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55 phrases about death and the afterlife

55 phrases about death and the afterlife

March 19, 2023

Death is something that has always disturbed and worried man since antiquity. There are many beliefs about it, through which it has been intended to give meaning to both our existence and the inevitability of death itself.

Many people consider this topic as something taboo or unpleasant to comment, but despite this it is a recurrent theme for both philosophy, science, religion or art. Talk about it. Below you can see a selection of 55 phrases about death and the afterlife .

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Phrases and reflections about death and the afterlife

Death has become a topic of reflection in the minds of most people at some point in their lives. Some have reflected their thoughts in writing, leaving us interesting reflections on this.

1. "Death is something we should not fear because, while we are, death is not, and when death is, we are not." (Antonio Machado)

This reflection makes us see that in reality we are never going to experience death. If we consider that when we die we cease to exist, we will never really be aware of what it is. That is why the author believes that we should not be afraid of the fact itself of dying.

2. "Often the grave contains, unknowingly, two hearts in the same coffin." (Alphonse de Lamartine)

This phrase refers to the pain caused by the death of someone who loved him and is still alive, such as his partner.

3. "Just as a well-used day produces a sweet dream, so a well-used life produces a sweet death." (Leonardo da Vinci)

This phrase indicates the need to live a full life, so that when the time comes we can leave this world without repentance.

4. "It is easier to endure death without thinking about it, than to endure the thought of death." (Blaise Pascal)

The author of this phrase tells us the anxiety and anxiety that can come to produce the idea that we are going to die.

5. "The man who does not perceive the drama of his own end is not in normality but in pathology, and he would have to lie on the stretcher and be cured." (Carl Gustav Jung)

In this sentence Jung reflects that anguish and fear of death is something normal and not something to be ashamed of, since it is something that we do not know. Not being able to see it and feeling the loss of life as something dramatic is not usual.

6. "Death is the beginning of immortality." (Maximilian Robespierre)

This phrase leads us to think that dying is not the end of everything, but that our history will continue to be present in the world for those who have surrounded us.

7. "I'm not afraid of death, what I'm afraid of is trance, going there. I confess that I am curious to know what it is about. "(Atahualpa Yupanqui)

The curiosity to know what happens after dying is a constant in humanity, being the origin of multiple beliefs.

8. "Death is sweet; but his anteroom, cruel. "(Camilo José Cela)

This phrase tells us that what is cruel and what is actually had it is not death itself, but the suffering before it .

9. "When death falls on man, the mortal part dies; but the immortal principle withdraws and moves away safe and sound. "(Plato)

Plato believed in the existence of the soul, considering that death was his separation from the body and that after it was returning to the world of ideas.

10. "Death only matters in so far as it makes us reflect on the value of life." (André Malraux)

The author of this phrase makes us see that the fact that our life has an end has to make us reflect on how important it is that we live.

11. "The day of your death will happen that what you have in this world will pass into the hands of another person. But what you are will be yours forever. "(Henry Van Dyke)

This phrase makes us see the banal of greed. Our goods and possessions may be appreciated, but in the end they are still accessory things that we will end up losing. What is really valuable that we achieve throughout life, the only thing really ours, is who we become and what we do with our life.

12. "Cowards die many times before their true death, brave ones like death only once." (William Shakespeare)

This phrase invites us to live our lives, to not give up and to dare to act and to do what we really want despite possible buts.

13. "Different in life, men are equal in death." (Lao-Tsé)

Regardless of our differences in life, the fact that we are going to die is something we all share.

14"Death is a punishment for some, for others a gift, and for many a favor." (Seneca)

The author of the phrase reflects us that there are different ways of seeing death.

15. "After all, death is only a sign that there was life." (Mario Benedetti)

The fact that something dies means that it has been alive before. It indicates that something has grown, matured and experienced the world in a unique way, leaving its mark on it.

16. "Fear of death? One must fear life, not death "(Marlene Dietrich)

Pain, suffering, despair ... Everything that hurts us hurts us and makes us suffer we experience it throughout life , not with death. If this is so, why fear something that we do not know what it is or understand?

