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55 phrases of Three Kings Day and gifts (for your children)

55 phrases of Three Kings Day and gifts (for your children)

May 25, 2024

The Day of Kings is a tradition that has its origin in the Magi of the East , who according to the Gospel account, came from different parts of the world, after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, to give him gold, incense and myrrh.

Although the Gospel does not mention the number of Magi, the popular belief is that there were three: Melchior Caspar and Balthazar .

The Day of Kings is a day in which the whole family gathers and gifts are given. The children of the house think that it was the Kings of the East who were in charge of distributing the presents and enjoy this special day, which becomes one of the most important of the year.

The best phrases of the Day of Kings

Since this is a holiday and an approaching date, in this article we have compiled a collection of the best phrases to congratulate the wise men to your loved ones.

1. The Magi visit us once a year. I wish that the other 364 days take care of your path and help you to be happy. Happy Kings!

It is well to remember the loved ones on the dates indicated. But you also have to remember them the rest of the days of the year.

2. Do not expect gifts this year. I'm having a drink with the Magi, and things have gotten out of hand ... Happy Twelfth Night!

A date with a touch of irony that refers to a night of partying with the Magi.

3. Stand against the Three Wise Men: We do not want more perfumes, pajamas or underwear. We want GIFTS!

Another ironic phrase. This time in reference to that many people always give the same.

4. If you see that the kings ask you to come in their sack of gifts, do not be scared, I asked them to bring me a great treasure. Happy Kings!

A few nice words that you can send to your partner.

5. Put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder

There I send you my gift: A huge hug. Happy Twelfth Night! There is no better gift than the love that a person you want can give you.

6. Make this the best night of kings in your life, gather all your loved ones, embrace each of them and tell them how much you appreciate them, that is the best gift we can receive. May the illusion of this day soak your spirit as a child and bring you a little closer to your inner essence and the peace of the Lord

A reflection that is about spending this magical day with your friends.

7. Let's give the children a toy and they will give us a smile that will make our soul happy, that union and peace be present in all of you

Although toys are something material, there is nothing better that they give us back their illusion and the beautiful expression of their joy.

8. Happy night of kings for all, let's celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus again and enjoy once again meeting with the people who make our lives happy. May the sea of ​​stars that bathes us, illuminate your path as it illuminated that of the kings on their journey to Jerusalem. Remember to follow your instinct and everything will be fine

The night of kings is the best excuse to be with your loved ones and enjoy them.

9. This year I have asked for a treasure from the Magi and they have brought you

Another nice phrase that you can send to the person you love the most, to your great love.

10. Today is a special night to remember that we are all a great family and that the child God lives among us.

This beautiful tradition turns children into even the oldest.

11. I want to work less than the Magi, who only do it once a year and it's a lie

Another ironic quote, which goes to say that the Magi only appear once a year.

12. With the crisis I could only make a gift to one of my friends And I chose you. I thought that no one else would remember because of ugliness and unpleasantness. Happy Twelfth Night!

Remembering a special friend on this very symbolic day is, without a doubt, to be grateful.

13. Whoever said that the Magi are only for children is absolutely right. That's why I want you to spend a happy day of Kings, to you, that one day you were a kid and you continue to be fatal

Although this day is more special for the little ones. Adults can also enjoy it.

14. On a night like this the Magi met the child God and seeing him in his manger they felt in their hearts that he was our savior

This day is a day to distribute love to the people who are at your side in good times and bad times.

15. This is a great occasion to raise a prayer to heaven and thank God for sending his only son to this world, because since he was born he taught us how wonderful love is

This symbolic day is intimately related to religion.

16. Good children today will receive gifts and those who misbehaved may not, but always remember that the child God loves you and lives in your heart

The wise men bring coal to children who have been bad during the year.

17. If you give a gift to your child one day it will break. Better give him your love that he will never forget it. Have a nice night with your family

There is no better gift than authentic love towards a special person in your life.

18. The event we are celebrating is special because it reminds us that Jesus came into the world to save us from sin, with his love he rescues us from pain and sorrows. Congratulations on this beautiful night of kings

A congratulation that reminds us of the symbolism of this special day.

19. There are material gifts, and gifts that go far beyond the material. For this day I wish you the gift of happiness, that it is a gift that grows bigger each day that passes, and that this year is a very good year for you. Happy Day of the Magi!

Material gifts are a very used option this day. But what comes from the heart is much better.

20. This night of kings can be unforgettable, enjoy it with those you love most, give them all your love and remind them how much you love them, that is the best gift you can give them

This day is special, but even more beautiful is when you spend time with your loved ones.

21. Congratulations on this beautiful night and forever. Remember the coming of the child God to this world not only today, but every night. Have a good time friends

A reminder of how important this day is and how people who love each other come together to enjoy such a marked date together.

22. We give a toy to a little one and he is happy for a moment. The simplest things are those that make us happy and are spent together with the family

The beauty of this day is that people who love each other show it.

23. This important date we must celebrate together with all our loved ones, it is a time of union and love in which we must show gratitude to the Lord for all the blessings he gives us. Happy night of kings

You have to be grateful to be able to enjoy this special day.

24. The star led the kings to the Savior and they went with gifts to meet him. We must also let ourselves be guided and give our heart. Many congratulations on this night

The Day of Kings has its origin in when the Magi visited Jesus of Nazareth.

