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7 attitudes and things that uncultured people do

7 attitudes and things that uncultured people do

July 12, 2024

Although we live immersed in societies full of art, interesting forms of expression and pieces of valuable knowledge, not everyone is interested in learning about what the world is like. The uneducated people they are precisely those who, not because of lack of means, but because of lack of will, decide to stop learning about the complexity of the social and natural reality.

However, it is not always easy to recognize the lack of culture where it occurs, since, in part, the fact that ignorance is seen as something positive in the media and in certain social circles camouflages this personal characteristic. It turns it into something good, that is, into something that is not called inculturation but "rebellion", "joviality" or "having your feet on the ground".

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The characteristics of uneducated people

Below you can find a list with the characteristics and typical things that uneducated people do .

1. They do not know very basic things

Uncultivated people learn what is just and necessary to be able to continue living in the way they have become accustomed to doing so. This means that it is common that their cultural level differs little from that of a child who has just finished compulsory education. However, this is relative. There are also people who they need to know in detail things about a very specific area of ​​work such as finance, but that remain totally uncultivated with respect to any other type of knowledge. This brings us to the next feature.

2. They have a mercantilist conception of knowledge

Another characteristic of uneducated people is that for them Knowledge only has value if it brings with it some kind of capital , either directly economic or social. For example, having certain knowledge of programming can open the doors to very well-paying jobs, and knowing about trendy music can give us more facilities to make friends.

As a result, anything that does not translate into a probable gain of power or an improvement in living conditions is dismissed as being considered useless, a waste of time.

3. Teasing towards curiosity

Uncultivated people are distinguished not only by the amount of things they know, but also by their attitudes towards those who want to know more. This is noted, for example, by the lack of understanding towards those who are interested in certain topics that are not treated or something specialized. It is an attitude that can even become mockery, as if asking certain questions was cause for laughter for its eccentricity .

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4. They do not show initiatives to be formed in a didactic way

Those who only intend to learn what is just and necessary are usually left in the hands of directed training centers. On the contrary, educated people often realize that what they want to learn about does not have schools that teach it, so they are trained in it on their own. This is a difference in which it is expressed the different philosophies from which each one conceives what culture is .

5. They get frustrated or angry if they are corrected

Paradoxically, although uncultivated people do not value culture, they interpret corrections by others as attacks. The reason? The fact that these corrections are relevant publicly reveals that these pieces of knowledge are actually something valuable , something that allows us to have a deeper understanding of things and that in many cases would make us change our mind about many topics that we think we know well.

That is, what occurs in these cases is something called cognitive dissonance: two ideas collide with each other, and one of them is very important to us. In this case, the idea that our ignorance has been recognized by another clashes with the idea that it is not worth knowing in depth what is being talked about, something that for uneducated people can become a whole philosophy of life .

6. They show a polarized relationship with ignorance

Another typical characteristic of uneducated people is that they can not assume their ignorance naturally: either they praise it as something positive, or they hide it desperately where they notice that it could be exposed. On the contrary, those who are wise admit their ignorance with simplicity, since they consider it normal to ignore things.

7. Flee from books

In case of reading, they only do it with light novels or documents necessary for the work; never submerge themselves in books of taméticas moderately dense , or they do it because the circumstances force them to do so.

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