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31. Despite the hectic pace of life, do you know how to find a moment for sexual pleasure, even if it is a "quickie?

Stress affects us all. but intimate relationships bring us many benefits.

32. Do you enjoy adult movies?

Men may have less trouble talking about it, but some women consider it a taboo subject.

33. Do you dare to show your sexual desire and take the initiative?

Only those people with high self-esteem and a level of self-confidence can do so.

34. Do you like to get naked in front of your partner, regardless of the state of your body?

A question that is very related to the own perception of the body of each one .

35. Over time have you acquired skills and abilities that allow you to enjoy yourself and your partner more and better?

A response that expresses whether you have improved in the sexual arena.

36. Have you ever prepared a sensual bath for yourself and your partner?

Sexual baths can increase intimate feelings with a partner.

37. Have you tried to bandage your eyes (yours and your partner's) to test the rest of the senses?

You have to try new things to increase intimate feelings with your partner.

38. Do you use a sense of humor to face a setback?

The sense of humor is also decisive for moments of intimacy.

39. Have you read a sexuality book to improve your performance or better understand the opposite sex?

Reading sex books can be embarrassing for some people.

40. Have you resorted to ice to intensify the sexual experience?

Ice can cause very intense sensations in moments of intimacy.

41. What do you like most to be done in bed?

One of those asks that they bare one's privacy.

42. Have you had any very bad sexual experience?

Sometimes intimate moments may not go as we wish. However, it is difficult to talk about it.

43. Do you practice exercises to improve your sexual performance?

There is a series of exercises, like the Kegel , that strengthen the pubococcygeal muscles. This increases sexual performance.

44. Do you practice sex beyond intercourse or orgasm?

Apart from penetration, you can also enjoy sex in other ways.

45. What adjectives best define you about sex?

Talking about yourself on this subject can be embarrassing.

46. ​​Is it good to try different things in intimate relationships?

A way to know if the person has a conventional or liberal mentality.

47. From 1 to 10 ... how much importance do you give to sex in your relationships?

Although some deny it, sexual practice it is important for the well-being of the couple .

48. What do you like to do most in bed?

We all have our preferences in the sexual field.

49. Do you know the difference between infidelity and promiscuity?

Many people are promiscuous, but infidels only those who decide .

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50. Do you make an effort to find out the erogenous zones of your partner?

Showing interest in the sexual preferences of the couple is key to improving intimate relationships.

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