25. The star of Bethlehem pointed the way and they came with gifts for the child God, this is the night of kings, a night of joy and hope for a better world

Spending this day with our people should make us remember how lucky we are.

26. What other phrase do you know for Three Kings Day? In addition to food and gifts, share these beautiful words with your loved ones

This is a day to celebrate because of its symbolism, but also to be with your people.

27. On a night like today, hundreds of years ago, the Kings could see the newborn Jesus, they could feel that he was our Redeemer. Have a nice night of kings

This tradition is still alive after hundreds and hundreds of years.

28. Children who obey will be given gifts, those who did not pay attention to the best will not receive anything. However, never forget that the child Jesus loves you and has given you the best gift of all: His love. Happy night of kings

Tradition says that children who were not good during the year will receive charcoal.

29. This night is very special because we will remember the generosity of the Magi and we will have the opportunity to celebrate with our loved ones. Congratulations

Generosity must be a value that remains alive after this special day.

30. This special day, express your best wishes to the people you love the most on this special date.

This day is one of those days that happiness should flood us.

31. Instead of giving expensive gifts to your children give them something they can value for life, give them love every day. Happy night of kings to you and your whole family!

You must show love to the people we love every day of the year, not just this day.

32. Of the whole family and wholeheartedly. We wish you a happy night of kings

A celebration that comes from the whole family.

33. There is no better gift from Reyes than the smile of the people who love us

They can give them many things, but there is nothing better than the happiness of our loved ones.

34 This is also a date to share with those around you, to give love to those who are part of your life and to thank God for having all your family, that you and all your loved ones spend a beautiful night of kings

A congratulation to wish the best to your loved ones and the people close to you in your life.

35. Dear granddaughter, we hope that you have been a good girl this year and that you have been rewarded with the gifts you most wanted. You deserve the best and you will have it whenever you behave well. Thank God always

To receive the present this so symbolic day, we must behave well.

36. If you're worried about just getting coal, then worry about being a good kid all year long. Happy king's day!

To avoid receiving charcoal on Three Kings Day, you have to be good throughout the year.

37. Let's give the children a toy and they will give us a smile that will make our soul happy

The emotions that make us feel loved ones is the best gift we can receive.

38. That in these holidays, magic is your best suit, your smile the best gift, your eyes the best destiny, and your happiness my best wish: Happy Kings Day

The Day of Kings is a day full of magic, especially for the little ones.

39. You received gifts for being so good, but beyond the gifts, you must learn to value the people around you and love you so much. Happy kings, niece!

Receiving gifts this day is special, but more is being with your people.

40. The smile that is drawn on your face when you open your gifts is an invaluable gift for me. That's why you must be a good girl, so you can always have good times together

Give something to someone and you really appreciate it is a nice feeling.

41. The child Jesus received gifts hundreds of years ago. Today you receive them

A reminder of what this day represents and how long this tradition lasts.

42. I hope you have received the gifts you expected for behaving so well this year. Happy day of kings my daughter!

It is nice to receive the gifts that you want. But you must not forget that they are only material things. The important thing is that it comes from the heart.

43. Do not forget that, in addition to the gifts, what counts is the love behind the present.

The gift is something symbolic, love is authentic.

44. The most important of these dates is that you learn to value the family you have and Jesus, whom you should imitate. Happy king's day!

The family is the most important thing in your life, because you have to remember them this day.

45. Surrendering your heart is the best gift of Kings

The love that people who love us give us is priceless. Its value is indescribable.

46. ​​Happy day of kings nephew, remember to enjoy this date with the true meaning, the birth of the child Jesus. The wise men will bring you gifts if you have been as good as he is. I love you and always will

A special dedication destined for the nephews.

47. They have arrived, they have arrived, and they have left more than one gift. But before any toy or sponge, I wish the Kings give you a good job. Happy day of the Three Kings!

A celebration of Three Kings Day but that is accompanied by a rhyme.

48. On January 6 gives the adult the opportunity to play to be kind, fair, loyal king, becomes king magician what is not the other 364 days

Although it is a special day for children, adults can also have fun.

49. You've been a good kid and that's why you deserve the best. Do not stop behaving as you have always done, very well, and you will always receive our visit. Happy descent of kings!

Do not expect to get good gifts if you have been a bad person during the year.

50. You know that you have behaved very well during the last year and we also for that reason we leave you this gift hoping that in the coming years you will repeat your good deeds and your good behavior, happy kings!

If you behave badly, you'll have charcoal, if you behave yourself you'll have a good gift.

51. Those who received gifts on January 6 gave us the greatest gift: illusion and imagination; If they had to lie to us for this, it is proof that they were really magicians

Although the history of the Magi is not true, the happiness that makes you feel is priceless.

52. Whether true or false, the wise men bring happiness and joy

It does not matter whether this belief is real or not. The important thing is the happiness of the people that day.

53. The charm of the Magi transcends childhood innocence and January 6, because fantasy is always necessary in daily life

The magic of this day can also be felt by adults. You have to enjoy it.

54. We hope you enjoy this gift that we have given you and above all enjoy the time you spend with your parents and the whole family. Have a nice day of kings!

A dedication that you can place in a gift that you give to a member of your family.

55. Son, the wise men came and left me a special greeting for you, they told me that for being so good they left you these gifts. Keep behaving like that and they will always be proud of you. Happy king's day!

A dedication that you can give to a child who has behaved well during the year.

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