17. "The pale death he calls the huts of the humble as to the towers of the kings." (Horacio)

We are all going to die regardless of our social and economic position, this being something in which we are all equal.

18. "If you want to endure life, prepare yourself for death." (Sigmund Freud)

Knowing that we are going to die makes us consider whether or not to project our impulses in time, since death can happen at any time. That is why it is important to enjoy the present and try to fulfill our objectives.

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19. "If death were not the prelude to another life, the present life would be a cruel joke." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Mahatma Gandhi shows us through this phrase the hope of the existence of other lives, a key concept of many religious professions.

20. "Men fear death as children fear the dark, and in the same way that this natural fear of children is increased by the stories they are told, so is the other." (Francis Bacon)

What happens after that death and has always been a mystery. The fact of not knowing it causes us to fear, a fear increased by the different explanations offered about it.

21. "I'm not afraid of death, but I'm not in a hurry to die. I have a lot to do first. "(Stephen Hawking)

Most people do not want to die, because they think they have a lot they want and would like to do with their lives.

22. "It is stronger, if the green oak is old; more beautiful the sun seems when it declines; and this is inferred because one loves life when one dies. "(Rosalía de Castro)

Being close to the end makes us evaluate in another more positive way what has already happened and has been left behind.

23. "Because that is death: to live that moment dominated only by that moment" (Juan Benet)

The author of this sentence indicates that while in agony we can think about the past and worry about what is going to happen At the moment of death, nothing else exists.

24. "It is convenient to live thinking that one must die; death is always good; It seems bad sometimes because it is bad sometimes that dies. "(Francisco de Quevedo)

Again, in this sentence we are exhorted to live our lives taking into account that one day has to end, and this is not bad because it makes us value what we live.

25. "I do not worry about death, I will dissolve into nothingness." (José de Saramago)

This phrase reflects the position that after death there is nothing, so it should not be cause for concern.

26. "Men have not been able to remedy death, misery and ignorance have imagined, to be happy, not to think at all of them." (Blaise Pascal)

This phrase makes us reflect on the taboo that death represents for a majority of society, which has chosen to avoid thinking about it since it is something that has not been able to solve.

27. "Death is the last journey, the longest and the best." (Tom Wolfe)

After dying we leave to not return. The comparison of the death with a trip is frequent in the different arts, as for example in the poetry.

28. "The dead do not care what their funerals are like. Sumptuous obsequies serve to satisfy the vanity of the living. "(Euripides)

Big goodbyes can be beautiful, but in reality they are only useful to the living.

29. "Death makes angels of all of us and gives us wings where before we only had shoulders ... soft as crow claws." (Jim Morrison)

After the death of a person usually remember only the positive aspects, sometimes exaggerating the virtues of the deceased.

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30. "If we still do not know what life is, how can the essence of death bother us?" (Confucius)

Through this phrase Confucius poses the incoherence of the fear of death when we do not know what is beyond the end of life , that on the other hand we can not define either.

31. "Love now as long as you live as you are dead, you can not achieve it." (William Shakespeare)

The famous playwright urges us with this phrase to dare to love with intensity without saving anything, taking advantage of the time we have.

32"Death does not exist, people only die when they forget it; if you can remember me, I will always be with you. "(Isabel Allende)

Although we die, a part of us will continue to live in the memories of those who loved us and those of those we affect in some way throughout our lives.

33. "Death is a lived life. Life is a death that comes. "(Jose Luis Borges)

Death and life are two sides of the same coin and are intimately related. To die you have to live and live implies that eventually you will die.

34. "What an injustice, what a curse, what a fucking death that kills us but those we love." (Carlos Fuentes)

This phrase reflects the pain of the death of loved ones for those who continue to live in his absence.

35. "Death does not rob loved ones. On the contrary, it keeps them and immortalizes us in the memory. Life does steal them many times and definitely. "(François Mauriac)

When someone dies those who love him, they keep his memory, recording the things and moments that made him loved.

