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6 ways to enhance sexual attractiveness without changing appearance

6 ways to enhance sexual attractiveness without changing appearance

May 10, 2024

The fact of attracting others sexually or not It can become one of the aspects of our lives that most affects us in certain situations. In fact, something as simple as being attractive to others can have a direct impact on the way others treat us when they do not know us well, and even improve our expectations of finding work, according to several studies.

However, this quality is usually associated with a mixture of genetics and cult of the body, something too expensive to be worth or that, directly, we consider that we are forbidden by our physical characteristics more or less invariable. This is a myth: there are ways to enhance sexual attractiveness without having to modify our appearance .

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How to improve our sexual attractiveness?

If you are interested in increasing the chances of awakening sexual interest in others, keep in mind the following guidelines.

1. Play with the mystery

While several studies suggest that the fact of having seen a man before increases the interest of women, the opposite occurs if we exchange the sexes; men find women more attractive when we get a surprise, something that is not known and unfamiliar. For example, they tend to prefer them when they have not seen them before through photographs.

Knowing this can be very useful for you, simply, decide to play with this factor according to your convenience, giving you to know more or less . It should be said that this is perhaps the only fact that goes against the logic of enhancing sexual attractiveness in a natural and simple way.

2. Adopt a relaxed posture

The adoption of relaxed and expansive postures has been related to the fact of expressing attraction; when someone interests us in that sense, we expose our neck and the inner parts of the arms more.

However, the same thing happens with the person who "receives the message". See how someone acts in a relaxed way, without having arms and legs near the central axis of the thorax, transmits self-confidence , which gives confidence and lowers the psychological defenses that can often keep us away from someone we like.

Therefore, something as simple as not shrinking, not keeping the arms semi-flexed and stuck to the belly or separating the legs can make a significant difference.

3. Play with creativity

Showing an unconventional way of thinking is often fun and therefore generates attraction, often sexual. Of course, we must bear in mind that using certain topics can strain the environment, as sometimes happens with black humor. It is important not only express one's creativity in an unconcealed way , but also keep in mind that the other person judges themselves throughout the interaction. If something is funny but you think it is out of place, that action will not add up.

For example, a good way to make use of this resource is simply to lose the fear of improvisation. The fact of being as creative as when we are with friends, but this time in the company of someone who does not know us much, enhances this novelty effect. You do not even have to be Shakespeare.

4. Express your natural sympathy

Trying to go "hard" is not only out of place; In addition, it remains attractive. Avoid it, and this simple fact will cause you to call more attention. Paradoxically, if you behave in a normal way, always offering the help that it would be reasonable to offer to anyone who does not want to conquer, is a very good way to communicate in an appropriate way one of the most positive aspects of our personality.

5. Do not give up compliments

The compliments are fine when they come from inside. Of course, use them without harassment and trying not to be flowery and so "intense" that the other person is forced to say something about it beyond "thank you".

The reason is clear; there are people who feel very nervous when compliments are very romantic; Simplicity is the best, and neither should we make the whole conversation revolve around that. The information has already been given and probably the other person he feels better thanks to that reinforcement for his self-esteem .

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6. Set up conversations with content

The final way to awaken attraction is by making the conversations offered also so. Finding common themes and getting involved in them is a very stimulating sport, something that flows by itself and goes beyond the typical impositions in the form of sets of rules to meet people. In addition to offering our most human side , they serve to appeal to the other person, get them involved in the interaction and focus their attention on everything that is happening in that exchange of words.

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