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7 exercises to reduce the flaccidity of your arms

7 exercises to reduce the flaccidity of your arms

October 2, 2023

Arm exercises are ideal to gain strength and tone this area , although we must not forget that to achieve a slender figure we must not only focus on a specific part of the body. For example, it will be useless to do hundreds of crunches if then we have a high percentage of body fat.

We must not forget that most of the time of our weekly workouts should be destined for large muscles (pectorals, shoulders, quadriceps, etc.) and allocate only a small portion of our workouts to the little ones. The arms (biceps and triceps) belong to the second group.

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Strength training is healthy

Although some people do not enjoy weight training or strength training, arguing that they do not want huge arms, the reality is that this type of training is beneficial for the body and health: accelerates the basal metabolism (helping us burn calories when we are at rest), increases our strength and protects our bones and muscles among many benefits.

People who are afraid of developing huge arms, should know that this can only happen if you do a workout with few repetitions and follow a diet to gain volume. If you do many repetitions, you will get to tone them.

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How to work the arms

As it has been said, the muscles of the arms are small muscles, so they do not need as much training as the large muscles. When it comes to training them it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • More is not better: although we think that training arms every day a week with hundreds of repetitions is the best option, nothing is further from reality. Quality must always predominate over the quantity .
  • Overtraining: being a small muscle, you should not dedicate a large part of your weekly training to your training .
  • Slow execution and concentration: the quality of the training is what will work. The execution must be slow and concentrated .

Arm exercises to reduce sagging

Which exercises are more suitable for working the arms? How can we end the flaccidity in that area of ​​the body?

Below you can find a list with 7 arm exercises.

1. Tricep flexes

The effort of this exercise is directed to the arms, specifically to the triceps. Place the hands aligned with the elbows and shoulders, that is, in a straight line, and place yourself in a flexed position, resting the other part of the body with the tips of the feet. Slowly lower with your elbows glued to your body while you breathe in air. On the rise, take the air out of your lungs while you give yourself the boost . Repeat as many times as you wish.

2. Chest flex

This exercise is similar to the previous one, but even if you work your chest, you are also working the triceps indirectly. To carry it out, place yourself in the bending position as mentioned in the previous point, but with hands slightly further from the shoulders . Do the repetitions that are necessary, and if you wish, you can also do the beginner version.

3. Bicep curl

The biceps curl is one of the classic arm exercises. To do this, it is necessary to stand up and bend your knees slightly. Grab a pair of dumbbells (or a z-bar), palms out and arms outstretched.

Slowly but controlled bend your elbows while you bring your wrists to your shoulders and go up completely . Then lower slowly while you catch air. When uploading it expires. Do 10 repetitions and three series.

4. Tricep dips

The dips or funds are an excellent exercise for our triceps. It is possible to do them with a bench in the gym or with a chair at home. To perform them, it is necessary to stand with your back to the chair, with your hands resting on the seat. Extend the legs and bend the knees slightly . From this position, bend the elbows and lower. Then ascend back to the starting position.

5. Extension of triceps

We sit down and place an arm towards the ceiling holding a dumbbell. The weight should not be too high so as not to compromise the good form of the exercise. Hold the arm for stability and let the weight of the dumbbell fall backwards until the arm is bent at a 90 degree angle. Then it returns to the initial position. Repeat 10 times.

6. Press of shoulders

The shoulder press is another exercise that works the arms indirectly. To do this, we stand with the legs slightly open and place the dumbbells just above the shoulders at the height of the ears, so that our arms are flexed at 90 degrees. We stretch the arms in a straight line and go back down to the starting position slowly . This is a repetition. Make a total of 10.

7. Lateral lifting for shoulders

A great exercise to work your shoulders and arms. You just have to stand with your legs slightly open and bent and hold the dumbbells with your arms straight and relaxed, almost touching our body. To perform the exercise, you must Raise your arms so that your body makes a "T" shape. Then it returns to the initial position .

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