36. "The only thing that comes to us with certainty is death." (Gabriel García Márquez)

Death it's something inevitable that sooner or later we're all going to experience . The rest of the things that can happen do not have the same level of security.

37. "I have meditated a lot on death and I find that it is the least of all evils." (Francis Bacon)

Being death something inevitable and at the same time something that we are not able to understand, worry and fear it in excess can be little adaptive and can make it difficult to see serious problems that we can solve.

38. "Death is nothing more than a change of mission." (Leon Tolstoy)

Tolstoy reflects in this sentence the belief that death is not the end of everything.

39. "Like a sea, around the sunny island of life, death sings night and day its endless song." (Rabindranath Tagore)

Death is part of our life as well as that of everyone else.

40. "Death takes courage and then invites you to a drink." (Edgar Alan Poe)

This phrase pushes us to face death without fear and without seeing it as something malicious, because regardless of our desires we wait patiently.

41. "Death for young people is shipwreck and for the old is to reach port." (Baltasar Gracian).

The author of this sentence considered that while the death of an old man is expected and fortunately he has been able to live his life completely, the death of a young man is a disgrace since he will not be able to experience great experiences that would otherwise have touched him live.

42. "It is not enough to think about death, but it must be always in front of it. Then life becomes more solemn, more important, more fertile and more joyful. "(Stefan Zweig)

Bear in mind that one day everything will end up making us value more what we have and can do.

43. "Death will only be sad for those who have not thought of her." (Fénelon)

Ignore mortality itself causes when we reach the end we are not prepared and we have not made our life in anticipation of that end.

44. "Since I have not worried about being born, I do not worry about dying." (Federico García Lorca)

We can not decide when we are going to die, so having this concern continuously is not practical nor does it allow us to enjoy the moment.

45. "The authentic philosopher exercises himself in dying, and death is no less feared to anyone" (Plato)

Reflecting on death and its meaning can make us more aware of its meaning, making it less fearsome.

46. ​​"Well looked at, the world has stopped thinking about death. Believing that we are not going to die makes us weak, and worse. "(Arturo Pérez-Reverte)

This phrase reflects the fact that society has decided to ignore and not treat the issue of death, which we leaves few clear references on how to cope with it in an adaptive and resilient way .

47. "Death only comes once, but life is felt at all times." (Jean de la Bruyere)

The author indicates that despite being something hidden and avoided, the knowledge of it permeates to a great extent how society is configured.

48. "Life is a big surprise. I do not see why death can not be greater. "(Vladimir Nabokov)

The human being tends to fear what he is not capable of understanding. What happens when we die with everything we are? Is there something beyond? We can not know for sure until the time comes.

49. "When a man has done what he considers his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. I believe that I have made that effort and that, therefore, I will sleep for all eternity. "(Nelson Mandela)

Although the idea of ​​dying can be unpleasant, the idea of ​​having fulfilled one's duty is something that allows us to consider our life as well lived, and therefore rest in peace.

50. "Death, with the power of a sunbeam, touches the flesh and awakens the soul." (Robert Browning)

This phrase has double reading.On the one hand it can be understood as a reference to the belief that after death the soul separates from the body. On the other, that his knowledge makes us live more intensely.

51. "Someone spoke to me every day of my life in my ear, slowly, slowly. He told me: Live, live, live! It was death. "(Jaime Sabines)

Again, this phrase tells us that the fact of dying makes life valuable and worth living with maximum intensity.

52. "Death waits for none." (Don Bosco)

Death usually arrives unexpectedly, without leaving us time to act or finish pending things.

53. "In another time, I tried to convince myself that there is no life after death, but I have found myself unable to do so." (Douglas Coupland)

The belief in life after death It is shared by a lot of people all over the world.

54. "Death is a dream without reveries" (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Death has often been identified as an eternal dream, this phrase being a reflection of it.

55. "Die in peace, both of you, as they say that those who have loved much die." (Jaime Gil de Biedma)

As with the feeling of having fulfilled one's duty, having lived love intensely is another of the feelings that tends to relate to a death in peace.

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