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50 questions about sex to discover your intimate side

50 questions about sex to discover your intimate side

June 17, 2024

Sex brings many benefits to our health and, in addition, is key to the well-being of the couple . Scientific studies say that the amount of sex is not the most important, but the quality of it.

That is why it can be beneficial to reflect on how we behave in this facet and if we are fully aware of the tastes and preferences of both ourselves and our partner.

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Questions about sex to know us better

In this article you can find a list of questions about sex that will help you to improve your self-knowledge on this subject and to create a greater complicity with the person with whom you maintain intimate relationships.

1. Have you carried out all the sexual fantasies you have had in mind?

Sexual fantasies can make us feel extra sensations. Knowing them is good to carry them out.

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2. Have you tried to have a sensual bath for you and your partner?

Another way to increase sexual pleasure and sensations is through the erotic bath, as it stimulates sensations in a different way.

3. Would you like someone of the opposite sex (in the case of being heterosexual) to catch you having intimate relationships with your partner?

Some people are excited to be seen in intimate moments.

4. From 1 to 10 ... how much importance do you give to sex in your relationships?

The importance of relationships can vary from one individual to another.

5. Do you know the sexual tastes of your partner?

To have pleasurable sex, it is always better to know your partner thoroughly.

6. What is the preferred body part of another person with whom you are going to have intimate relationships?

Knowing what stimulates us more helps us to improve the quality of sexual relations.

7. Would you do a trio if you were single?

While some individuals have a liberal mentality, others see things in a more conservative way . This question is key to know how you think.

8. Porn movies or erotic movies?

An erotic film is not the same as a pornographic one. This question lets you know which one you prefer.

9. Do you know any aphrodisiac food that could help you to perform more?

Knowing this type of supplements can help you improve your sex life.

10. Have you ever tried to bandage your eyes (yours and your partner's) to test the rest of the senses?

There are many ways to stimulate your senses and those of your partner. This is one of them.

11. Do you know what benefits are having sex?

Sexual practice brings many benefits. If you do not know them yet, you can read this article: "The 13 benefits of having sex, according to science" to find out.

12. Would you try the sexual practice of sadomasochism?

Some individuals enjoy extreme sexual practices like this.

13. What do you value most in bed?

Each person has their own tastes in reference to sexual practice.

14. Do you strive to discover the erogenous points of your partner?

One way to improve the quality of sex and intimate relationships is to know thoroughly the tastes of your partner.

15. From 1 to 10 ... what is your level of self-confidence in bed?

Self-confidence is one of the keys to having good sex.

16. Would you go to a couples exchange site?

Not everyone would answer yes to this question, but to taste colors.

17. Would you like to have "outdoor" sex?

Again, not everyone would enjoy sex outdoors. However, there are people who do they appreciate the feeling of risk .

18. Would you strip your partner or someone with whom you have sex?

When a person feels comfortable with his body, he likes to show it in front of his partner.

19. Have you practiced "Kegel" exercises to improve your sexual performance?

The Kegel exercises are good for working the pubococcygeal muscles, which positively affects both the erection and the intensity of the orgasms.

20. Would it excite you to touch your partner without using your hands?

It can be really stimulating to excite your partner without touching him with his hands.

21. Have you ever been exposed to the risk of being caught practicing sex?

Those who enjoy sex outdoors are sure to be.

22. Do you know tantric sex? Have you tried it?

Tantric sex is a different form of sex, which focuses on the development of mindfulness and the stimulation of all the senses.

2. 3.What would you do if you see someone of the opposite sex (in case of being heterosexual), who has a certain attractiveness, naked? Would you stay looking?

It can be a situation that produces some embarrassment , but ... what if the person finds you attractive?

24. What do you think about the sex of one night?

Some individuals think that this is an unethical behavior, while for others it is totally normal.

25. Have you ever sexted?

Sexting is a phenomenon that arises from the inclusion of new technologies in our lives.

26. Would you do cybersex?

Another consequence of the inclusion of new technologies in our day to day.

27. Do you know how to say no when something does not appeal to you in the sexual domain?

We must know how to express our desires regarding sex assertively.

28. Do you prefer hard or delicate sex?

As for the tastes, the way of having sex can also differ from one person to another.

29. What do you like to do most to give pleasure to the other person?

Not only is it positive to know what the other person wants, but we must also keep in mind what we like to do to others.

30. Do you use porn movies to give you pleasure?

Porn is more used by men, but Many women also enjoy this type of audiovisual content .

31. Do you know three suggestive phrases that can excite your partner?

One of those questions that help you reflect on what your partner likes.

32. Have you taken supplements to keep your libido in shape?

There are ways to achieve greater sexual performance thanks to supplements.

33. Have you read a sexuality book to improve your performance or better understand the opposite sex?

The knowledge that a good book of sexuality can bring can also help you to know yourself better and to give more.

34. Do you explore your own body to discover your erogenous zones?

Exploring your own body is a good way to know how to get to more pleasant orgasms and how to enjoy sexuality more.

35. Are you looking for ways to avoid monotony?

There are different strategies that help to give life to the sexuality of the couple.

36. What do you think about doing a threesome with your partner?

There are liberal couples, who do not mind sharing the couple.

37. Have you been improving your sexual performance since you are with your partner?

Over time, and after knowing your partner thoroughly, it is possible to enjoy a fuller sexual life .

38. How would you define yourself regarding sex?

Knowing yourself is good to know how you are in bed and how you can improve.

39. Do you live sexuality with confidence and self-esteem?

Feeling confident when we have sex; This is the key to having healthy intimate relationships.

40. What is your favorite body part?

As well it has to do with self-esteem and how one sees oneself,

41. Have you used ice to intensify the sexual experience?

Ice can make you feel unique sensations.

42. Do you practice sex beyond intercourse or orgasm?

Sex is an experience that goes beyond orgasm.

43. Have you had any bad sexual experience?

It is not at all unlikely that throughout our life we ​​have a bad sexual experience.

44. If you needed it, would you seek therapeutic help to correct a sexual problem?

Sex therapy has proven to be very effective , but many people are embarrassed to go in search of help for sexual issues.

45. Can you differentiate what is infidelity from promiscuity?

It is not the same infidelity that promiscuity. Promiscuity is the desire to have relationships with other people, while infidelity is the decision to have sex with others outside the couple.

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46. ​​What do you like most to be done to you in bed?

It is good to know what excites you, in this way you can communicate your preferences to your partner.

47. Do you like to get naked in front of your partner or do you feel uncomfortable about your appearance?

This response has a lot to do with your self-esteem.

48. Do you know the different sexual games to improve the quality of sex and avoid monotony?

Sexual games can keep the passion alive in the couple.

49. Do you use a sense of humor to deal with some sexual mishap?

If you have a bad sexual experience, it is always better to take it with a sense of humor.

50. Have you ever considered being unfaithful?

Infidelity is an option that is based on the values ​​one possesses.

Doctors Answer The Most Googled Sex Questions (June 2024).

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